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Barbour jacket is designed by J. Barbour and Sons Ltd, a luxury fashion company based in North East of England. These iconic classic wax jackets are handcrafted and made to last for decades. They are specifically worn during winter to protect people from cold and rain. In this article, we are going to help you find and save ideas about Barbour Jacket on Pinterest. Read on to learn more.

#1 Over a Suit

These jackets are appropriate for wearing over a suit when it is raining and you don’t want your expensive suit rained on. Buttoning is not required here.

#2 Sweater-Jacket Combination

The sweater-jacket combination is a casual style perfect for informal occasions. Provided you execute it properly, this option can even be a healthy when the chilly weather is making its presence felt.

#3 With Khaki Pants

A Khaki pant, when worn with any jacket, is a fashion favorite for a stylish look. In this image, the model has rocked this jacket with a khaki pant, with a matching shirt.

#4 With Matching Scarf

Pair your favorite jacket with a matching scarf to keep the cool vibe during winter. In this winter outfit, you can choose a gray knit scarf with a jacket in the same hue.

#5 Jacket with Jeans

Here you wear your jacket with any type of jeans: bootcut jeans, skinny jeans, flare jeans, boyfriend jeans, classic straight leg jeans or trouser jeans.

#6 With a Tartan Shirt

Take your jacket to the next level by pairing with a cool color tartan shirt. The combine brings out a complete custom look in summer or winter.

#7 Denim Shirt-Sweater Combinations

A denim shirt is one of the wardrobe essentials that you should pair with any outfit. You can wear a jacket, sweater and denim shirt without looking like a cowboy.

#8 With a Knitted Hat

Prepare to fight off the coldness of winter with your jacket, sweater, and a knit hat. There are several knit hat patterns you can choose for this combination.

  • Barbour Jacket 31
  • Barbour Jacket 32
  • Barbour Jacket 34
  • Barbour Jacket 33
  • Barbour Jacket 35

#9 With Layers

A jacket and a layer are two warm undergarments that provide both insulation and comfort. You can pair with a mid layer, base layer or inner layer.

#10 Warm Color Outfits

Examples of warm color outfits you can combine with your jacket include red, yellow, shades of blue and orange. This combination evokes feelings of warmth.

#11 Yellow Barbour

Yellow was one of biggest color trends for fashion this year and probably 2017. It is also the summer best color to wear. If you are struggling to choose an outfit with this color, try Barbour yellow jacket.

#12 The Perfect Companion

Winter is around the corner and it will bring with it the harshest cold on the planet. These models understand the consequences of cold weather. They have chosen Barbour jacket, jeans, and outer cold outfits to deal with the situation.

#13 With Winter Boots

You can beat the cold during freezing winters by wearing your jacket with long winter boots. In the he3ad, you can add a cowboy hat to step out in style.

#14 Travel Wear

This jacket is one of the clothing which you can include in your travel clothing and accessories. Together with other matching attires, the jacket can help you take on the world in style.

#15 Back Combinations

The jacket has helped this model to effortlessly pull out a style you can’t miss to try. The ways he has combined Barbour with other black outfits proves that he is a genius fusionist.

#16 British Style

To know what makes a British man tick when it comes to the style of dressing, try to mix up this jacket with a sweater blazer and casual shirt and a tie.

#17 US Army Look

In this year, we saw what was so special about the military trend. This trend made some models look voguish and sophisticated. This jacket is going to help you achieve that army looks you have craved for.

#18 Over a Collared Shirt

Some people argue that wearing a jacket over collared shirt is a bit backward. Those who are saying this have never tried any jacket type from Barbour.

#19 With a Skinny Jeans

This time round you try your jacket with tight or skinny jeans. Don’t worry what people are warning about wearing skinny jeans. Those claims about twisting testicles are baseless.

  • Barbour Jacket 36
  • Barbour Jacket 37
  • Barbour Jacket 38
  • Barbour Jacket 39
  • Barbour Jacket 40

#20 With Chino Pants

Wearing a chino pant in the same hue will be a perfect combination if you want to try this style. Adding a tartan scarf to the above mix will up your style.

#21 Turned Up Collar

In this style, you wear this jacket with skinny jeans. Don’t forget to turn up the jacket collar to provide more protection against cold.

#22 With a White Pant

White pants can make you pull that lighter look than dark pants. When paired with this Barbour’s dark colored jackets, the combination creates a color balance.

#23 Relaxed Daytime Look

Pulling out a relaxed daytime look is not easy especially when you want to wear a jacket. But with a Barbour jacket, you are going to achieve this look much easier than you thought.

#24 Barbour Long Jackets

Barbour long winter jackets are great everyday warm jackets you can rock during winter. Try to tuck in your shirt and belt up your trouser to pull out that relaxed look.

#25 With a Beret Hat

In this image, the model has styled Barbour Waxed Navy Jacket with a creamy Chino and a beret hat.

#26 Safari Wear

A light or dark green jacket from Barbour can be a good safari wear if you are planning to tour game parks in America. However, do not wear camouflage safari clothing if you are planning to tour African countries. These clothes are considered illegal for civilians.

#27 Waterproof Barbour

Go back to school this coming January with Barbour’s waterproof jacket. These jackets are also essential attires for any outdoor adventurers.

#28 Collarless Style

A collarless jacket from Barbour keeps you looking smart and blond whatever the occasion. Choose a collarless style that gives you that modern look.

  • Barbour Jacket 45
  • Barbour Jacket 44
  • Barbour Jacket 43
  • Barbour Jacket 42
  • Barbour Jacket 41

#29 With a Zip Jumper

Throw on your jacket with a zip jumper for a comfort and effortlessly comfort and effortlessly suave look. This combination will keep you warm in style.

#30 With a Pull Neck Pullover

A pull neck pullover is a truly a versatile piece when combined with jackets from Barbour. This model has styled pure cotton knit pull neck pullover with a semi-matching jacket and jeans.

Re-Waxing Your Barbour Jacket

45 Stylish Barbour Jacket Ideas – The Top Notch Outerwear

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