45 Coolest Styles of Sports Jacket – Innovation at Its Peak

Sports jacket forms one essential item of clothing in the wardrobe of men. Suitable for any and every season, this is one piece of attire that can be worn for any occasion. They can lend an element of power to your personality or even look elegant if the look is put together in the right away. One should always prefer quality over quantity when it comes to clothing since an item like a sports jacket can lend too many characters to the same person. They are short in length and fitted in nature. The look of the garment is extremely stylish and one such item in your wardrobe can compensate for the lack of a huge number of clothing items.


If you are looking forward to creating a statement in the next occasion with a sports jacket and are clueless about how to put together a striking look, we are here to help you out. Not only one, but you will get thirty such styles which have been especially designed for different occasions. Here they are:

# 1 Blue Blazer with Red Tie

The cobalt blue blazer can be worn with a white shirt which has dotted prints all over it. The look of the outfit would be enhanced even more if you wear it with a shiny red tie. Add a pocket square to make the look more classy. Lastly, wear a big chunky watch with a golden dial and brown belt. This look has the right combination of poise and playfulness. Wear it to a party or a semi-formal occasion!

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# 2 Ivory Colored Bomber Jacket

An ivory colored bomber jacket would look great with a white tee underneath it. Wear it with a pair of dark blue denim. Make sure that you add a belt with a big as well as statement buckle. Wear it with a simple watch with a black band. This look is strictly casual, so it would be perfect for a movie date or day out with your gang of friends.

# 3 Checkered Jacket With Pale Blue Short

The new style statement is to wear a checkered jacket with a pale blue shirt. Since both the items of clothing are light in color, wear a dark blue tie with it. It would be even better if the tie has intricate prints all over it. Carry a dark blue handkerchief with polka dots in the pocket square and a black watch. This can be worn in formal as well as casual occasions.

# 4 Candy Blazer

If you are ready to experiment, wear a candy-colored blazer with a white shirt. A blue tie with minimal designs can be worn with this. You can add a pocket square of red and blue pocket square with this. Since the color of the blazer is a bit bright, keep the rest of the look simple with a white watch.

# 5 Black Overcoat

This would be the perfect outfit for the winter. Wear a high-necked blue sweatshirt with it. The overcoat has large circular buttons against the dark overcoat. Carry a white pocket square along with it.

# 6 Black Blazer

This classy blazer in black will look good if you wear it with a plain white shirt. If you want to make the look more interesting, add a floral tie in black and white. Lastly, wear a black watch with a golden rim to make the look more elegant.

# 7 Blue Checkered Blazer With a Yellow Pocket Square

This is a very playful blazer which can be worn with a blue and yellow printed tie. Wear this slim-fit blazer with a bright yellow pocket square.

# 8 Sports Jacket Made of Wool Flannel

This charcoal colored simple sports jacket has raised colors and can be worn with black denims. Wear a white t-shirt underneath the jacket for enhancing the look!

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# 9 Black Blazer With Floral Tie

This subtle look should be carried off with a white shirt under the blazer. Wear a butterscotch colored pocket square with the blazer.

# 10 Dark Green Blazer With an Ice Blue Tie

This classic look can be accentuated with ice blue tie against a white shirt. A green watch would look good along with a monochrome printed pocket square.

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# 11 Brown Blazer With Purple Tie

This brown blazer can be worn with a white short. Make the look a bit fun with a silk purple tie and white pocket square.

# 12 Pin-striped Black Blazer

This blazer is one of those classy formal outfits which looks very dapper when worn with a white polka-dotted shirt. A floral printed pocket square would make the look more interesting. Wear a black tie with this blazer to keep the monochrome look intact.

# 13 Ivory Double-breasted Jacket

Wear this jacket with a white shirt. A turquoise blue and yellow tie with paisleys printed on it will bring out the fun element of the attire. A blue pocket square will look good as well.

# 14 Polka-dotted Navy Blue Blazer

This blazer will look the best with a white and blue floral tie. A pink and white handkerchief will look good with this blazer. A watch with a brown strap will make it look nicer.

# 15 Tweed Jacket

This ash colored tweed jacket will look the best with a bright blue colored tie and a blue tie as well. Wear a blue and white checkered shirt and add a blue printed pocket square with it.

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# 16 Pink Checkered Blazer With Bowtie

If you are a fan of the bowtie, this would be the ideal look for you. A yellow bowtie would look good with this pink and blue checkered blazer. If you are really ready to experiment, wear it with yellow trousers.

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# 17 Silver Colored Jacket

This one can be worn with a dark colored waistcoat. A dark colored tie would look good as well. Wear a brown watch to make it perfect for any semi-formal occasion.

# 18 Maroon Sports Blazer

This double breasted maroon blazer should be worn with a dark blue shirt and a big chunky silver watch. This casual look can be enhanced with a red tie and a white pocket square.

# 19 Tweed Jacket

The texture of this jacket is really nice and is perfect for the winter season. A white shirt and a blue tie would be the right accessories for this blazer. A blue printed pocket square would make this sporty look nicer.

# 20 Tweed Jacket With Maroon Sweater

This ash-colored tweed jacket would be perfect for a casual outing if you wear a maroon sweater underneath. Place the collars of the shirt over the sweater to make the look more stylish. A black watch and black pocket square would be right accessories.

# 21 Striped jacket with floral shirt

A densely floral printed shirt would look very stylish with the white striped jacket. This one is short and fitted in nature. A polka-dotted handkerchief can even be carried with the blazer.

# 22 Light Brown Jacket

This jacket can be worn with a tri-toned shirt which has black collars, a blue body with white polka dots. Along with it, a red and blue checkered tie can be worn. A blue handkerchief is a right accessory with this blazer.

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# 23 Italian Slim Fit Blazer

This checkered blazer of muted color should be worn with slim black trousers. Wear a white shirt beneath the blazer to highlight the checks.

# 24 Gray Striped Blazer

Gray and pink form a great combination. So wear a light pink tie with this gray suit along with a white shirt. A white handkerchief is the right piece of accessory for this outfit. This is perfect for formal occasions.

# 25 Checkered Blazer With Blue Trousers

This white brown and blue checkered blazer are very sporty in look so wear it with a white shirt to neutralize the blazer. Blue trousers would be the right one to wear with the blazer.

# 26 Brown Jacket With Silk Wool Tie

The right one for the winter, this outfit needs an abstract printed silk wool tie as the accessory with the blazer. A pink silk pocket square would seal the deal.

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# 27 Baby Pink Blazer With Checkered Tie

A white shirt with a checkered tie and matching checkered interior lapel will bring out the diversity of the outfit.  You can wear this to a meeting considering the situation.

# 28 Ivory Suit With Paisley Printed Tie

This blazer of the muted color will be rightly highlighted with orange blue and yellow paisley tie and a white shirt.

# 29 Blue Checkered Blazer

A white shirt and a light blue tie would look good with this dark-colored blazer. A floral pocket square would complete the look.

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# 30 Red Blazer With Royal Blue Tie

This blood-red blazer along with a white shirt and royal blue tie would be the perfect outfit for a party or a wedding. This would look even more gorgeous with a blue pocket square.

These styles of the sports jacket would keep you updated in the style game. Follow them and become a fashion icon!

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45 Coolest Styles of Sports Jacket – Innovation at Its Peak

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