25 Attractive Chin Length Hair Styles for Men – Try New Ideas

Chin length hair is making a comeback in 2016. Long layered locks are beginning to show up everywhere we look and they most certainly aren’t limited to any one style. There are hundreds of options; each one being as unique as the men who are sporting them! Whether you are looking for elegant or extreme, we have you covered with 25 of the most attractive and stylish chin length hairstyles for men.

#1 Messy Highlights

Long back layers with a messy front are topped off with elegant highlights for a scruffy tossed look. The length in the back is just enough to accentuate the front for a perfectly framed face.

#2 Long Locks

An even long look with just enough wave to take it from falling flat to sultry and clean. The dirty blonde and brown mix gives an extra layer of eye-catching appeal.

#3 Naturally Sleek

A natural ombre look is completely eye-catching as it frames and blends with scruffy facial hair. This effortless style sweeps freely and accomplishes a smoldering mysterious style for an all around classic look.

#4 Golden Locks

This style is perfectly thinned and swoops inward in all of the right places. The golden color is completely set off with the dark roots and blended facial hair.

#5 Slick Style

Perfection even in black and white. This chin length style is parted in just the right place and then slicked back for an edgy look with a no fuss style.

#6 Messy Fringe

The just climbed out of bed messy look that is screaming hot and bothered. This look brings everything about naughty and nice to life.

#7 Ringlets

A preppy look with an edgy vibe, this sleek do shifts right into ringlet curls. The dark espresso color adds to the picture perfect clean shaved look.

#8 Dark and Twisted

These curls could go on for miles but the chin length cut off gives just enough to complete a mysteriously dangerous look. This simple and seemingly effortless style will leave nothing to the imagination.

#9 Drastic Appeal

This look is everything that is in the now. A smooth side sweep with just enough wave and length give this look refined details that send it over the edge. Top it all of with a dark and natural full beard to complete the all around look.

#10 A Perfect Side Sweep

With just enough of a sweep to give a dramatic effect, this hair style is screaming summer locks and smoking hot nights. Light and sexy says it all with this perfectly light and breezy style.

#11 Long and Masculine

This look is both basic and timeless with a simple free falling look that perfectly frames the face and gives off the vibe of carefree style.

#12 The Professional

This look is perfectly styled to accommodate the busy professional’s lifestyle. It is loosely styled into an effortless yet conservative look with lifted roots and a freefalling sweep.

#13 The Undercut

This two-tiered style has a very party-like vibe, all while maintaining a dark and edgy look. The top is completely side swept to one side, leaving the right undercut out in full view and full textural appeal.

#14 Casual and Easy Going

This simple look brings in an overwhelming amount of class. This cut brings in the reserve of style yet has an overwhelming outcome. A casual sweepback that is perfectly styled with accentuating silver strands for a bit of pop.

#15 Dark Flow

This look is simple and stylish with a dark brown base that flows into light ringlets that are perfectly framed with layered bangs. The drifting color slowly fades into a natural lightness with a chillingly stylish effect.

#16 Subtle Darkness

These ultra-dark locks are perfectly parted into multiple directions that flow into a slight curl just in time to create face-framing perfection. The mid length hair melds into the scruffy facial hair that is just subtle enough to add some darkness to the look.

#17 Inspiring Layers

These long blond locks create a perfect frame and easy going look. The long layers and dark roots give this style just enough darkness to make it appealing and mysterious.

#18 Loose and Untamed

This iconic skater guy look has an effortless vibe that creates a timeless look that is anything but timid. The long even strands are perfectly highlighted with gold tones flowing through the medium dark brown locks for a untamed appearance.

#19 Color Perfection

A manly style that still sports a bit of feminine appeal; this look is just soft enough to keep its messy on the go look, all while having an array of eye-catching color. Between the highlight and layers, this look creates a full desirable look.

#20 Manly Half Bun

The man bun has been on the comeback but the half bun creates a far more tantalizing look. The bottom half has just enough sun-kissed waves, while the top drifts back into a dark root; This sexy sultry look is simple, stylish, and effortless.

#21 A Little Wild

This look has everything you need to say a bad boy from across the room. It is dark and sultrier with just enough curl to leave you wanting more. Complete with just enough front fringe and mid cut bangs for an angry sexy vibe.

#22 A Little More Fringe

This look has everything you could ever need; long fringe sides are freely flowing with a simple side comb to keep them free. The colors are perfectly melded together for a natural highlight experience.

#23 Bearded Bliss

Typically, the beard doesn’t make the hair; but, with this style the beard sets the darkness over the top. Long dark locks with a subtle frame. This look keeps everything looking clean, simple, and put together. But, it doesn’t lose its sexy ruggedness.

#24 Heart Throb

Straight off the cover of a rock and roll band, this look is soft and light. The mid-length curls are perfectly framed by swooping bangs with a slight sexy curl and earth shaking simplicity that is filled with desire.

#25 Chaotic Mess

This rugged look of chaos is the ultimate manly style. It has wild links with a seemingly effortless slight back sweep that causes every strand to land in just the right places.

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