40 Incredible Leather Backpack Ideas – The Functional and Stylish Pack

The leather backpack is not just something functional that you can use to carry your stuff, but it is also a fashion accessory. Whether you are going on a weekend gateway or you just want to bring a few extra things to the office, this bag comes in handy. Leather material is also durable, and you can be sure that you will use it for a long time. But, it is important to choose something fashionable that will always complement your appearance and present you as a smart gentleman. And, the good thing is that the options are endless as you just need to take some time to shop around. Below is a gallery of 40 classy bags that will give you some idea of what you should buy.

# 1 Jeweled and Patterned Brown Bag

The design of this pack is quite straightforward, and it only has one zippered pocket at the top apart from the main compartment. However, the color and the gems on the bag make it look fantastic, and it is a perfect match with the distressed brown jeans.

# 2 Small and Cute Navy Blue Bag

The navy blue color of this bag is also one of its most outstanding features. But, it also has a beautiful design that entails dotting the leather and giving it some zippered pockets on the side and top section.

# 3 Trendy Black

Black leather is very common, and people love it because of its versatility. This leather can also make an awesome bag like this one that you can carry regardless of the design or color of the outfit that you are wearing.

# 4 Checked Rucksack

This small leather backpack is the perfect accessory for a gentleman, and it will help ensure that you carry your important things in style. It has a unique check design and some Tribal patterns that make it look magnificent.

# 5 Simple Brown Leather

Brown is only second to black when it comes to leather backpack color popularity. The material and color make all the difference for this particular bag because it keeps the design simple and fundamental.

# 6 Vintage Style Backpack

The vintage look of this small pack is fantastic and unique. It is a briefcase size bag but in a rucksack style. However, the unusual buckle style closure and the stitching make it stand out.

# 7 Black Leather Jacket and Backpack Combo

You do not have to be in love with leather products to pull this look as it is just stunning and will work. It is about pairing a slim fitting black leather jacket with a small matching backpack that has a simple design and a pocket at the top.

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  • Leather Backpack 30

# 8 The Cute Green Back

Leather can take any color that you can think of, and so you can be sure that it will never limit your backpack color options. Men that prefer to keep things bright and neat should go for this green bag which does not have too much detail and has only two storage compartments

# 9 Traditional Black Bag

This bag is what comes to most people’s mind when they think about leather rucksack. The black shade and the simple design without too much detail in the stitching make it perfect for an everyday bag.

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# 10 Handmade Rucksack

Although most leather bags nowadays are a made with machines, it is still possible to find a unique handmade one like this. It has a traditional design with buckles on the main compartment and the side pockets.

# 11 Vegetable Tanned Man Bag

An exceptionally clean leather man bag like this one is a product of vegetable tanning. The design is also impressive, and it entails making it longer to increase the size of the main compartment and finishing it with two water bottle pockets on the sides.

# 12 Blue Camouflage Bag

The leather backpack gives you more color options than most others. This particular one might have a basic design but the blue camouflage makes it look fantastic.

# 13 Classy Handmade Double Buckle Backpack

The double buckle style of this handmade rucksack gives it a unique and classy appearance. It also has two different shades which give it some extra elegance.

# 14 Detailed Brown Rucksack

Brown always makes an awesome leather bag. But, the detailed stitching and the decorative zipper pattern on the small upper section compartment are what give the bag a distinct appearance.

  • Leather Backpack 31
  • Leather Backpack 32
  • Leather Backpack 33
  • Leather Backpack 34
  • Leather Backpack 35

# 15 Classic Design Backpack

The design of this black leather rucksack emphasizes on making it functional while still giving it an adorable appearance. It is also spacious sufficiently to accommodate a laptop and camera.

# 16 Creative Designer Bag

Most guys prefer to go for something cool like this from a reputable designer. However, it also has a cool design and the main zipper does not run through the top like most others.

# 17 Chic Black Rucksack

The size, design, and color of this backpack are just perfect for a man that likes to carry a bag every day. This bag is very spacious and with an extra compartment at the top, and it has an impressive masculine appearance.

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# 18 Detailed Bag with Unique Straps

Most guys do not pay significant attention to the straps because any can do for them as long as they are comfortable. But, the buckle style ones on this bag prove that they can still add some elegance to your backpack. However, this pack also has an impressive and detailed stitching that looks fabulous.

# 19 Vintage Roll Top

The roll top design is the highlight of this black leather backpack. It also has some thin straps and impressive stitching that makes it look fantastic.

# 20 Large Men’s Rucksack

This large rucksack is for the type of men that prefer to carry huge bags on their back. It is of a soft leather material, and it has some inventive pockets on the upper section with some fancy zippers.

# 21 The Adorable Blue Bag

Leather bags do not always have to come in dark colors because you can still get an adorable one like this one in a cute blue shade. This bag also has an excellent pocket design, and it is spacious enough for most men.

  • Leather Backpack 40
  • Leather Backpack 39
  • Leather Backpack 38
  • Leather Backpack 37
  • Leather Backpack 36

# 22 Stylish Buckle Style Backpack

Here is a cool bag that is both stylish and functional. It is a smart one buckle pack that is medium in size and with one exterior pocket. The color is also unique and very attractive.

# 23 Leather Bag with Trendy Badges

This backpack is simple medium size leather bag, but it also has some trendy badges that enhance its look and some cute jewelry details on the side pockets.

# 24 Iconic Soccer Backpack

A bag like this one with numerous large storage compartments is perfect for a weekend trip because you can use it to carry plenty of things. However, it also has an attractive soccer ball pattern that makes it look fabulous.

# 25 Little Cute Green Bag

The dotted pattern on this leather fabric look fantastic, but the green shade of the bag is also excellent. This little rucksack also has some stylish zippered exterior pockets that you can use to carry your small valuables.

The leather backpack is functional and also a stylish accessory which makes it a must have for every modern gentleman. However, it is important to choose something that goes well with most of your outfits.

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40 Incredible Leather Backpack Ideas – The Functional and Stylish Pack

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