50 Astounding Leather Briefcase Ideas- The Perfect Accessory for a Gentleman

Whether you are going for an important business meeting or you just want to carry a few important documents on a trip, a leather briefcase always comes in handy. Apart from its functional role it also makes a man look classy and it is the definition of masculinity and professionalism. These briefcases have been around for more than a century, and their designs are always transforming which means that there are now endless options available. You can get anything from those with a vintage finish to modern ones and so you only have to choose what conforms to your tastes. Here are some ideas to help you decide on the best briefcase to buy.

# 1 Simple Elegance

The small vintage case might not have plenty of space, but it is spacious enough to accommodate documents. In this design, its beautiful brown color and design make it a perfect accessory for the blazer and jeans outfit.

# 2 Black Leather Bag

A simple black leather bag with tube handles like this will accessorize any attire. It has a modern design and it is quite spacious which also makes it very functional.

# 3 Vintage Brown Leather

In the old days, briefcases would always be from genuine leather because this is what most classy gentlemen would prefer. This brown one is from pure leather and the closure and the straps on the side are have quite a retro appearance, but this is what makes it ideal for most men.

# 4 Classy and Flawless Black Briefcase

This bag does not have the traditional look of a briefcase, but it still makes an excellent buy. It has an almost laptop-bag-like design and two handles at the top that make it is easy to carry, and it is also small enough for business people.

# 5 Handmade Vegan Dark Tan Briefcase

Nothing beats a handmade men’s bag because it always has a unique and detailed finish. This dark tan briefcase has a vintage design with a zipper at the top and an extra-large pocket on the side.

# 6 Top Class Green and Brown Combo

The lovely army green trench coat is perfect for keeping the cold at bay and also making a man look stylish. It combines well with the small brown briefcase to create an impressive overall appearance. The bag has a vintage design with a unique closure system.

# 7 Columbian Leather Briefcase

There are many kinds of leather available on the market and what you choose for your briefcase will determine how attractive it will look. This dark tan bag is from Colombian leather, and it is in a rectangular design that makes it look super cute and perfect for a businessperson.

# 8 Easy and Stylish

The glossy finish on this bag is fantastic, and it will brighten the appearance of any man. It is small in size making it perfect for carrying documents and other small items and its brown color provides and amazing contrast with the lovely green jacket.

# 9 Unisex Black Leather Case

This stylish bag has enough space to accommodate a mini laptop and some documents. However, this is not the only thing that makes it an excellent choice because its design is unisex meaning that even professional ladies can also carry it.

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# 10 Brown Bag with Cord Handle

It is always important to consider the handle design and type when choosing a briefcase, but you can never go wrong with a cord style handle. These handles make this lovely brown bag very convenient to carry and although it has a simple design the color and the fact that it is from pure leather makes it an excellent choice for a professional.

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  • Leather Briefcase 40

# 11 Black Saffiano LeCather Bag

It is important to choose your leather keenly as this is one of the things that determine how your briefcase will look. Although this one has a simple design with minor details, the black color and fabulous leather make it look magnificent.

# 12 The Mohave Briefcase

A leather briefcase can also work for a casual look but for this to be so, you have to choose something like this one with a neutral color and relaxed appearance.

# 13 Handcrafted Hazelnut Brown Case

The color and design of this briefcase mean that it will complement any outfit that you wear and this makes it a perfect gentleman accessory. Here it matches very well with the strap dress shoes to make the man look very classy.

# 14 Small and Spacious

A small briefcase like this one will still work for you if you need something to carry a few things when traveling. It might not be huge, but it has plenty of space thanks to the large and stylish pockets on the sides.

# 15 Plain Chestnut Briefcase

Some men seem to prefer simple but stylish bags and if you are one of them this one that comes in a chestnut shade will be perfect for you. Apart from the carrying handles, there is no stitching or any other detail on the bag.

# 16 The Full Grain Burton Briefcase

Any classy man knows that the brand of the bag is as important as they quality and design. This Burton bag has a beautiful brown color and is from full-grain American leather.

# 17 Soft Briefcase in Black

The soft leather material of this bag looks amazing, and it will make any man happy to own it. Black is a neutral color, and this means that the bag will work with any outfit color and design.

