40 Lovely Small Backpack Ideas – The Ideal Travel Companion

Small backpacks have almost become a must-have for those that are constantly on the move. From students to travelers, small backpacks have earned themselves a top spot among the ultimate storage and transportation accessories. They provide the convenience of improved efficiency and ultra-portable design. These backpacks come in many different materials, styles, and designs. Below, we look at 40 cool ideas to help you look cool in a small backpack.

# 1 Dominic Traveler and School Backpack

Travel in style with the Dominic leather backpack designed to double as a school bag. It comes in black and has got brown accents. It can fit a 15-inch laptop and has plenty of room to accommodate other essentials.

# 2 Sucaro Freedom Bike Bag

Cycle with peace of mind by sporting this sling bag that comes in black. This hands-free bag provides the convenience of a slim design and is spacious enough to accommodate a biker’s essentials.

# 3 Mediterranean Camera Bag

Take your photographic experience to a whole new level with this blue multi-pocketed bag. The bag is made of a strong fabric and is specially designed to accommodate a laptop, DSLR camera, and other personal gear.

# 4 Leather Square Hybrid Bag

Here’s a custom-made bag made of genuine leather and a linen lining. It sports square patterns that add to its luxurious look. It provides that smart wear to upgrade your casual outfit.

# 5 Tigris Alias Agate Archive Rucksack

Stay organized in this slim leather rucksack sporting a dim grey color. The bag has a secure buckle closure system. It looks great when paired with a black outfit.

# 6 Snipes Gym Bag

Carry your gym gear in style with this waterproof bag that sports a drawstring closure. This bag looks even cooler when paired with a hooded striped sweater from snipes.

# 7 Cool BALR. Bag

Here’s a quality BALR. bag ideal for those that are constantly on the move. It sports a tough leather construction with zippered pockets. This black bag from BALR can be carried by hand or the shoulder style.

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# 8 Classic Cowboy Backpack

Add to the collection of your cowboy accessories by sporting this brown leather bag made from genuine leather. The bag is handmade and sports buckle closure pockets to keep your essentials secure.

# 9 Luggage-Style Backpack

Go for a versatile luggage-style bag that’s got enough room to help you pack more and stay organized. The bag sports multiple zippered pockets. Match this black bag by settling for a black outfit.

# 10 Cool Stroller Bag

Walk the streets in style with this green bag that sports black accents. The bag is made of a tough fabric material and provides versatile carrying options.

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# 11 Chiba Vintage Backpack

Sport that stylish vintage look with a dark brown Chiba bag that has a snap closure. Add to your vintage look by sporting a vintage black hat and a cool vintage-style sweater.

# 12 Miyagi Traveler Bag

Explore what nature has to offer with this classic handcrafted bag. This black bag sports an ergonomic and slim design yet has enough room to effortlessly carry your essentials. The bag is tough enough to withstand rough treatment.

# 13 Randoseru Decorated Backpack

Apart from accommodating your storage and transportation needs, this backpack gives something that will make heads turn as you walk the streets. It sports cool decorations that create a sparkle, especially in summer.

# 14 College-Style Drawstring

Go slim and pack more with this drawstring bag. It sports an ultra-lightweight construction for extra comfort. The bag is an ideal choice for quick carry-and-go.

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# 15 Framed Street Style Backpack

The framed structure of this bag lets it carry tons of items without the risk of breaking. It’s made of a tough fabric material and sports a cool blend of black and grey colors. Multiple zippered pockets come in handy to help you store and transport in style.

# 16 The Urban Santa

Transform yourself into the urban Santa by sporting a black Alexmonhart bag. The bag is made of leather and sports a drawstring closure. Make it look even classier by pairing with a black straight-collar winter trench coat.

# 17 Flavia Shoulder Bag

Settle for this unisex bag designed for both men and women. This multi-functional bag comes in olive green and sports brown accents. It’s made of a weatherproof canvas material and has zippered pockets.

# 18 Handcrafted Drawstring Bag

Take your street style a notch higher by sporting this cool drawstring bag. It’s a cool handmade polka-dot bag designed to be lightweight and spacious enough to accommodate your essentials. It looks great when paired with a casual street outfit.

# 19 Winter Travel Bag

Look hot in this classic winter-style handmade bag. The bag comes in grey and sports brown leather accents. Let it sit flush on you by pairing with a grey crew neck sweater and tough jeans.

# 20 Cool Street Style

Stay cool and classy with a black drawstring bag that’s made of leather. Pair the bag with that cool street style outfit sporting a black hooded sweater, white shirt, and dim grey jean pants.

# 21 Hi-Tech Power Bag

Go for an ultimate student and traveler bag that powers you on the go. The bag sports a solar panel and charging accessories to keep your devices powered on. This hi-tech bag is made of a weatherproof material and lets you pack and carry in style.

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# 22 Mini Classic Survey Bag

Settle for a premium survey bag sporting a tough leather construction. The bag comes in light and dark brown creating that harmonious blend of color. It’s handmade and has multiple carrying options for added flexibility.

# 23 African Summer Bag

Go for a retro-printed bag sporting the glow of a golden color. The flap sports is printed with the head of an owl. This street fashion bag matches perfectly with a designer street style outfit.

# 24 Mini Briefcase-Style

Stand out in a colorful briefcase-style bag sporting accents of green, brown, beige and grey. The bag sports a double snap closure and provides a comfortable waist-length wear.

# 25 Classic Vegan Bag

Get that tough fabric construction with fun colors to go with. Sport this Vegan bag that comes in a briefcase style with versatile carrying options for added flexibility.

Small backpacks are ideal accessories that will help you keep pace with the busy life of the modern society. They provide flexible storage and transportation without weighing you down. These bags are the perfect way of staying organized in style.

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40 Lovely Small Backpack Ideas – The Ideal Travel Companion

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