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Nothing finishes off a classic suit better than a handkerchief or a pocket square. Apart from just taking the overall appearance a notch higher it also provides you with a chance to match your tie with something. There are many options available, and you can have your pocket square in unlimited fold patterns, but for it to look stylish and trendy, you should choose a cloth with an excellent material, design, and color. Look through the 55 different styles below for some ideas.

# 1 White Poof Fold and Turtleneck Sweater

This brown slim fit suit has a fantastic design, and it will make any man look chic. He pairs it with a beautiful turtleneck sweater and complements it with a loose white poof fold on the breast pocket for an elegant finish.

# 2 Stripped One Corner Up Fold

A simple handmade blue vest coat and a stylish roll neck sweater are what you need for this look. However, it is also important to accessorize it, and for this, you should fold a stripped cloth into one corner up design and have it in the breast pocket of your vest coat.

# 3 Super Cute Triangle

You do not always have to put your pocket square on a jacket because you can also have it on your shirt. If you are wearing a casual look like this one, you can spice it up with a perfect triangle fold, breast pocket.

# 4 Red Border Pocket Square

Choosing the handkerchief to use on your suit is important because it should not just match the outfit but also spice it up. The border pocket one on this design has a beautiful black and red color design, and the multiple point fold is also top notch.

# 5 Stylish and Checked Border Pocket Square

Maroon suits are very adorable, and this one proves this, but it also has a fantastic fit. The wearer spices it up with a checked border square pocket to create a refined and classy appearance.

# 6 Bowtie and Three Pint Fold Combination

This white dinner jacket looks fantastic, and it pairs it with a white shirt for a neat finish. However, it also breaks the monotony of the white color with a blue and white bowtie and a three-point fold white square pocket that has a blue border.

# 7 Sexy in Stripes

Here is another perfect combination of white and blue that will make a man look clean and fashionable. The style combines a blue striped shirt with a white vest coat and adorns with a blue striped square pocket that has a white border.

# 8 Black on White Look

A white button down shirt and a black dinner jacket that has a slim fit are the key features of this look. However, the style also entails accessorizing with a white dotted border square pocket.

# 9 The Pink Signature Border Square

This blue and pink combination is the ideal appearance for a man that prefers something impeccable. It combines a blue tie with a blue two-button and slim fitting suit with a pink checked shirt and a pink border square.

# 10 Bespoke and Bold Look

This bespoke black jacket with side vents combines very well with the white pants and shirt. Accessorizing the style with a black border square also helps to add a unique elegance to the overall appearance.

# 11 Burgundy Elegance

A burgundy jacket like this one will make any man look stylish and classy. It combines well with the white shirt and cream pants, and you should spice it up with a burgundy border handkerchief that you should fold into a three-point up design.

# 12 The Classy Gentleman

A navy blue designer suit like this one is what a man that wants to look classy and formal should wear. It goes well with a navy blue tie and a white shirt, and you should spice it up with a colorful square pocket with one point up fold.

# 13 Cool Casual Look

The casual pants, stripped shirt, and the slim fitting two button jacket are a perfect combination, and they create an adorable casual look. And to give your look some extra elegance, the wearer adorns with a square pocket that has multiple points up fold.

# 14 Luxurious Army Green Suite

The green jacket in this design has a unique and beautiful color that combines well with the tie. Apart from this green look the blue trousers also pair with the striped shirt and the look finishes with a stylish pocket square with a simple fold.

  • Handkerchief 41
  • Handkerchief 42
  • Handkerchief 43
  • Handkerchief 45
  • Handkerchief 44

# 15 Sassy Broken Suit

Broken suits are perfect for both formal and casual looks. This design combines a blue slim fit jacket with yellow trouser and a checked shirt, and you should finish the design with a border square pocket that has a flower fold.

# 16 Puff Fold on an Unstructured Suit

The slim fit black jacket goes well with the checked trousers and the stripped tie on a blue shirt. With such a beautiful and unstructured suit a simple puff-fold pocket square is all you need for an adorable look.

# 17 Gray suit and Flow Fold Square

Gray is a fabulous choice for your suit color, and it makes this slim fitting two-button suit looks fantastic. The suit pairs with a dotted green tie and a white shirt, and you should accessorize with a gray border pocket square in a flower fold.

# 18 Printed Motif Square on a Striped Suit

Your choice of the handkerchief is vital when you want to give your outfit the perfect accessory. This blue striped suit with peak lapel goes well with the dark tan tie, light blue shirt, and a printed motif pocket square.

# 19 Italian Style DB with Signature Border Pocket Square

Double breast suits are timeless, and they will always make a man look fashionable, and this is more so if it is a 6×2 like this one with a slim fit. However, if you accessorize it with a striped navy blue square pocket with a border design, you will look even more adorable.

# 20 Cravat and Pocket Square Combination

You do not always have to wear a traditional tie because a cravat on your button down shirt is an excellent alternative. The dotted blue cravat in this design combines with the colorful pocket square to give the suit the perfect accessory.

# 21 Classy Pink Pocket Square on Green Jacket

The contrast between the pink pocket square and the green jacket is amazing and will make a man look very classy. This pocket square also has a simple puff fold that you can achieve with little effort, and you should pair it with a button-down shirt.

