25 Spectacular Edgy Haircut Ideas For Men – Clean & Classy Looks

Edgy haircut makes the face look young and chic. It adds a lot of style to the personality in an effortless manner. Neat and clean lines are always in vogue. There is something about edgy cuts that makes a person look youthful. There are a lot of different styles for edgy haircuts but it is important to choose the style which suits your face type. These 25 stunning styles will serve as an inspiration for your hair goals and make you think about going straight to the salon for a nice and classy haircut.

# 1 Back Combed Highlights

The hairstyle looks fantastic for people who have long hair. The highlights add volume to the style and make it look really well maintained. Just backcomb the entire hair with some gel to achieve this style.

# 2 Textured Undercut with Voluminous Front

The cropped undercut gives a trimmed look to this style. The voluminous bangs in the front look dreamy and so stylish. This style is perfect for short-haired people.

# 3 Brown Flipped Highlights

The short bob looks fashionable and chic. The gold and brown highlights add texture to the black undercut. Flip the entire portion of hair back and spray some hairspray to keep it in place.

# 4 Choppy Mohawk Bangs

The black bangs with light brown highlights add so much volume to the hair. The side crop makes the style look balanced and manageable. The style needs a lot of gel so be prepared for some gellin’!

# 5 Rose Gold and Brown Mane

The textured underside in golden brown and light pink top bring a great deal of sophistication to the style. The style is so fresh and the tattoos add much more style to the personality.

# 6 The Dream Waves

Such gorgeous wavy haircut which makes all the girls drool. The swept waves look good in shades of brown with dark black roots. The style is very urbane and chic.

# 7 The Sophisticated Dark Comb Over

This style is great for office going people. The light brown front bangs with darker back portion make this style look neat and trimmed. The hair looks sharp and modern.

# 8 Platinum Blonde Hair

The blonde hair with honey blonde top segment looks good with dark roots. The longer front and trimmed sides add layers to the hair without making the style look messy.

# 9 Unstructured Front & Back Waves

The different lengths of hair on the side and top portion add drama to the style. The extremely short hair on the sides looks neat. The back portion is combed to the front and the top portion is backcombed to create a messy appearance.

# 10 The Messy Fringes

The platinum blonde waves and the short gray side cut is perfectly curled to perfection. The length of the hair is perfect for making a coiffed style. Add some black beard and channel your inner Greek god.

# 11 The “Gold” Style

This edgy haircut is best suited for people with mid length hair. The honey blonde highlights with dark shades of brown on the sides create an ombre effect.

# 12 Gelled Silver Back Flip

The hair is flipped back with a lot of gel to make it look trimmed and organized. The lighter roots on the side complement the white highlights of the beard so well.

# 13 All Black Coif

Black hair is always in. They look natural and the voluminous front portion adds a lot of grace and height to the look. The streaks of gold are a welcome change.

# 14 The Dark Honey Side Parting

The dark hair with honey gold highlights is perfect for adding that little touch of color to the look. The side parting allows the highlights to show easily.

# 15 A Subtle Pompadour

The messy hairstyle is perfect for bringing volume to the hair. The fancy square lines on the forehead add a lot of glamour to the face. The layers of different lengths bring diversity to the hairstyle and make it look class apart.

# 16 Muddy Chocolate Brown Layers

The hints of dirty brown make this style look natural and youthful. The strands hair falling on the face makes the style even more effortless.

# 17 Blow-dried Coiffed Hair

The messy wavy beach hair style in shades of honey looks gorgeous in every way. The short side undercut brings balance to the hair and adds neatness to the messy waves.

# 18 Ginger Springer

The all ginger hairstyle for mid length hair is what all boys desire. This effortless no-nonsense look is perfect for boys who want to look stylish without much effort.

# 19 Light Dark Gradient Hairstyle

The dark underside with platinum blonde strands in soft curls looks good on long faces. The black beard complements the light hair in every possible way.

# 20 Soft Beach Waves

The edgy hairstyle looks messy and young. The carefree waves add a very beachy vibe to the look and make it look layered. The sharp back line ensures that the look does not go overboard.

# 21 Elegant Cool Style

The colors add a lot of shades in the look and make it look like the style is achieved after a lot of efforts. The style is elegant and will suit all face types.

#22 The Easy Faded Style

Layers of choppy strands with light shades and dark roots bring simplicity to the look. The matching moustache and slight beard are adding to the clean look.

# 23 The Long Upright Flip

This style is a little over the top but looks quite natural on men with elongated faces. The height adds drama to the look without making it look too much.

# 24 The Short Simple Cut

This edgy cut is dramatic yet casual. It makes the face look a bit longer and the tapering sides bring structure to the face. The simple style can be mastered very easily.

# 25 Textured Clean Cut

The clean line on the side parting makes this look speak volumes about the person. The casual chic textured top portion is complementing the undercut perfectly.

All these cool edgy haircuts are going to turn heads this season and inspire you to try something new in hairstyles. Be it the back flipped one or the short waves, all the looks are simple and easy to achieve. You just have to decide which one will suit you best.


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