# 18 Stunning and Formal Briefcase

The design and material of this bag give it a very impressive and formal look. It is a small and stylish bag that makes it only ideal for carrying documents.

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# 19 Elegant in Black

You do not have to buy pricey clothes or have a costly bag to look stylish. A simple black leather briefcase like this one with a simple design and without too much detailing will still make a man look elegant.

# 20 Blue and Tan Combination

A slim fitting navy blue suit like this one will make you stand out from the crowd. However, you can still take the appearance a class higher. To do this, you should pair it with some tan dress shoes and a small case.

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# 21 Stylish Navy Blue Case

The brown straps on this navy blue bag look beautiful, and they help to break the monotony of the color and to give it a trendy contrast. The bag is leather, but it has waterproof nylon twill that will contribute to keeping your documents safe.

# 22 Authentic Leather Bag

Vintage and authentic brown leather bag like this one will spice up any outfit and make a man look very refined. It has some old school looking buckles that are not only for closing it but also give it some style.

# 23 All Blue Look

The slim fitting designer suit looks magnificent, and you can tell that it is the work of a very skilled tailor. It also pairs very well with a small navy blue briefcase that has a simple design with a retro closure buckle.

# 24 Fashionable Old School Brown Case

The old school brown case has a very straightforward design, but it complements this attire well because it matches with the brown strap shoes and belt.

# 25 Light Brown Leather Bag

A bag’s handle and buckles have a way of spicing it up and making it look classy. This leather case also has a beautiful light brown color and a shoulder strap that will give you more carrying options.

# 26 Handmade with a Side Pocket

A handmade leather briefcase like this one always feels special. Although this one has a simple design, it will still make you classy, and the good thing is that it also has a small pocket on the side that you can use to carry a few extra stuff.

# 27 Stylish Case with Simple Color and Design

The unique shade of brown on this bag is amazing, and it is also unique. This bag has a traditional briefcase handle and also a shoulder strap, but the flap closure with small buckles is also top notch.

# 28 Adorable Camel Brown Bag

A leather briefcase will always look stylish even if you keep the design simple like this one. Here the bag has a simple handle design and a zipper that runs lengthwise at the top, and it is camel brown in color.

# 29 Bespoke Briefcase and Shoe Combo

A briefcase should at least match your shoes even if it does not match your clothes. This custom made case has some stylish and detailed buckles that make it look adorable and its brown color matches the dress shoes perfectly.

# 30 Fancy Leather Laptop Bag

This brown leather bag is not just beautiful as it is also functional. The bag is large enough to fit a laptop, and it has a stylish design that entails a flap closure with buckles and two fancy pockets on the side.

  • Leather Briefcase 50
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  • Leather Briefcase 48
  • Leather Briefcase 47
  • Leather Briefcase 46

# 31 Chic Dark Tan Case

The beauty of this briefcase is not only due to its color or leather material because everything from the cotton thread stitching to the handle is top notch. It is a small bag for your documents, and you can be confident that it will serve you for a lifetime.

# 32 Cool Retro Bag

One of the things that make vintage bags perfect is the fact that most are handmade. This particular one has a beautiful brown shade, but the detail on the handles and the closure buckles is what sets it apart from others.

# 33 The Perfect Gray Bag

Nothing makes a better statement than a classy briefcase when doing a presentation or attending a business meeting. And if you have a stylish and modern one like this one you can be confident of making an impression even before you make the presentation.

# 34 Professional Man Bag

The style and design of this bag are just top notch, and this is because it is handcrafted. It has a vintage buckle closure and some short leather handles that make it perfect for carrying on a hanging position.

# 35 Classy Designer Briefcase

A designer briefcase like this one will cost you a lot of cash to buy, but the elegance and class that it gives you makes it worth it. It has a stylish flap pocket on the sides with two zips and vintage style handles with designer logo also on the side. The brown color and the leather type are also top notch, and they make it look extra charming.

A leather briefcase is a perfect accessory for a gentleman, and the best thing about it is that it is also functional. Whether you want to transport some documents to a meeting, or something secure to keep your valuables safe when traveling this bag will work for you. The 50 different ones above also prove that you can have it in unlimited colors and styles. Use these astounding bag designs for ideas when shopping for your classy briefcase.

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50 Astounding Leather Briefcase Ideas- The Perfect Accessory for a Gentleman

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