40 Attractive Long Beard Styles – The Timeless Trend for Men

Long beard styles have a long history dating back to the time of our ancestors. And even though many other different styles have been introduced in the modern society, long beard styles are still on the trend. They’re a perfect way of showing your manly growth. You have the option of combining them with a mustache or giving them some trimming to create that neat, tamed look. And in case you’re looking for ideas regarding long beard styles, then the 40 examples below might be of great help to you.

# 1 Full Beard with Trimmed Sides

This beard sports trimmed sides from the jawbone to the cheek line. The front and part of the mustache are given a lighter tone to create a cool contrast.

# 2 Rustic Blonde Elegance

This type of bandholz beard sports the cool look of a walrus mustache. The cheek line is well defined to add to the sexy, masculine look. The beard is highlighted in rustic blonde to create a wonderful, warm tone.

# 3 One-Side Trim

This full beard is given a more dramatic look. One side is trimmed to create that unbalanced yet cool look. Some grey highlights are added to eliminate that monochromatic effect.

# 4 Sexy Handlebar Style

Here, you get the sexy look of a handlebar mustache. The mustache is created using mustache wax or hair gel. It sports curved ends that add to the cool look of this full-grown beards.

# 5 Lip Concealer

This is a perfect way of keeping those lips out of view, especially the upper lip. This full beard sports textured sides that are trimmed to perfectly display the short handlebar mustache.

# 6 Vintage Style

Go for a long, full grown beard that sports the vintage look of slanted handlebar mustache. Leave the sides and the cheek darker. Add a grey tone at the front and on the mustache to create that silvery sparkle.

# 7 Sexy Crumple

Go for a textured beard that sports short sides and a squared front. Leave the cheek line natural to blend in with the petit handlebar mustache. Add some blonde highlights and silvery streaks to contrast the dark shade.

# 8 Sleek with Volume

Go for a preppy look that sports a full grown brushed beard to complement the long handlebar mustache. Make the sides shorter and add some highlights to eliminate that monochromatic look.

# 9 Extra-Long with Highlights

Here’s an extra-long beard that reaches the abdominal area. It sports the sexy look of a horseshoe mustache that conceals the upper lip in style. The sides are short and there’s lots of loose strands that create more visual volume. A blonde tone is added to create some flair in the dark shade.

# 10 Fuller Front

The sides are cut to make them shorter. The cheek line is left to retain its natural outline. A chevron mustache covers the upper lip and connects to the thick, natural front.

# 11 Lightly Trimmed

This medium length, full-grown beard is given a light trim to make it stand out alongside the regular mustache. Grey streaks are added to create some light in the blonde tone.

# 12 Garibaldi Beard

Achieve the sexy look of a Garibaldi, which sports lightly trimmed sideburns. Spice up the look with an English-style mustache that features non-waxed ends. Give the fuller part some combing to achieve more volume.

# 13 Wavy Touch

This beard is styled into waves. The sides and the sideburns are given a light trim. The beard is colored in rustic blonde and sports silvery streaks that add some fun to the look.

# 14 Edgy Trim

This beard sports some light trimmings that provide a sexy, angled look. It features the elegance of a chevron mustache. Grey highlights are added to give it that extra visual appeal.

# 15 Thick and Bushy Handlebar Style

Here’s a thick, stocky beard that sports the flair of golden highlights. The sideburns are given a light trim. The handlebar mustache is left to project outward maintaining its natural length and thickness.

# 16 Tamed Garibaldi

This beard sports lots of texturing. It’s prepped by brushing to achieve that sleek look. The tips are trimmed to eliminate loose strands. A chopped handlebar mustache and trimmed sideburns come in handy to create a cool finish.

# 17 Side Taper

A classic taper is given to the cheek line and the sideburns. The front is made longer to create that cool, wedge-like finish. A mustache comes in handy to provide that tough look while adding to the masculine look.

# 18 Solid Trim

This beard sports a solid, straight look that creates that blocky, squared finish. The sideburns feature a light trim while the cheek line is given a classic taper. The front is trimmed at the bottom and the handlebar mustache slightly chopped at the ends to provide a uniform height.

# 19 Wedged Trim

This is a less dense, full beard sporting lightly trimmed sideburns and a tapered cheek line. It features a full mustache and is angled to create that stylish wedged look.

# 20 Afro Style

This beard sports an afro look that is combed to perfection. The mustache is trimmed to that pencil look. The cheek line is well defined and the sideburns lightly trimmed to match the length of the hair.