# 22 Slim Fit and Square Fold

A square fold is the easiest design that you can fold your handkerchief when you want to use it for accessorizing a suit. This slim fit suit has a beautiful color, and it pairs with a black tie, white shirt and the square fold to create an extra-chic appearance.

# 23 The Perfect Match

Everything on this style is a perfect match, and this makes it an ideal look for a stylish gentleman. The brown checked suit goes well with the brown tie and the white shirt which also create a balance for the colors. And you should adorn it with a two-point up checked border square pocket.

  • Handkerchief 47
  • Handkerchief 46
  • Handkerchief 48
  • Handkerchief 49
  • Handkerchief 50

# 24 Hand Made Square Pocket

The broken checked suit and button down shirt look fantastic, but the uncommon square pocket also adds some elegance to the design. Although it is a simple gray border square pocket, it has a lovely flower fold which is what makes it look unique.

# 25 Three Point Fold Square

A simple suit with a classic fit like this one might not look very fancy, but you can always spice it up. To do this, you should wear a checked shirt, a brown tie and finish the look with a colorful three-point fold handkerchief on the coat’s breast pocket.

# 26 Adorable Casual Look

Everything on this look from the burgundy velvet coat to the black t-shirt and trousers is magnificent. And with such a lovely outfit a small puff fold black pocket square is the only accessory you need.

# 27 Casual Suit and T-Shirt

A black suit always goes well with a white t-shirt, and this is more so when you want to wear a relaxed, casual look. And if you pair your style with a silky pink handkerchief you will look majestic.

# 28 Cute Dotted Triangle

The triangle fold pocket square on this suit is flawless, and it is one of the things that make this a chic look. It is black with some intricate dots that make it match the black suit and button down shirt.

# 29 Glamorous DB Suit

A slim fitting double breast suit like this one with a black checked material will make any man stand out from the crowd. And if you adorn it with a four-point pocket square you will look fabulous.

# 30 Simple and Fashionable

You do not have to overdo things to look adorable because you can still look stylish by keeping things simple. This small check coat pairs well with the blue shirt but the loose puff fold handkerchief on the breast pocket is what makes this an outstanding design.

# 31 Chic Man Look

Blue always makes a high-class look, and this is even more so if the suit is a slim fit with two buttons. The suit pairs with a light blue suit and a pink tie and you should finish the chic look with a flowered red pocket square.

# 32 Stylish Two Point Up Pocket Square

Broken or unstructured suits make amazing casual and formal looks. The one on this style combines a blue jacket with a brown trouser and a light blue shirt, and you should complement it with a two-point up pocket square.

# 33 Pink Border Square on a White Jacket

This peak lapel jacket has a fantastic and slim fit, and its white color makes it perfect for wearing with a striped shirt. For adornment, you should fold a pink border square into a floral design and use it to create a classy pocket square.

# 34 Animal Print Pocket Square

This look is very simple but stylish as it only entails combining a navy blue double breast coat with a khaki trouser and light blue shirt. However, the animal print cloth on the pocket square has a distinct fold that makes it look glamorous.

# 35 Black and White Puff Fold

The black and white handkerchief on the breast pocket on this casual vest coat looks amazing. It has a simple puff fold, and it is perfect for complementing casual looks, but you can also use it for formal wear.

# 36 Flawless Blue Suit

Only black suits are more popular than navy blue ones, and the look of this one shows just why men love them. The blue suit has a classic fit to ensure that it is not too constricting and you should adorn it with a cute two point fold pocket square.

# 37 One Point Roll Pocket Square

The blue casual shirt and the loose fitting coat in this design look very dull because there is nothing fancy about them. However, the introduction of the one point roll pocket square spices up the overall appearance.

# 38 The Imperfect Triangle and Navy Blue Suit

A navy blue jacket, a white shirt, and a pink tie make a perfect combination. The suit has an excellent fit, and you should complement it with an imperfect triangle fold pocket square. Apart from the classy fold the pocket square also has a stylish and silky material with lovely patterns that makes ideal for any suit type and color.

  • Handkerchief 52
  • Handkerchief 53
  • Handkerchief 51
  • Handkerchief 54
  • Handkerchief 55

# 39 Gray Brushed Wool Jacket

The dark gray brushed wool jacket is the main attraction in this style, and it combines with a checked trouser to create a lovely and unstructured suit that you should spice up with a presidential fold pocket square.

# 40 Exquisite Double Breasted

The combination of a green jacket and blue jeans makes a perfect casual look. This coat has a 6×2 double breast design, and you should adorn it with a square fold on the breast pocket. Although you can also achieve the same look with a t-shirt, this white button down shirt seems to create a look that is elegant enough.

Whether you want to wear a formal suit or a casual, unstructured one, a handkerchief is still the perfect accessory for you. However, you need to choose one that matches with your outfit and also fold it inventively. The 40 head-turning styles above will provide you with more than enough ideas on how you can pull this glamorous and trendy look.

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55 Easy Ways to Accessorize the Suit with a Handkerchief – Elegance Meets Class

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