Tailored Suits for Men – All You Need to Know Including the Best Designers

Tailored suits are perhaps the most worn clothes worldwide and their many designs and unique final touches have everybody wanting to own at least one pair. Suits are normally associated with class and wealth. If not used for official wear, they can be spotted on almost every fashion galore and on runways in fashion exhibition shows.

The number of fashion designers is growing rapidly, thus creating room for more competition. Only the aggressive and bold designers survive in the industry, a clear indication of how competitive the fashion industry is nowadays. Some have stood through the test of time and made a name out of themselves, and not just only a name but also respectability from the business. Here is a list of well-renowned suit designers that have stood out, especially with respect to men.


Ralph Lauren

The company, named after its founder, is perhaps among one of the most renowned suit brands worldwide. They have excellent designs in shirts and ties so it is no surprise that their suits are topping the charts too. Their suits are designed for the common businessman making his way up on to the food chain, coming in vintage styles using materials like herringbone and tweed. These tailored suits are normally well cut, slim fitted to make sure you look elegant without losing the businessman’ look.

Giorgio Armani

It is quite obvious that this Italian designer couldn’t miss in this list. Giorgio Armani tailored suits make their wearer look both sharp and put-together. Mostly worn by Hollywood celebrities on the red carpet and special occasions, Giorgio Armani tailored suits have made a big name in the industry and are here to stay.


This the kind of tailored suit that comes in bright colors and has details on its like musical notations down the lining of the seams or dotted pin stripes. For men who go for color and something that stands out, Etro suits are perfect for this in all aspects. “Reserved” word makes Etro designers laugh.

Ermenegildo Zegna

These tailored suits are in high demand in the men’s fashion world. They come in shiny fabrics to give them a unique glare, setting the pieces from most in the market. The company’s strong belief in uniqueness comes out clearly in every suit they make, a combination of style and comfort.


These tailored suits are perhaps the most famous pieces worldwide. Every 9 of 10 people you meet definitely know of Gucci suits. The company has a good reputation of providing classy and stylish suits for decades now. Designer Tom Ford combines modern edginess with classic cuts to come up with masterpiece finishes that speak for themselves. These suits will offer you comfort and style, at the same time setting you apart from everybody else.


The world of tailored suits has no doubt seen unique advancements and designers taking big risks to deliver flawless products. Suits have become a sensation in the fashion world too, thus calling for more designers to step up to the challenge and come up with new ideas to keep the trend alive. Well, as they say, good things do not come cheap; something that suit lovers will have to stomach is the massive price tags that come along with the best pieces. These suits are specifically designed for men who are willing to spend a lot just to look good.

The question perhaps in everyone’s mind is who will be the next to leave a legacy? The industry has no doubt been graced by newbies over the last couple of years but not many survive till the end. Tailored suits require a lot of capital to make as the material has to be perfect and right . If the material is mediocre, the suit loses its value.

Therefore, this calls out for all designers to be creative and come up with material combinations that will end up creating something new and fresh in the end. Companies like Etro have embraced this secret and are making big strides in providing new creative material every day.

Benefits of Wearing Tailored Suits

Tailored suits are known to have a couple of advantages that come along with just being able to sport the pieces. The first is in terms of quality. Tailored suits come in the best quality. Those who know how low-quality fabric wears and tears easily would easily recommend tailored suits for anyone. Tailored suits tend to have a better fit than low-quality suits; this is because tailored suits are custom made to fit your body measurements be it in height, shoulder length, chest width and waist measurements.

The suit is made specifically for you thus making it the best alternative to whatever is out there when it comes to comfort and convenience. Another benefit is the fashion glamour the suits gives you; wearing tailored suits automatically makes you look stylish and presentable, traits that can only be seen while wearing the right piece. Lastly, tailored suits save you time.

The time that you would have spent trying on different suits at the shop until you get the one that fits can be saved by checking into a tailor’s shop and getting your measurements down. It only takes a few minutes for these measurements to be done, and after that, you guarantee yourself a suit that is worth every penny you spend.

There are several myths surrounding tailored suits that are not true, one of them being about the pricing. Tailored suits are expensive but you can also get good suits that won’t dent your pocket too much. Not all suits cost a fortune; there are some that are quite affordable and still maintain the classy look.If you are looking to land something good out there,the choices are limitless.

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