50 Striking European Haircut Ideas – Elegant and Stylish

A European haircut is about keeping things upscale and trendy. Although most of them take inspiration from the American culture, they still manage to create a distinct identity which people across the world associate with men from Europe. The cuts are in most cases short on the sides and long at the top, but the styling of the long strands on the upper section is what makes each hairdo unique. The 50 picture gallery below showcases some interesting haircut designs from across Europe.

# 1 Forward Swept and Faded Quiff

This impressive headdress is about keeping a long top with short sides, but the strands at the front are longer than the rest. For styling, you should lift the front hair to form a quiff and sweep the rest forward before finishing with a smooth fade on the rest of your head.

# 2 Choppy Taper Fade

The textured locks at the top look amazing, and this is due to their impressive styling that entails sweeping them forward in subtle layers. This headdress also has a nice taper fade on the sides that makes it look chic.

# 3 Slick Comb Over

You will hardly find a comb over design that is prettier than this one. It maintains some long strands on the crown, a side part below it and a smooth taper fade on the sides. The styling entails using some gel to give the long hair a glamorous and head-turning comb over.

# 4 Undercut and Slicked

The undercut can also make a beautiful European haircut, and this is why it is very popular. In this design, it also has a bald fade, and it pairs with the slicked back strands at the top to create an adorable headdress.

# 5 Hard Parted and Taper Faded

A sharp, hard part line always makes a significant difference for any haircut. The one in this style provides a disconnection between the smooth and slicked strands at the top and the tapered sides.

# 6 Classic Pompadour Style

The classic pompadour is timeless, and it can work for any man. This one starts with a smooth tapering on the sides and back and finishes by brushing back the strands at the top.

# 7 The Faded Mess

Some textured natural strands with a slight mess are what you need at the top for this look. You should then spice them up with a bald fade on the rest of the head.

# 8 Short and Tight

Several elements combine to make this a top notch haircut. They include the v-shape at the back, a bald fade and the brief and tight strands at the top.

# 9 Well-Groomed Taper Cut

This look starts with a taper cut, but the styling is what gives it the neat appearance. It requires forming a hard razor line on the sides and brushing the strands at the top and sides.

# 10 Side Swept and Layered Bangs

How you style the long locks in the upper part of any haircut is always vital as it determines your overall look. This cut keeps some long bangs at the top which you should style with a side sweep and slight layering while the sides have a zero bald fade.

# 11 Razor Bit with Tight Sides

The locks at the top have a striking choppy cut and texture. Styling them entails making them messy but the sides should also be short and tight.

# 12 Blondie Brush Back

Here is another European haircut that starts by taper cutting the sides and back. The strands also have a beautiful blonde shade, and the styling involves giving them a brush back.

# 13 Inventively Parted Taper Cut

Although this is a regular taper cut with thick strands at the top, the parting makes it look unique. The side part makes it possible to brush the long strands at the top to the sides and back inventively.

# 14 Textured and Messy Top

There is always more to do than just keeping the upper section long because you still need to style it creatively. Here the long strands have an excellent texture, and messy forward sweep and the design finishes with a zero fade at the back and sides.

# 15 High and Chunky Fade

This cute haircut is about keeping some textured and chunky bangs at the top and clean taper fade to finish the look.

# 16 Thick and High Mane

The thickness of this hair is enough to make this a majestic haircut. It also has a nice height, and so it requires a quality product to hold it in place. The only other outstanding element for the look is the smooth tapering at the back.

# 17 Layered Foil Taper

The taper is a popular European haircut, but this one still manages to stand out. Although everything about it is fantastic, the hair color and the layered brush back are the most distinctive elements.

# 18 Messy and Textured Fading

An excellent texture like this one is easy to achieve with clipper or scissors. And, if you style the strands by making them messy and finish with some fading on the sides you will look stunning.

# 19 Spiky and Upswept

This hairdo maintains some long and spiky strands at the top and taper fade on the rest of the head. The styling entails giving the spiky strands an upsweep and running your fingers through for a slight mess.

# 20 The Sassy V-Shape Cut

Men with thick locks and want to maintain some length throughout the head should go for this cut. It is a v-shape haircut that has a lovely tapering and styling that involves sweeping-back the long strands in layers.

# 21 Bangs with Class

This headdress is also about maintaining some length in most of the head, and it also has a v-shape at the back. But, the glossy dark bangs on the upper part that you should style by finger combing back are the highlight of the design.

# 22 Forward Swept and Faded

Some guys prefer to wear hairstyles that can help conceal their extended forehead and so this is an excellent design for them. It is about tapering the sides and back while leaving some textured strands at the top that you should style with a forward sweep.

# 23 Angled and Side Parted Pomp

Twisting the direction of your pompadour to give it a unique angle and forming a hard razor line are the two important things that you need for this look. But, the taper fade on the sides also has a role to play.

# 24 The Layered Fringe

This look requires you to leave some long textured bangs at the top and taper fade the sides and back. You should then finish by sweeping the locks forward into a cute fringe.

# 25 Wavy and Highlighted Bangs

The cut on this hairdo is about chopping the sides and back to a short and uniform size. This design also maintains some long and wavy bangs on the upper section that you should highlight and style with an up and back sweep.

# 26 Undercut Wavy Bangs

This beautiful hairdo is also about giving the sides a taper faded undercut. But, it also maintains some long wavy bangs at the top that you should style with a lift and brush back.

