50 Ancient Eye of Ra Tattoo Ideas – Your Protection and Power Source

You’ve probably seen an Eye of Ra tattoo before, but you may not have known what it was. The tattoo design consists of three parts that make up the stylized eye; they are the pointed eye shape, a tear drop, and a spiral which curves out from the right corner. The right eye is usually depicted in these designs. This symbol is ancient, so if you are looking for a design that is very meaningful then this is something you should definitely consider.

In Egyptian mythology, Ra, the sun god, had a female counterpart known as the Eye of Ra; a powerful force that was able to hold back his enemies. The Eye of Ra was worshiped for its life-sustaining power and protection. The Eye of Ra is similar to the Eye of Horus, in fact, most Ra tattoos are in fact Horus tattoos. Horus was a sky god and his right eye was associated with the sun god Ra. This ancient symbol of protection and power from the gods is also regarded as an all-seeing eye.

To the Egyptian people the sun was an all seeing and all powerful; they believed that it was an opening in the sky where the light of the heavens shone in and gave the world light. The right eye is regarded as the Eye of Ra, while the left is the Eye of Throth (Moon) hence the general design for tattoos.


The Meaning of This Ancient Symbol

One interesting myth about the eye is that after his father died, Horus and his brother battled for his throne, resulting in Horus’ eye being gouged out. When he miraculously recovered Horus offered it up to the Gods, hoping that they could bring back his father. The tear drop in the design represents the scar over his eye from this experience. Since then the Eye of Horus has always been associated with sacrifice, healing, and protection. The spiral on the outside of the design symbolizes the serpent, namely the Cobra who was believed by ancient Egyptians to have the power both to take and give life.

Protection: The Eye of Ra is a powerful protective symbol often included in jewelry and trinkets packed into the sarcophagi along with the dead. This was to help the dead find their way to the underworld by lighting the path. The living believed in its power too, and wore the symbol to protect them and used it to guard their homes. Even sailors would paint it on the bow of their ship to ensure safe sea voyages.

Good Health: Due to the legend of the Eye of Horus it has also been closely associated with healing, with many people believing that the symbol has rejuvenating and restoring properties.

Sacrifice: This symbol has become synonymous with sacrifice because Horus was willing to give it up to restore his father. It’s a reminder that we sometimes we need to give of ourselves to help and uplift those around us.

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Reasons To Get An Eye Of Ra Tattoo

So we now know that this is a very powerful symbol, but why would you choose it as a tattoo? Here are a few of the main motivations people have for choosing this design:

Inner Strength: An Eye of Horus or Ra tattoo can be used as a reminder of your own inner strength and to remind you of the sacrifices you have made in your life.

Protection: This can go two ways – either you feel a strong connection to the symbol and hope it will bring you luck, good health, and fortune or perhaps you are a protector and your tattoo symbolizes this.

Ancestry: Those who have an Egyptian ancestry may want to honor that link by choosing Egyptian tattoos.

Transition: Maybe you have just been through a very difficult situation, but you’re grateful to have made it. The Eye of Ra is also a symbol of renewal and new life.

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Placement Of This Tattoo

Just like with other designs the placement of your tattoo will depend on what you are comfortable with. This design can be used for a small tattoo, but it tends to look better at either a medium or large size. Popular placements include bilateral tattoos (one on each foot or wrist), as well as behind the neck, backside of the hand, the back, neck, shoulder, and behind the ear (smaller versions).

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What Colors To Use

Most Eye of Ra or Horus tattoos are designed with thick black outlines and filled with black ink, however, some people chose to include color either in the eye itself or in a pattern around the design. You could choose any color, though for your tattoo, however solid color looks the best – think blue, purple, or red.

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Personalizing Your Design

Maybe you are one of those people who cringe at the thought of having a tattoo like everyone else. The good news for you is that this is not a common tattoo design and it’s very easy to personalize. You could include script underneath or maybe even have your artist do the eye in the hyper-realistic technique for something really striking. Color is also a good way to add a personal touch, but be careful of a design that is too busy; which can obscure the symbol.

Another idea is incorporating the eye into a larger design. You could go with an Egyptian-inspired theme with hieroglyphics, the ankh, and maybe even a few pyramids. This would make an awesome back or sleeve piece and would be completely unique to you.

The Eye of Ra and Horus have rich backgrounds and are ancient symbols believed to hold great power; a symbol of protection for both the living and the dead and a totem of the power of sacrifice. Combined with its simple, but striking design, it makes an excellent tattoo for ink lovers who want their artwork to look great and have meaning. If you love the Eye of Ra and what it symbolizes than speak to your artist about a unique design for yourself!

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