30 Awesome Ricky Martin Haircut Ideas – Keeping it Chic and Trendy

A Ricky Martin haircut is the kind of style that will help you look and feel like a celebrity. Ricky has been an A-list superstar for more than two decades now, and he is famous for both his musical talents and looks. Although he likes to keep his locks short and neat, on some few occasions he will go for long and funky haircuts. Here are 30 of some of his best cuts that you can use to replicate his appearances.

# 1 Sleek Taper Cut

This haircut is about tapering the strands at the back and sides while leaving some sleek ones at the top that he styles with some gel and a side sweep over the forehead.

# 2 Stacked and Tapered

Ricky seems to love tapered cuts, and they are what he wears most of the time. However, he has many ways of styling them and this one that involves highlights and sweeping the top strands upwards in subtle layers is one of them.

# 3 Slick Effortless Brush Back

Although this cut also starts with some tapering on the side and back the styling is unique. The design involves using some gel and giving the strands an effortless finger comb brush back.

# 4 Fancy Faux Hawk

Faux hawks can also work for Ricky Martin, and this style is enough evidence. Here he tapers the sides and leaves some long locks in the middle that he styles with a simple upsweep.

# 5 Side Swept Spikes

This trendy haircut is about keeping some spiky strands at the top and tapering the sides. Ricky then styles the spiky strands with a subtle side sweep.

# 6 Side Parted Comb Over

The hard side part on this cut looks fantastic, and it is just perfect for spicing up the neat comb over design. Apart from this, the design also has cute taper fade at the back.

# 7 Textured and Faded Bangs

This Ricky Martin haircut involves keeping some textured bangs at the top that you should style with a slight sweep to the side and finish by fading the rest of the head.

# 8 High and Messy Top

Ricky Martin just loves the taper cut, and it is also what he wears in this design. But, he gives it a distinct look by keeping some high and messy locks at the top.

# 9 Long Curly Locks

This headdress is from his early days as a celebrity. Ricky used to keep some long curly locks that he would style into a simple face frame design.

# 10 Choppy Uniform Taper

Taper hairdos are always fashionable, and this one maintains some smooth strands throughout the head but with a rough look and slight sweep to one side is all the styling that Ricky needs.

# 11 The Rugged Top Haircut

The shaggy upswept locks at the top are the highlight of this cut but they are very easy to replicate, and Ricky pairs them with short tapered sides.

# 12 Wavy and High

This trendy design maintains some beautiful and wavy strands at the top that Ricky styles with an upsweep and he only needs to chop the rest of his head short to finish the impressive look.

# 13 Tight Upswept Cut

The spiky and upswept locks at the top section have everything from a perfect texture to volume. And with such a lovely hair a smooth fade in the sides is all the superstar needs to finish his glamorous appearance.

# 14 Spiky Taper Hawk

This beautiful hairdo is also a faux hawk but it looks very trendy, and this is due to the upswept spikes at the top and uniform tapering on the rest of the head.

# 15 Cool and Classic Haircut

A contemporary and classic Ricky Martin haircut like this one is what a gentleman that wants to impress should replicate. It maintains some decent length at the top which you should style into some cute upswept waves and then finish by tapering the sides.

# 16 Upscale and Messy Spikes

Some guys like Ricky have a soft and beautiful natural hair, and this means that the design and haircut options are endless for them. In this particular look, Ricky maintains some smooth spikes on the upper section that he styles by making messy.

# 17 Clean and Slicked Look

This cut is not just about leaving a long top while chopping the sides short because Martin also styles it well by giving the longer strands an inventive slick.

# 18 Elegant Highlighted Waves

The subtle highlights on the spiky locks in this haircut make Ricky Martin look fantastic. And, he only needs to upsweep them in a spiky design and finish brushing the short waves sideways.

# 19 Super Cute Highlights

Ricky loves to keep his hair color natural but in a few instances he will have some subtle highlights like these. The highlights make the cute spikes look fantastic, and he only needs to style them with a side sweep to create an impeccable headdress.

# 20 Thick and Layered Side Sweep

A thick mane can also work for this A-list superstar. Here he chops it short in a taper design and styles by side-sweeping the locks at the top in a layered design.

# 21 Chic Waves and Fade

This hairdo is about giving the sides a smooth tapering and maintaining some cute waves in the upper part that you should design with a slight lift and mess.

# 22 Over the Forehead Bangs

The uniform tapering on the sides combines with the textured bangs at the top that Martin styles with a forward sweep to give him a simple but stylish headdress.

# 23 Adorable Side Slicked Hairdo

Uniform sides and some wavy and textured locks at the top are what combine to create this adorable design. The styling of the strands on the upper section is also impressive, and it entails sweeping them to the side.

# 24 Sassy Pomp-Like Cut

This beautiful Ricky Martin haircut takes inspiration from the classic pompadour. But, it does not make the strands super neat but they still look attractive enough, and he finishes with a fade on the sides and a line-up.

# 25 Tapered Brush Back

Only a master barber can achieve the perfect taper cut and fade on this design. It combines with the beautiful brush back design at the top to create a striking gentleman haircut.

# 26 The Sassy Fringe

This haircut is also about taper fading the sides and leaving some long textured locks on the upper section that a gentleman should style with a forward sweep to create a unique fringe.

# 27 Easy Side Sweep

In this headdress, Ricky maintains some long textured strands at the top, but the styling that entails sweeping them to the side and over the forehead is the highlight of his haircut.

# 28 Excessively Gelled Look

Most people will not even notice the tapering on this haircut because the styling that involves using some excess amount of gel is what takes all the attention.

# 29 Buzzed and Sexy

This cute hairdo is one of the few occasions that Ricky keeps an extra short hair. Here he has a buzzed haircut that makes him look sexy.

# 30 Slick Hard Part Hairdo

You will need some quality pomade or gel to replicate this beautiful hairdo. It maintains some sleek side-swept bangs at the top and a hard part line with a taper fade below it.

Any man that likes to keep unique, elegant and attention-grabbing looks should go for a Ricky Martin haircut because it is all these and much more. The gallery above will give you some unique and stylish ideas that you can use to create of his striking looks.

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