50 Сute Relationship Tattoo Ideas – Heartwarming Designs for You

Relationship tattoo is among the oldest types of tattoo to be used by men. They range from simple writings, drawings, symbols and as well as complex designs that represent different meanings. The most common tattoos are the love images used by couples and members of the same family to show their feelings for one another. In many cases, more than one person used matching images a sign that they complete each other. Generally, men who share some love use these tattoos as a way of expressing their feelings for their loved ones.


A Brief History of Relationship Tattoos

It is not easy to give the actual history of this type of tattooing, but it is believed to be as old as the civilization of man. Relationship tattoos were used by many years back by people sharing some relationship as a way of expressing their feelings. Couples or engaged persons could have matching tattoos placed in their specific body parts as a way of sharing their love. Some could use general images or specific drawings and writings displaying certain messages.

However, it is worth noting that not only couples used this type of tattooing. For instance, members of the same family could share the same tattoo as a symbol of the fact that they belong to the same family, clan or even tribe. I am sure you have seen some people from certain communities in Asia, Africa and South American sharing some specific tattoos to show that they belong to the same family or tribe. Some images were used by people as a way of remembering their loved ones who have passed on. Today this type of tattooing is becoming common among men as a way of expressing their relationship with people they love.

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The Meaning of Relationship Tattoos

These tattoos came into existence because of the desire of two or more people to establish invisible bonds among themselves. Generally, there is no specific meaning associated with this type of tattooing. In many instances, those sharing the tattoo have the right to choose the design they want and it only them who knows its meaning. On the other, the tattoo may be in the form of a drawing or image that is legible and portrays a specific direct message that is easily understood by those seeing it.

However, it is worth noting that you need to have made your mind completely before getting this tattoo because you will live with it for the rest of your life. For instance, if you want to have this tattooing as a couple, you need to be sure that you are going to spend the rest of your life together because it can be disastrous if you break up after having matching tattoos drawn on your bodies. In many cases, those who share relationship tattoos are hundred percent confident about their feelings for each other.

It is worth noting that this type of tattooing is specific in meaning and matching tattoos are only meaningful when brought together. The designs complete each other and once the meaning is withdrawn, the tattoo becomes meaningless. The drawings used in relationship tattooing should not be interpreted with traditional meanings regardless of their shape because the actual message is known by those sharing them. The tattoos are generally used as the greatest way of sharing love through body drawings.

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Common Relationship Tattoos Designs for Couples

Although this type of tattooing is for not only couples, the majorities of them are couples and those dating. In other words, these tattoos are used for romantic relationships or by intimate lovers. However, this does not discredit the fact that men in non-intimate relationships also use these tattoo designs. The following are some of the common designs for couples or intimate lovers that many men use.

Matching Heart Tattoos 

Heart images have been used for many years to represent love and affections, especially the intimate one. Consequently, matching heart tattoos are among the common designs used by people sharing strong love bonds. Remember that you are free to be as creative as you want in with this design, but you should not distort the intended meaning. In many cases, the tattoos are placed on the wrist, ankles and behind the neck, but you can still choose where you want yours to be.

Paired Image Tattoos 

The paired image tattoos constitute two images that must be brought together to give a complete meaning. In many cases, people use items that are symmetrical and can be equally divided into two equal parts so that each segment is drawn on each party. Each half of the image used here represents the strong bond between the two people sharing strong love and absence of one pair renders the other one meaningless. The good thing with paired images is that each looks great on its own, although the complete meaning can only be achieved if the two are paired. Any image can be used in this type of tattooing as long as it can be divided into two pairing images. However, it is important to agree with your partner the right image for both of you. Additionally, you should have the same artist to do both images so that they can be as equal as possible. Remember that every tattooist uses different techniques and the images they cannot blend well if you have them done by different artists.

Text Tattoos

This type of tattooing design includes texts that can be read and carry some message. The text can be strong lines from your favorite song, book, movie or your names. The text can be made from own composition, but you must choose the right font to make it look great depending on where it is drawn. Your artist should also be able to give the tattoo some unique artistic touches to make it even more appealing and stand on its own.

You can also choose to have half of the text drawn on you so that the other party can have the other half, especially if you are couples or lovers. That way, the meaning of the tattoo is only complete if you are together. However, in this case, the phrases are meaningless when you are not together, making it tricky to choose the best text tattoo design. It is also very important to pay attention to grammar because a misspelled tattoo can really be embarrassing.

It is evident that men too use relationship tattoos as a way of expressing love, bond, and feelings. However, the designs used differ from one man to another and the type of message they want to share. There is no restriction on what design to choose, but it is good to discuss with the other party so that you can have something more meaningful. It is also worth noting that the image you choose in this type of tattooing does not affect you alone and discussing it with the other party is very essential. Lastly, it is important to choose a skilled artist to do your tattoo so that you can get good results.

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