35 Wondrous Zayn Malik Haircut Ideas – Chic A-Lister Cuts

Elegant, sexy and trendy are the three words that describe the Zayn Malik Haircut best. If you love One Direction or you just cannot seem to have enough of their music chances are that you have a favorite band member and for millions of fans across the world Zayn Malik is their man. Malik seems to have a new cut every other week, and the chances are that he has tried almost any look that one can imagine. But, if you are thinking of copying one of his looks the 35 haircuts below are an excellent starting point.

# 1 Messy and Layered Bangs

These messy and layered bangs start of the list and although they have a simple cut they still give him a superstar look. The style involves chopping the sides short and leaving some textured locks at the top that he styles with a messy and layered side sweep.

# 2 Wavy Top

Here he keeps his hair long and wavy at the top for a simple but elegant haircut. The sides are short, and he finishes them with a smooth taper fade.

# 3 Smooth and Low Crop Cut

This cut takes inspiration from the traditional Caesar cut. It entails leaving a soft cropped hair at the top and shaving the sides short before fading them.

# 4 Simple Elegance

With a face and hair like Malik’s, you do not have to complicate things for an elegant look. Here he keeps the sides short and faded, but the smooth and dark locks at the top are what will get the attention of most people.

# 5 Retro-Inspired Look

This look is what you would see with men back in the 50’s, but Malik still manages to pull it correctly. It entails keeping the top long and high in a pompadour-like design and tapering the sides and back to make them shorter.

# 6 High Top with Highlights

The height of the strands at the top of this haircut is just inspiring. But, Malik still takes things a notch high by highlighting small patch of hair at the front with a golden hue.

# 7 Tight Top with Tapered Sides

A hairstyle like this one is just what an A-list celebrity needs. It is also about keeping the top high and tight with tapered sides, but he also forms a soft side part to spice up the design.

# 8 Forward Swept Wavy Bangs

Although this Zayn Malik haircut will require a lot of product and skills, he still makes it look effortless. It is about leaving some long wavy hair at the top and tapering the sides. He then finishes the look by sweeping the strands at the top forward and in subtle stacks.

# 9 Up and Side Swept

As stylish as this look might look it is still very easy. It requires leaving some extra-long strands at the top that Malik styles with an upsweep and slight brush to the sides. He also keeps the sides and back short and uniform.

# 10 Cool Two-Toned Hair

The contrast between the blonde shade and the black roots is fantastic. Apart from the two-toned color design the long wavy strands at the top also have a chic upsweep.

# 11 Curly Face Framing Bangs

It is rare to see Zayn with a long mane, but this look proves that he can still look fabulous with long locks. He has some long strands with curly ends, and he styles them with a center part and into a contemporary face framing design.

# 12 The Modern Pomp Design

This modern pompadour design works well for Malik, and it is also a simple design to pull with a good barber. It entails give the sides and back a taper cut and fade while leaving some long strands at the top. You should then use some wax, gel or pomade to style the top into a short pompadour design.

# 13 Sweet Cropped Look

It is hard to determine whether the fade on the sides or the crop cut at the top is what makes this an elegant haircut because both are perfect. The unkempt, full beard also enhances the overall look.

# 14 Skin Fade Buzz Cut

Only a skilled barber can achieve a perfect buzz cut like this one. Zayn combines the sleek buzz cut at the top with a skin fade on the rest of the head to create a classy and chic headdress.

# 15 Long and Over the Forehead Bangs

Some extra long bangs like these might look bulky, but they still create an adorable haircut. They have an excellent texture and color but their styling which entails making them messy and sweeping the locks over the forehead is the prominent factor in the look.

# 16 Spiky and Shiny Locks with an Upsweep

The color of this Zayn Malik Haircut makes an immense difference to the look. It is a golden blonde shade that creates a nice contrast with his black hair. But, the upswept spikes at the top and the tapered sides also have a role to play.

# 17 Short Clean Haircut

This beautiful hairdo is a buzz cut, but Zayn keeps it shorter than the traditional ones. He also spices it up with a clean and straightforward line-up.

# 18 Sleek and Easy Cut

This haircut is a simple long top with short sides, but it still makes Malik look sexy. He makes the long strands wavy and styles them with a side sweep while keeping the sides short and smooth.

