25 Amazing Gray Suit and Brown Shoes Combinations – Style and Elegance Redefined!

It is very typical to see men wearing a gray suit and brown shoes as they make a perfect match for both formal and casual looks. A suit and some nice leather shoes are the ultimate definition of a trendy gentleman but getting the right color combinations might not always be enough because you also need to accessorize well. If you have some gray suits and brown shoes here are 25 different styles that you can try out.

# 1 Green Tie and Checked Gray Suit

This gray checked suit looks amazing, and it has a perfect slim fit that would make any man look very classy. Apart from this, the brown shoes, the green tie, and the leather briefcase also add a unique element to the appearance.

# 2 Double Breasted with a Classic Fits

A classic fit is perfect for a man that wants something comfortable that still looks classy, and this is what this double breasted suit gives the wearer. It also pairs a brown tie with the brown shoes to create a stylish design.

# 3 Slim Fit Formal Gray

A formal look requires a man to keep things neat and straightforward, and this slim fit suit does this with a smart white shirt and striped tie. The brown shoes also help to add a unique twist to the overall appearance.

# 4 The Cheeky Tie Elegance

Your choice of tie always makes a huge difference when wearing a gray suit and brown shoes. Apart from this everything else is straightforward because the suite is a simple two-piece with a modern fit. The cheeky tie with some animal prints adds a unique style to the look.

# 5 The Perfect Match

This checked winter gray suite has an amazing double breasted design, but the accessories are what make this a distinct look. The design pairs a dotted brown tie with a brown designer watch and some stylish brown shoes.

# 6 Check Formal Attire

A slim fit on an elegant double-breasted suit like this one will make any man look refined. To finish the sexy look he only needs a cheeky dark tan tie and a bright blue shirt.

# 7 Beige Gray Three-Piece

Here is a bespoke suite design that proves that the three-piece is still as trendy as it was a few decades ago. The beige, gray shade of the suit is perfect, and if you pair it with a stylish brown tie to go with your brown shoes, you will look majestic.

# 8 Casual Gray

A simple two-button with a slim fit like this one is perfect for a casual look. The suite has a very straightforward design, and you should pair it with a light blue shirt and cute watch to complete the casual look.

# 9 Neat and Classy Trim

Everything about this look is as classy as any modern man can ever with for in his attire. The chic gray suit goes very well with the checked shirt, brown tie, and some gorgeous formal brown boots.

# 10 Double Breast with Classic Fit

This gray double-breasted suit is impeccable and also very elegant, and it has a classic, perfect fit that will make a man stand out. The brown shoes are also adorable, and a traditional tie and a nice square pocket are the only other things you need for a gentleman look.

# 11 Casual Suiting

A gray suit and brown shoes also make an excellent casual look, and you only need to get a little inventive. For this particular look, you should wear a striped t-shirt with your smart fit gray suit and brown formal shoes (without socks).

# 12 Bespoke Vintage Look

Only a good suit designer can create stylish gray suit like this one. It has a modern fit, and the trousers have a vintage turn up that enhances the overall look. The shiny brown boot and dark tan tie also add some elegance to the look.

# 13 Red Tie on Two-Button Gray Suit

The red tie makes a huge difference for this look as it helps to brighten the overall gray look. Apart from this the suite also has a red pocket square to match the tie.

# 14 Linen Double Breasted Suit with Casual Shoes

Linen suits are the real definition of class and elegance, and the appearance of this gray double breasted one demonstrates why. Although you can still wear the suit for a formal look, the black t-shirt, and the casual looks make this a perfect look for the weekend.

# 15 Two-Button Designer Slim Fit

Any gentleman knows that the designer of the suit is as important as its appearance. The fact that this two-button piece is from a reputable name is enough to guarantee you of a refined look. And if you pair it with some cool shades and a classy watch you will look fantastic.

# 16 Simple Gray Suit with a Modern Fit

Although slim fits have been in trend for the last couple of years, some men still prefer something that is not very constricting, and this is why this modern two-button suit will still make an excellent choice. The suit pairs well with the brown shoes and the white tie with pink stripes.

# 17 Charcoal Gray Slim Fit

There is nothing very fancy about this suit but the charcoal gray color and notch lapel make it look fantastic. And if you pair it with some brown leather boots and a black tie with spots you will look magnificent.

# 18 Dark Gray and Single Breasted Two-Button Suit

You do not have to wear very expensive suits to look stylish. A simple dark gray suit and brown shoes like this one will still give a man a refined look. The suit has a slim fit and two-button design, and it goes very well with a black tie.

# 19 Neat Three Piece

Simplicity and elegance go hand in hand for modern men. This suit has a simple three-piece design and a lovely brown tie with some beautiful pattern that pairs well with the sleek brown shoes.

# 20 Flawless Formal Wear

The brown designer shoes and the flawless two-button gray suit combine well to give the wearer a stylish appearance that he spices up with a cheeky green tie.

# 21 Well Fitted Gray 3-Piece and Monk Strap Shoes

Brown monk strap shoes and a well fitted three-piece gray suit make an odd combination, but somehow they still make the man look adorable. He also pairs the suit with a striped shirt and a simple black tie.

# 22 Trendy and Unique Three-Piece

Here is another perfect combination between monk strap shoes and a gray three-piece suit. However, the medium fit and unique design of the suit makes this design very distinct, and it also matches the tie with the pocket square for a refined finish.

# 23 Relaxed Semi-Formal Look

You do not have to wear a very tight suit to look elegant because a loose and comfortable one like this one will still give you an adorable look. Also, pair it with a nice black shirt without a tie and keep the top buttons undone.

# 24 Custom Checked Two-Button

The breathability of the material on this suit makes it an excellent choice for men who plan to spend a lot of time outdoors. And if you pair it with brown strap shoes and small flower on the pocket square you will look fabulous.

# 25 Check Formal Attire

Even if you do not like checked suits, it is impossible to say no to a stylish gray one like this one. It is a two-button design with a slim fit and it combines well with the brown laced shoes and the cute tie.

Whether you prefer formal or relaxed casual appearances, a gray suit and brown shoes will work well for you. All you need to do is to find a suit with a perfect fit and some chic brown shoe. Use the 25 elegant designs above as inspiration for your classy gentleman look.

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