25 Cool Leather Bomber Jacket Ideas – The Cool Guy Necessity

The leather bomber jacket is synonymous to words like “cool”, “confident” and “edgy”. This is no surprise considering that the jacket has the ability to turn any casual outfit you wear into something straight out of the fashion magazines. The best part is that you’re always spoilt for choice when it comes to picking a bomber jacket made out of leather. You can go for the more crisp slim-fitted designs or stick to the timelessly manly bulky bomber jackets. Leather makes it not only the most durable choice but also the more versatile choice since it can go well with almost anything. Here are 25 fantastic types of leather bombers you can use to spruce up your wardrobe.

# 1 Simple and Slim

The casual appeal of a slim leather jacket like this is endless. It seamlessly combines with the white shirt and off-cuff black slacks in a way that says “cool but trendy” at the same time.

# 2 Stylish Blue Leather

Colored leather jackets are a step up from the ordinary variety, which is why you have to know how to match them with your wardrobe. For this sleek blue leather jacket, keep the jeans as dark as possible and let it be the highlight of your look.

# 3 Leather and Patchworks

Colorize your outfit with a bit of patterned detailing on your leather jacket, since this is a great way to make it more interesting in a low-key kind of way. The tribal print livens up the dark leather jacket and makes the outfit look a lot more appealing.

# 4 Modern Cut

For younger men with slimmer bodies, the bulky bomber is not your best option. Instead, go for these slightly more form-fitting leather bombers as they are more flattering to your body type.

# 5 Button-Up

A button-up leather jacket looks classier than the traditional zip-up version. This leather jacket will add great detail to your all black outfit and give it the touch of edginess it needs to look special.

# 6 Leather and Ripped Jeans

Needless to say, this is one of the better casual combinations you can go for that will look great whether you choose casual sneakers or heavy-duty boots. The leather jacket is without a doubt the center of attention.

# 7 Plain

A solid black leather jacket is very attractive when worn right, and even more versatile. Use it to get the perfect layered look on your favorite black shirt and jeans combination and throw on some white sneakers for a bit of contrast.

# 8 Glossy Leather

Shiny leather is the more classic option for the man who prefers the more conventional versions. It will make anything look that much better as it does to this simple untucked collared shirt.

# 9 Brooklyn Bomber Jacket

Leather jackets have been popular since the 80s and it is easy to see why. This Brooklyn bomber jacket is all class and composure, and a great way to make any casual outfit stand out.

# 10 All Leather

Despite the numerous tastefully altered leather bomber jacket ideas out there, nothing will ever measure up to the allure of the pure leather jacket. If you’re a man of simple tastes, this jacket can transform even your most basic look dramatically.

# 11 Fancy

Textures matter when it comes to leather jackets. Other than the traditionally smooth version that everyone is familiar with, you could also go for a fancier perforated leather bomber jacket design to step up your looks.

# 12 Classic Brown

This leather jacket retains the original bulky design with several pockets and zippers that makes it look more like the utility garment it was meant to be. Tan leather is also more attractive and easy to pair with clothes.

# 13 Jacket and Boots

Leather goes best with leather. This is the best excuse for you to bust out your favorite leather boots and jeans to show off this fantastic polished look, which is further enhanced by the loose-fitting design of the jacket.

# 14 Fur Collars

Even bomber jackets look fantastic with a bit of fur added on. This flawless black leather jacket gets a touch of sophistication thanks to the addition of the thick fur collar that dramatically enhances the look.

# 15 Textured

The more textured the leather jacket, the more youthful and casual it is. Make use of its short hemline and fun textured surface to create a vibrantly youthful layered look with your favorite sweatshirts and shirts.

# 16 Matte Leather Jackets

Matte textures will look just as appealing as any leather jacket design, but with a noticeable touch of sophistication. This killer leather bomber jacket is all you need to have in your wardrobe if you’re aiming for the “cool guy” look.

# 17 Bulky

Regardless of what you wear, the bulky leather jacket is quite able to enhance that look dramatically for men with medium to large bodies. This spectacularly layered ensemble makes good use of the checked shirt and underlying t-shirt.

# 18 Bold Collars

Making your leather jacket a fashion statement using just the collar is very easy. This casual ensemble gets a touch of sophistication from the tasteful design of the leather jacket’s collar.

# 19 Solid Brown

Settle for the ravishing goodness of a solid brown jacket by matching it with your best pair of jeans and leather belt. This macho look seems easy to pull off but it requires a lot more than just the right outfit to own the look.

# 20 Perforated Leather Jacket

Perforated leather jacket designs are not that common, which is why rocking this look to perfection will make you stand out. The all black outfit looks very youthful and trendy thanks to the zip-up leather jacket.

# 21 Black and Brown

The collars, sleeves, and hem of this tasteful leather jacket feature a nice tan color, which really enhances the appearance of the black leather jacket worn over the printed shirt and solid black jeans.

# 22 Casual and Loose

This is a happy-go-lucky look for every man that desires to look effortlessly laid-back and casual. The loose-fitting bomber jacket and the rolled up pants go incredibly well together to make that look amazing.

# 23 Rich Brown

You can mix things up a little by opting for a simple brown leather jacket instead of a black one. Wear it over your t-shirt, jeans, and boots for a fantastically layered look.

# 24 Simple Style

The classic jacket and t-shirt look largely depends on how good the top layer looks, which is why a leather jacket is your best option. Simple yet utterly classy, this jacket is the best way to finish off your casual outfits.

# 25 Leather Bomber Jacket

Here we have what is the closest to the original design of the leather jacket. From the loose fitting design to the simple patterns of the lapels, there is nothing that will not look good with this jacket.

The most important thing to remember when choosing a leather jacket design is to own your look. Make the look as personal and as unique as possible and you will have yourself a timelessly fashionable casual look.

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