# 19 Thick Taper Cut

In some rare occasions, Malik prefers to maintain some length throughout his head. In this style, he tapers the strands on the side and back, but he still maintains an excellent size. He finishes the style by fluffing the hair at the top to give it a thick and messy appearance.

# 20 Smart Caesar Cut

Zayn Malik can also pull a clean formal look. In this one, he keeps a Caesar-like design on the upper section and gives the side a high fade to disconnect them from the facial hair.

# 21 Undercut Blondie Locks

Here is one of the many occasions that this superstar gives his strands a blonde shade. Apart from this he also has some undercut sides that he spices up with a fade.

# 22 Classy and Wavy Taper Cut

Everything from the shine of the strands to their natural waves is magnificent. They also have an inspiring cut that entails keeping some short and messy waves at the top and tapering the rest of the head.

# 23 Thick Bangs with Undercut

Every hairstyle for men always looks extra cute with a good undercut. This Zayn Malik haircut proves this and it entails leaving some thick and textured bangs on the crown and giving the sides a taper fade undercut. The design then finishes with a sweep of the long locks over the undercut.

# 24 Textured Waves with a Side Sweep

The smooth fade on the sides is easy to achieve, and it looks fabulous. But, this design would not be complete without the textured locks at the top that this superstar styles with a layered side sweep.

# 25 Contoured and Voluminous Top

If you are lucky to have a full mane like Zayn, this is the style that you should copy. It is about leaving some thick and long strands on the crown that you should design with brushed back contours. He also keeps the sides short and finishes them with a uniform fade.

# 26 Dark Toned Choppy Bangs

This Zayn Malik Haircut is one of his most famous ones. It is about leaving some textured wavy locks on the crown and fading the rest of the head. Malik then styles the long hair with a subtle sweep to the side.

# 27 Flawless Undercut Hairdo

Zayn does not seem to get enough of this look. But, this one looks slightly different from others because the strands on the upper section are long and the undercut has a uniform fade. However, he still finishes the look with a side sweep of the hair at the top while leaving some locks hanging over the forehead.

# 28 The Sexy and Curly Headdress

Curly locks like these make Malik look different but in a sexy way. He keeps them natural and messy at the top with tapered sides and uses a generous amount of product to give the curls a glamorous shine.

# 29 Uniform Crop Cut

This haircut is just a regular crop cut, but it has some short and uniform sides. Also, the hair at the top has some natural waves and Malik styles it with gel and by giving the strands a slight mess.

# 30 Perfect Spikes with a Lift

One can almost count the spiky locks on this haircut as they have an excellent texture and hold. The sides are short and uniform, and Zayn finishes the look by giving the spikes a lift at the top and a slight sweep to the side.

# 31 Typical Zayn Cut

A Zayn Malik haircut like this one will make any man that can reproduce it look majestic. It is one of his everyday looks, and it involves leaving a high and thick top and tapering the sides to a short and uniform length.

# 32 Adorable Slick Back

This hairstyle proves that Malik can wear any haircut and still look fantastic. The look is about chopping his hair to a uniform length and styling it with a generous quantity of product before finishing with a nice slick back.

# 33 Extra Short and Smart

This fabulous haircut keeps the hair extra short and uniform throughout the head. It is a maintenance-free but stylish haircut that will work for men that prefer clean and straightforward formal looks.

# 34 Buzzed and Skin Faded

Here is another example of a Zayn’s haircut that involves keeping the hair as short as possible. There is nothing sophisticated about this look as it only entails buzzing the hair on the upper section and finishing the design with a smooth skin fade.

# 35 Rugged and Thick Mane with Highlights

The volume of this mane will impress anyone that knows anything about trendy haircuts. Malik also has a perfect taper cut that maintains some length throughout while keeping the top long. However, the rugged look of the mane on the upper section and the patch of color at the front are what make this a unique hairdo.

Zayn Malik might not have been in the limelight for as many years as other A-list celebrities, but he still gets a spot among the top trendsetters in the world. A Zayn Malik haircut is one of the best ways to get one of his charming looks. And the good thing is that he is always trying something new and so the options are endless when you want to wear one of his styles.

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