30 Glamorous Jared Leto Haircut Ideas-Top Notch Cuts for an A-List Celebrity

A Jared Leto haircut can be anything from interesting to controversial. He has some luscious natural locks that have been inspiring thousands of loyal fans for more than two decades now. Whether he has long natural flowing locks or some short and neat spikes, there is always something to talk about when it comes to his haircuts. If you are one of his many fans and are looking for a fashionable hairdo here are 30 of his charming styles that you can replicate.

# 1 Upswept Mess

Here Jared maintains a medium length which he tapers on the back and sides. It has a perfect texture, and he styles it with a messy upsweep.

# 2 Simple Slick Back

A quality gel or pomade is all he needs to pull this style as it only entails applying a generous amount of the product and brushing back the strands. He also pairs it with a massive beard for a masculine finish.

# 3 Pink Slick

Hair color can also work for Leto, and this hairdo proves this. To create this look he applies a pink dye throughout his head, uses a generous amount of gel and finishes the design with his usual slick back.

# 4 The Vintage Man Look

Jared can pull any style that he wants because he has a beautiful natural hair. In this design, he has a vintage style that involves chopping his locks to a medium length and brushing them back after applying some gel.

# 5 Cute in Green

You have to be as daring as Leto to pull a look like this. But, it is a very simple headdress that only involves dying the strands light green and brushing them back.

# 6 Glossy Side Sweep

The shine on these strands is breathtaking, and it shows just how healthy his locks are. Apart from the gloss the styling involves forming a center part and sweeping the locks sideways.

# 7 Perfect Spikes

The texture of these strands is fantastic, and it is what makes this an attractive Jared Leto haircut. Apart from the texture, the styling is also excellent, and it involves leaving some upswept and spiky strands at the top and finger combing the sides backward.

# 8 Luscious Wavy Tresses

Here is a perfect demonstration of the beauty of his natural locks. He maintains them just below the shoulders, and the only other things that he needs is to give them an ombre color design and leave them to flow naturally.

# 9 The Pink Mohawk

9 The Pink Mohawk

Mohawks also work for Leto, and this fancy one proves this. Here he keeps the sides short and maintains an upswept patch of hair in the middle that he finishes by dying pink to form a unique design.

# 10 Effortless Spikes

A simple but skilled scissor trim is all that you need to create this Jared Leto haircut. It requires you to give the sides and back a slight taper while leaving some messy and spiky locks at the top.

# 11 Easy Taper Cut

This beautiful haircut will also require scissors to create. It also involves tapering the sides and back and leaving some elaborate spikes on the crown.

# 12 Adorable Green Hair

Leto seems to be very comfortable with bright hair. In this design, he has some short green strands that he styles by brushing back.

# 13 Simple and Uniform Size

A man cannot go wrong with any haircut if he already has a beautiful natural hair like this. This design only requires you to chop the strands to a uniform size throughout and give them some subtle spikes.

# 14 Flawless Face Frame

Leto looks fantastic with some long tresses. In this headdress, he keeps them wavy and with an ombre color pattern and finishes the style with a center part to create a flawless face frame design.

# 15 Side and Back Sweep

This hairstyle requires a medium length and uniform size hair. The styling is very straightforward as it involves sweeping the front locks sideways and brushing back the rest.

# 16 Shoulder-Grazing Mane

In most instances, Leto does not have to do much to have the perfect haircut. In this design, for example, he only needs to give his wavy mane some subtle highlights, chop it to a shoulder-grazing length and finish by styling it into a face framing design.

# 17 Elegant Man

A simple and cute haircut like this one will always make a man stand out from the crown. It is a classic design that starts with a medium length cut and finishes with a slick back after using a generous amount of gel on the strands.

# 18 Spicy Spikes

Spikes do not always have to be pointy to look elegant. These particular ones are just subtle, and Leto complements them with neat tapering on the sides and back.

# 19 Voluminous and Messy Upsweep

The thickness of this hair is breathtaking but the cut is also amazing, and it helps to create a head-turning headdress. It requires leaving a thick and textured hair at the top that you should style with an upsweep and by tapering the sides.

# 20 Cute Brown Locks

The color of these locks is enough to give Leto a head-turning hairdo. Brown always makes a lovely hair color, but the sombre-like color design is what makes these standout. Their length is also perfect, and he only needs a center part to style them.

# 21 Short and Neat Spikes

Spikes always make a trendy headdress, and this is more so if you have an excellent volume and texture like Leto. In this design he keeps his spike short, uniform and neat to create a very stylish appearance.

# 22 Windswept Short Bangs

There is always something unusual to talk about in a Jared Leto haircut. For this particular one, it is the windswept appearance of the locks at the top and the smooth finger combing on the sides.

# 23 Retro and Messy

This inventive haircut takes inspiration from the mullet, but the back is not as long as the traditional ones. It also has a messy look on the upper part that enhances the retro look.

# 24 Majestic Man Bun

In this style, he maintains some long locks with some golden brown streaks. The styling is very simple because he only has to sweep back the strands and tie them into a tight man bun.

# 25 Blondie Brush Back

Leto is one of those celebrities that are always experimenting with new looks. In this style, he maintains a short and uniform hair throughout the head that he dyes blonde and styles it with a simple brush back.

# 26 Funky Mohawk

Mohawks are trendy, and so you can expect Jared to try them a couple of times. This particular one is glossy and dark toned, but the upsweep and extra height at the middle are what makes this a unique style.

# 27 Slick Back Perfection

The slick back is one of Leto’s favorite hairdos, and this is rightfully so because it makes him look clean and stylish. However, he gives this one a slight twist with a small side part.

# 28 Chin-Length Bangs

Here is an attractive style from his younger years and it is a very straightforward design. To create this look, he only trims his strands to a chin-length and styles them into a simple face frame.

# 29 Adorably Ponytail

This style proves that Jared can look good in almost any hairdo that one can imagine. He has some long locks that he styles with a subtle part at the front and by pulling them into a loose ponytail.

# 30 Sleek and Glossy

The subtle shine on these strands is amazing, and it makes them look very healthy. They are not very long, but they also have a beautiful black shade and Leto styles them using gel and with a smooth slick back.

Whether you have a long or short hair, there is a Jared Leto haircut that you can try out because he has been wearing varying lengths over the years. Look through the gallery above for some ideas and inspiration.

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