# 21 Walrus Trim

This style gives you the drama and thickness of a walrus mustache. The cheeks and sideburns are given a light trim while the front is left fuller to create that killer look. Golden highlights are added to the dark shade to spice up the look.

# 22 Vintage Inspiration

Here’s a vintage style sporting the dramatic look of a horseshoe mustache. The cheek line is given a slight tapper to match the lightly trimmed sideburns. Grey highlights are incorporated for that old-man look.

# 23 Freckled Beard

This is a great way of achieving those striking warm tones. This style sports an expert trim that creates rounded edges. The cheek line is tapered and the sideburns given a light trim. A golden patch is sported at the front while the rest are colored in ginger.

# 24 Light Circle

Go dark in style with this textured beard. It sports a dark shade with a trimmed cheek line. The mustache and the area below the lower lip are colored blonde to add in some warm tones.

# 25 Skin Fade

The sides and sideburns are cut down to the skin to create the fresh and clean look of a skin fade. The neckline and front are left thicker. An English mustache comes in handy to upgrade the sexiness of this style.

# 26 Classic Handlebar

This style sports a classic handlebar mustache that has been waxed to create that solid look. The sideburns are given a tapered skin fade while the cheek line is trimmed and the beard given that polished look.

# 27 Buzzed Sides

Here’s a thick, care-free beard that sports a buzz cut at the sides. The front and the neckline are left fuller and combed to achieve that preppy look. The beard sports a walrus mustache that adds to this manly growth.

# 28 Long and Thick

This style suits those that want to go longer and thicker. Here, the sideburns and the cheek line given a light trim. The thick handlebar mustache sports an elongated look that matches the longer front.

# 29 Smooth Waves

This beard is styled into soft waves and given a light trim to create that chiseled look. The walrus mustache is left to grow outward to add some vintage look to this style.

# 30 Thick and Rounded

The lightly trimmed sideburns transition into a rounded front, which has more visual volume to it. A walrus mustache creates a perfect concealer for the upper lip. Silvery streaks are created in the beard to add some sparkle.

# 31 Perfect Grooming

This beard is styled to create the illusion of a ducktail beard. A light trim is given to the sideburns and the cheek line is tapered to create the fresh outline. The sides sport a stylish part line meant to match with the straight front.

# 32 Light Yet Voluptuous

This style sports a blow-dry effect that reduces the weight to a great deal. It provides the convenience of light, breathable beards designed to complement the walrus mustache. The sides are given a razor fade while the sideburns are trimmed short.

# 33 Creative Horseshoe

Here, the beard is given a light trim and textured to create a soft feel. The front is shaped into a duck tail while the upper lip is graced in a creative horseshoe mustache.

# 34 Burly Man

This style features tapered sides and sideburns. The front and the neckline are left thick and light. The handlebar mustache is pulled downward and outwards to add some creativity to this style.

# 35 Bold Statement

This beard is neatly trimmed to create short sideburns and a rounded front. A mustache comes in handy to create that cool, contoured look designed for the bold man.

# 36 Sleek and Curvy

Go creative with a handlebar mustache by pulling it outwards and styling the ends into a spiral curve. Lightly trim the sideburns and give the cheek line a tapered cut. Brush the front into a sleek look and add a grey highlight to grab more attention.

# 37 Trimmed and Combed

Go bold in this trimmed beard that sports shorter sides and sideburns. The cheek line is left natural and the front made fuller and combed for that sleek touch. A pyramid mustache comes in handy to upgrade the whole look.

# 38 The Boss

Get that commandeering figure by sporting a handlebar mustache and a ducktail beard. The cheek line sports a razor outline and the sideburns and lightly trimmed to a manageable length. A blonde highlight is added to create a shadow effect in the dark roots.

# 39 Faded Beard

This style sports a fade cut at the sides. The sideburns, neckline and the front are left fuller and textured for that light touch. A chevron mustache adds some elegance to this style.

# 40 The Grey Wavy Look

Make your beards much easier to spot by coloring it in a sparkling grey tone. Style it into light waves that create a dramatic swing at the ends. Finish with a light trim on the sideburns and the sides.

Long beard styles give you plenty of options to choose from. They combine confidence and style to give you lots of lengths and a high level of neatness. In case you want to adopt the long beard styles, just ensure you give it the proper maintenance to eliminate any shagginess in it.

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