# 27 Clean with Razor Line

A fresh European haircut like this one is perfect for formal looks. It consists of a pompadour-like design on the upper part, a razor line below it and a clean fade.

# 28 Simple But Effective

Modern haircuts are not always about making some fancy cuts and styling. This cut proves this and it maintains some textured and upswept bangs at the top and fading on the sides to create a simple but effective headdress.

# 29 Brushed Back Red Head

Although this is a simple taper fade cut with long brushed back strands on the upper part, the red shade makes it look unique.

# 30 Chic Bangs with a Mess

This scissor haircut keeps some textured strands at the top and a taper fade on the sides. But, the styling that is about brushing the bangs forward in messy subtle layers is the highlight of this design.

# 31 High and Natural

You will not need to do something fancy with the long strands on the upper part of this hair because they maintain a simple appearance. The sides are short and faded, but the long strands have a wavy and upswept appearance which is what makes this an excellent haircut.

# 32 High Bald Fade with Textured Top

The high bald fade on the sides of this hairstyle is neat and precise which makes it an essential element of the haircut. But, this European hairdo would not be complete without the excellent textures at the top.

# 33 Beatles-Inspired Hairdo

A few decades ago this was the haircut you would expect to see with members of the Beatles band. It is about maintaining some length throughout the head and styling the textured strands with a layered front and back sweep.

# 34 Short Crop with Contrasting Taper

The short crop cut on the crown is what most men will love about this haircut as it is the prominent element. But, the taper on the rest of the head is also fantastic because it helps to enhance the sharp angles on the style.

# 35 Natural Waves with Faded Sides

As striking as the waves at the top might look they are natural and most men only need a good haircut and gel to form them. And if you pair them with faded sides you can be sure of a head-turning hairstyle.

# 36 Perfect Scissor Cut

You will not need a clipper for this cut because scissors are enough. It is about keeping an almost uniform length throughout the head and giving the locks a perfect texture before finishing with a forward sweep and lift at the front.

# 37 Forward Swept and Layered Hawk

Although the faux hawk is very popular in the USA, it still makes a breathtaking European haircut. This particular one keeps some short and textured strands at the top which you should style with a forward sweep and by layering, and it finishes with a zero fade on the sides.

# 38 Blended Taper Fade and Textured Bangs

The combination between the long textured bangs at the top of this haircut and the blended taper fade on the rest of the head is just fantastic. And if you factor in the slight mess and color of the hair you will have a fabulous hairdo.

# 39 Crop Cut with a Modern Touch

This haircut is a traditional crop cut but with a modern touch which makes it look unique. It is about keeping some textured locks at the top that you should design with a forward sweep and finish off the look with a skillful zero fade.

# 40 Elegant and Effortless

It is laborious to come up with any other haircut that can match the elegance of this one. But, its relaxed nature is what will impress most people. You will need a thick mane to wear this beautiful design, and the first thing is to taper cut it on the side and back while leaving some thick strands at the top. The style then finishes with an effortless and messy layering.

# 41 Inspiring Bangs and Fade

The textured bangs on the upper section of this haircut look glamorous, and they have everything that a man wants in a funky hairstyle. They combine with the smooth fade on the sides to create an upscale design.

# 42 Skin Faded Bowl Cut

The bowl-like shape at the front of this cut is fantastic, and the layering of the short textured bangs helps to spice it up. Apart from this the sides also have a beautiful skin fade.

# 43 Fine and Full

If volume matters to you, this is the haircut for you. It is a beautiful design that involves leaving some dark and thick locks on the crown, styling them with a layered forward sweep and finishing with a fade and line-up.

# 44 Short Stacked Locke with Fade

This haircut is a regular short side with a long top, but the skin fade and the styling on the upper section makes it look different. The style of the long strands is about sweeping them forward in subtle layers and with a slight angle.

# 45 Varied Texture Pomp

It might not look like it, but this is still a classic pompadour. The varied texture and the razor fade are what make it look distinct.

# 46 Choppy Fringe

This fringe haircut maintains some length throughout the head. However, the strands on the upper part are longer than the rest, and they are what you need to form the fringe.

# 47 Classy and Sexy with Undercut

A European haircut like this one is what a modern gentleman needs to stand out from the crowd. It is about undercutting and fading the sides while leaving some long locks on the top section that you should design with a lift and wavy brush back.

# 48 Trimmed to Perfection

Everything about this cut is perfect, and this is what makes it worth trying out. It has a taper fade on the sides and some textured strands at the top which have a perfect trim and a forward sweep with a slight mess and layering is all the styling that you need.

# 49 Upscale and Side Parted Bangs

The thick wavy and textured locks at the top are the highlights of this haircut. They have a perfect cut, and so a simple sweep to the side is all the styling that they need. But, the side part and fade also help to add some style to this headdress.

# 50 Razor Lined, Tapered and Brushed Back Haircut

Modern hairstyles are about combining different elements to create an outstanding appearance. This impressive hairdo combines an excellent taper cut with a hard razor line and brush-back to give the wearer an attention-grabbing look.

A European haircut is neat, elegant and stylish which makes it perfect for every gentleman. Whether you prefer to keep things neat and straightforward or funky and modern, these hairstyles will work for you, and you only need to choose something that goes with your face shape and hair type.

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