60 Dove Tattoo Designs for Men – A Bird of Great Significance

Dove tattoo was first spotted by fishermen and sailors to display their sailing experience. In recent years, dove tattoos have gained so much popularity. Despite the fact that doves are associated with female features, it is exceedingly important to note that doves can still be used to portray convictions like freedom and peace, which is often achieved through war and bloodshed.


Through the addition of auxiliary designs, some of the other dove tattoo meanings can be deepened and emphasized. A good example is adding an olive branch to signify hope and victory. On the other hand, including the name of the individual whom you are dedicating the tattoo is an excellent way to express your love.


History of the Symbol

Historically, sailors to portray their sailing experience used dove tattoos. These tattoos are of British origin and were mainly tattooed on the hands, chest and next. Traveling great distances at sea was exceedingly difficult, during the early sailing days, thereby; one or more doves denoted a valuable or experienced sailor. Additionally, Native Americans also believed that once a person dies, his or her spirit transforms into a dove. This is indeed a clear indication that these tattoos not only portray human emotions but also human transformation. Furthermore, due to the use of a symbol in many cultures, doves can be recognized easily irrespective of how nondescript or small your tattoo is.

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Significance of the Dove

The dove holds a great significance in Christianity, hence is widely used as a religious symbol. In Christianity, Doves are used as a representation of the Holy Spirit, which is the third component of the Christian Trinity. Thus, the dove appears in many of the Christian-oriented art and also in the Bible. In the Bible, there is the popular dove, which brought a twig for Noah, to signify an end to the floods. Dove imagery in the bible includes a dove, which descends down on Jesus Christ as John the Baptists was baptizing him. Other imagery includes, doves, which were descending on apostles together with the tongue of fire. According to the ancient Jewish traditions, doves were seen as clean animals which could be offered as sacrifices to God.

Apart from being of a great significance to Christianity, the dove is also used as a symbol of hope and peace. Despite being used widely as an extension of religious symbolism, doves are also widely used and viewed as symbols of hope and peace for the future. The great thing about this is that one does not necessarily have to hold any religious beliefs to use doves in this manner. At their very best, these tattoos are indeed gestures of goodwill; thereby any person can wear them.

If you are getting a tattoo with the aim of symbolizing love, then the dove is the perfect pick. In their entire life, doves have only one mating partner. You can get this tattoo to symbolize the commitment between you and your partner. The dove would be a perfect tattoo or wedding present, especially for newly married couples. According to Greek Mythology, the dove is a sign of fertility and love. Additionally, it is also associated with the goddess of fertility and love, Aphrodite. It is believed that Aphrodite was born inside a chariot, which was being drawn by doves. Thus, having a dove tattoo would mean that you see yourself as a loving person.

According to another mythology which originated from Central Mexico, Aztec Mythology, the dove also signifies the goddess of love, Xochiquetzai. The love goddess is viewed as the mother of humanity. Native Americans also have their beliefs when it comes to the dove. The native Americans believe that once one dies, his spirit converts into a dove. With that said, if you are a person who believes in this mythology, then you should go ahead and get a dove tattoo.

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Placement of Dove Tattoos

Dove tattoos range from large, medium or small making them suitable for every part of the body. A great example is that you can have a realistic greyscale dove on your shoulder, a tiny dove tattoo on your wrist, a white dove that has a key on your thigh, or a dove that is placed in the center of a great quote on your chest. However, it is extremely important to note that chest tattoos are somewhat painful to place. With that said, due to the wide range tattoos for men, one indeed rests assured of finding tattoos which not only fits their taste but also resonates with their personal preferences. Tattoos are indeed a true poetic creation; there is always more than what meets the eye.

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Common Designs

Due to their innocent nature, doves are not entirely limited to romantic relationships; thereby one can dedicate these tattoos to their sisters or even mothers. Nonetheless, if you are going for something different, then you can always go for a dove carrying a grenade. The idea behind this tattoo is the dove, which is a representation of victory, purity, and peace is transporting a grenade, which in turn represents war. Eventually, the dove will drop the grenade; thereby this tattoo indicates that peace and war go hand in. Here are some of the common tattoo designs.

Dove and White Ink Accents

Despite the fact that majority of people tend to choose black ink for their dove tattoo, the importance of doves being white in color, hence carrying a specific sense of purity is indeed hard to overlook. Thus, for this reason, a majority of tattoo enthusiasts go an extra mile to have their tattoo designs filled with pure white ink.

Two Doves with the Same Branch

Two doves that share a similar branch is indeed a great tattoo design and is ideal for newly married couples.

Dove Outlined with a Flag

A dove which is outline filled with a design of any flag of can be used as a statement about peace.

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Dove Perched on a Ribbon

The tattoo of a white dove perched on a ribbon with the word mom written on it is ideal for an individual who wants to pay tribute to his mother. Additionally, three roses are then placed right below the ribbon while a single red rose is placed at the end of each ribbon.

Dove with a Pair of Hands

This tattoo is perfect for the arm. It portrays a pair of hands, which releases the dove into the heavens. Above the dove, the initials RIP is written. To make the whole tattoo interesting the words are written in calligraphy.

Dove with a Metallic Cross

A black and white tattoo, this tattoo features a dove, which is just about to perch on top of a metallic cross. The cross has been intertwined with vines. Two red roses are attached to the vine.

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