65 Cool Voodoo Tattoo Designs – Controversial Sacred Symbols

Voodoo tattoo designs are gradually gaining popularity among men from different parts of the world because they are cool, trendy, fashionable and represent some religious messages. The majority of men are now having Voodoo images drawn on different parts of their body for both aesthetic purposes and as a way of reflecting their religious beliefs. Well, if you are new to this kind of tattooing, it is worth noting that Voodoos evoke varying thoughts in different societies and people have different views about what they are and what they represent.

However, one thing for sure is that this type of tattooing is religious and the design that you choose should be a respectful representation of that religion. As much you want to be creative and get yourself a stunning tattoo image, it is very important to be aware that every design has meaning and history that has to be respected.


Brief History of This Type of Tattooing

There is no specific information about the origin of Voodoo tattoos. However, they are believed to have originated from Africa before spreading to other parts of the world. It is believed that when the Europeans obtained slaves from Africa, they went along with their religious beliefs and practices. A group of slaves from the kingdom of Dahomey continued with a practice known as Vodum that gave birth to Voodoo and later spread across cultures in different parts of the world. Today the tattooing style is recognized globally and wealthy persons and celebrities use them to enhance their looks and as a sign of identity.

Currently, Voodoo tattooing is practiced globally and it has become a common design among men. The majority of the Voodooists believe that spirits exist when a body passes on to the afterlife and these spirits can be represented through images. In that case, Voodoo tattooing is believed to be a sort of magic or worship of spirits that live after a body passes to the afterlife. People have been using these tattoos as a symbol of their religion and belief in spirits. Now you know why it is very important to understand the meaning, history, where they are placed and how to take care of different voodoo tattoos before choosing the right one for you.

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The Meaning of Voodoo Tattoos Designs

It is worth noting that different Voodoo designs have different meanings in different communities. This means that the meaning of a certain design among the Americas is different from the meaning of the same design in Africa, Asia, and Europe. Some of the different meanings associated with different tattoo designs include reverence, life, fate, death and spirituality among others. This again shows why it is important to make sure you know the meaning of a certain symbol and how it is perceived in your society before you have it drawn on your skin.

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Tattoo Placement

Voodoo tattoos are drawn in different parts of the body depending on where a client wants it. However, some of the popular parts of the body where these images are placed in men include the arm, shoulder, leg, rib, back, and neck among others. The choice of placement depends on whether you want a hidden image or something that is seen by everyone.

Once you have understood the meaning of different Voodoo tattoos and you have made your mind on the design you want for yourself, the next thing is to approach a professional tattooist who is conversant with Voodoos so that you can have it drawn the way you want it. Well, just to give you some guide when choosing the right tattoo for yourself, here are some of the popular types of designs popular among men.

Veves Voodoo Tattoos 

If you are looking for the most meaningful and complex images, then you should consider Voodoo Veves. Every Veves represents a certain Voodoo Ioa that is equivalent to a saint in catholic traditions or a god in a Pagan Pantheon. Generally, Veves are used by people to invoke the presence of Ioa and are normally drawn by hand using salt or powder. These are very complex types of tattoos and represent specific facets that define them and the represented Ioas. It is important to make sure you understand the type of Ioa that it represents when choosing a Veves designs. That is the only way to be respectful the religion represented by the image that you have chosen.

Ritual Tools and Symbols 

These type of images are more like those used in shamanic religion and witchcraft. Some of the tools and symbols used here include Wicca, chalices, goblets and swords. Presently we have ritual tools and symbols images involving the sun, skulls, wine, water, fire and other popular images in the world of Voodooism. In some cases, several images are incorporated to make them more appealing and to achieve a complex flair.

Poppets Voodoo Tattoos

These are popular among men, especially those who want a visible tattoo. These images look the same, but some creativity can be added to make them more appealing. Generally, this design features a minute toll that is created from rolled, piece of cloth and looks as a mummy. The poppets image can also include pins and ribbons to make the unique from other designs. Although many experts out there associate poppets with a real person, it is worth noting that they have different meanings and purposes in different societies. These tattoos have continued to receive negative publicity, but people are still going for them. All that one requires is a good understanding of certain Poppets before you have it drawn on your body. Remember that having the wrong tattoo design can be offensive to people belonging to the Voodoo religion, if there are any in your community.

Generally, the above are some of the key types of Voodoo tattoo designs used by men from different parts of the world. However, they vary from one society to the other in terms of design and meaning. Modern tattooists also add some creativity when drawing these images on clients to make them more appealing and unique. It is, therefore, important to make sure you have chosen a qualified and experienced tattooist who understands different Voodoo designs if you want to get good results.

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