25 Black Leather Jacket Ideas for Men – Rock This Style

The leather jacket is a flexible topper. It is one which will never remain out of fashion era. One can dress up and down with anything using a leather jacket. However, there are few ways to wear this piece with jeans. The leather jacket is an ideal companion of jeans. Never be afraid to try this combo. Scroll down to see 25 different leather jacket ideas to try this winter!

# 1 The Rider Black Jacket

This black jacket is purpose made for riding wear. It is a well-crafted leisurewear that can be paired with jeans. It offers comfort and durability. Worn by passionate riders, its pre-curved sleeves offer a perfect look, fit for extreme riding comfort.

# 2 Black Zipped Jacket

This black colored zipped jacket looks quite masculine and complements the jeans very well. The outer zips look contemporary and stylish. Matched with a black wrist watch, the double layered jacket can provide sufficient warmth in the winter season.

# 3 Black Leather Perfecto

Keep things look vintage just like this black leather perfecto. Try this with a flared dark jeans and a hat to complement the look. Biker inspired black leather jacket can be worn with a ripped jeans. People are going to love this mix of masculine and edginess.

# 4 Brownie Look

All in the black look! Why not, try this out, guys. Wear this black jacket along with black biker jeans for a more rugged look. This warm rusty shade is an ideal for the winter season as it provides much-needed warmth in this harsh season and makes you feel happy.

# 5 Go for Street Style

It’s time to go the street way! Be edgy and keep things cool. Put on your fringed black leather jacket, gray knee ripped jeans for your street look. An oversize scarf will also look good on you.

# 6 Black Pin Down

If you feel a need to change up your leather jacket, then add this black pin to it. The pattern of this jacket looks very classy and modern. This jacket can be paired with jeans. You can wear shirts of any color, so you cannot go wrong with it.

# 7 Suit & Tie Look

This suit and tie look can never go out of style. This formal look is ideal for an office setting. Add a formal shirt and a pant outfit with this modern black jacket, and it will keep you stylish and warm all winter.

# 8 Red Scarf & Black Quilted Pattern

This quilted black jacket looks modern and one can pair it with a red scarf to match this with the black jacket. It has a big pocket so that you can put on few kinds of stuff! Wear it with light colored pants to get a formal look.

# 9 The Aviator Jacket

Wear this aviator jacket to carry the hunk look. This bomber jacket with fur collar looks hot! Pair this jacket with ripped jeans for a more rugged look. It is looking cool in this casual outfit.

# 10 The Field Jacket

You can rock this look in the black leather field jacket. Wear it with a plain black round neck T-shirt and is looking super sexy in this casual outfit. Even though the complete main thing is the inside – this is a great look.

# 11 Classic Leather Jacket

Try this classic black leather jacket. You can look smoking hot in this shiny and black leather jacket. You can team this t with a plain black collar neck shirt and jeans.

# 12 The Bomber Jacket


Look rough and tough in this black bomber leather jacket. Pair this with jeans and a plain shirt for a more appealing look. It is something bold and different. This bomber black leather jacket is what you need right now.

# 13 Jeweled Blue Colored Jacket

This jeweled blue colored jacket looks vibrant and gorgeous. The fleece shirt can add more comfort factor to the outfit and make it look very comfortable. Wear this leather jacket with style.

# 14 The Blue Fiery Outfit

If you are a big fan of colors, then this is the one you have been looking for. Try this blue fiery outfit to add fire to your style. This look will make you appealing and sizzling hot. Check this out with a plain black T-shirt and pants to balance its color effect.

# 15 Leather Varsity Jacket

This Leather Varsity Jacket is a great way to introduce yourself to the winters. Have a piece of this garment in your wardrobe. It adds a vintage feel. Wear this iconic piece along with jeans and a simple shirt underneath it.

# 16 Biker Look

Biker leather jacket is one of the most popular styles. It can turn a formal setting into a casual one in no time at all. It is no wonder, everyone wishes to have a biker leather jacket in their wardrobe. It looks ultra-cool and modern.

# 17 A Tangerine Vibe

This black color is a nice way to add flavor to your look, without looking fussy. Solid colors can sum up really well and this look is a picture perfect example of this. Wear this jacket with a plain T-shirt and black jeans for a tangerine feel.

# 18 The Tan Bomber Look

This black colored jacket is casual and comfortable. The top zipper listing and elastic wristband make this outfit look very snuggly and warm. It can be paired with a plain or printed T-shirt and plain jeans to make this outfit even more smart and chic.

# 19 Signature Leather Jacket

One can never go wrong with our signature leather jacket. This style is a great addition to a man’s wardrobe as it provides you with a number of options with styling and fashioning as it is well suited for any time of year.

# 20 Unique Patterns with Basic Elements

This jacket looks unique and is totally fashionable. Paired with basic jeans and a plain black shirt, it can bring balance to the unique patterns without making it look over the top. Try to pick up a suede or a smooth leather version to mix things up.

# 21 Long Jacket

If you like to play with vibrant shades, then you will love this cool jacket. Try this long black jacket, and pair it with lighter shades for a more appealing look. This look can bring you on par with the season, and its pattern can add a new texture to the outfit.

# 22 The Western Look

It is one of the less known leather jacket styles. It looks stylish and versatile, as it is more like the popular counterpart. Put on this jacket with jeans and get a slightly formal and sleek look, quite alternative to the leather jacket.

# 23 Full Grain Leather

This full grain leather is a common type of jacket available in the market. It is a better option as the grained appearance won’t highlight any mark or scratches. Bit cost effective, this jacket is a must for the men’s wardrobe.

# 24 The Aviator Style

This aviator style looks sleek and stylish. Pair this style with a white T-shirt and black jeans, making it an ideal statement piece. Offering a more spin in the style, this looks will style for more years to come.

# 25 The Classic Biker Jacket

Made with very warm and practical material, this classic biker jacket provides maximum airflow. Its dual, rear, front, and sleeve vents make it look stylish and the adjusted laced sides and half belt can change your mood without just making any relevant changes to it.

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