65 Impressive Giraffe Tattoo Ideas – The Designs That Will Make You Smile

A giraffe tattoo isn’t just something that looks good, it represents a number of important traits like intuition, grace, resourcefulness, patience, dependability, intelligence, and vulnerability. A giraffe is Mother Nature’s marvel that combines a perfect mix of gracefulness with clumsy attitude.

Humans have been fascinated with this animal and how they coordinate their long, awkward legs and larger-than-life neck and still manage to carry themselves with such elegance.

Despite the fact that most people decide to get one done in their body without giving much thought, this animal still remains one of the most enchanting objects of art among tattoo enthusiasts.

In this guide, we’ll learn everything there is to know about this theme, what they mean, and the many types you can get done on your body.


History and Meaning of Giraffe Tattoo Designs

Throughout history, local tribes have viewed giraffe as an annual of intuition because of the perfect vision and longneck. They can sense danger from miles away and can adapt accordingly to react to the impending situation. Even though this animal is the most vulnerable when they bend their neck to drink water, they never lose awareness of their surrounding environment.

In the past, the Bushmen of Africa used to perform rituals to highlight their views on this strange yet graceful creature and believed “The Giraffe Dance” could ward away evil spirits that affect one’s body and mind.

This is precisely the reason why so many African folklores mention this beautiful giant and speak praises of its intelligence that come from the longneck.

During the peak of the Roman Empire, hundreds and thousands of giraffes were shipped to Coliseum’s across Europe for public viewing. The Romans were particularly enchanted by this animal and believed they were a hybrid between camels and leopards.

But this tradition eventually faded when the Roman Empire fell and by the Middle Ages, the existence of this gentle giant became like almost a myth to the Europeans.

Today, the giraffe is widely depicted as a noble animal in many modern art forms. The Impressionist, Salvador Dali often drew these creatures into his pieces along with other jungle animals. Now, even NASA is working on designing suits for astronauts to minimize the effects of high G-forces based on the giraffe’s anatomy.

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Tattoo Design Placement

Placement of these types of tattoos very upon a person’s taste and need. However, you’ll need to determine whether if you want something that’s entirely visible to the public, partly visible to the public, or is a completely hidden tattoo.

A lot of people opt for concealed tattoos for various reasons such as workplace ethics, personal preference, etc.

Some common areas that you will likely find someone sporting a giraffe design are the arm, shoulder, thighs, backs, and legs. The type of design and where it is placed can tell a lot about the symbolic meaning and personality of the said individual.

Giraffe tattoo designs are somewhat of real treats because not many people identify with this animal or want to associate with a somewhat awkward design.

However, there are also people who tend to get comical tattoos by incorporating cartoon elements in their artwork. This may be a giraffe sitting or sipping a cup of tea or a group of giraffes having an office meeting.

Regardless of the design elements, you choose to include in your new artwork, the most important question you have to ask yourself is what does the new tattoo symbolize?

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Types of Tattoo Designs

Small tattoo: Small giraffe designs stand out from the rest because of the fact you can get it done on any part of your body. You can have it completely exposed or totally hidden or choose to go for more than one small giraffe inked on your body.

Small giraffe art can be modern, classical themed, cartoonish, or simply symbolic of the animal and everything it represents.

The large back piece: For lovers of this animal or those who consider it their spiritual form, nothing but a large back tattoo would suffice. This kind of art acts as a point of focus and often represents a sign of tranquility and protection due to its calm face and extremely strong neck. Large back pieces allow a great amount of fidelity to the artist as well.

Tribal tattoo: Said to have originated many centuries ago, tribal tattoo designs is one of the best you can get for your arm, back or even shoulder. The naive and composing expression of the giraffe is best depicted through tribal themes because of greater room for creativity. Even though you may not find many people sporting a tribal giraffe tattoo, the ones who do have it consider the tattoo to be of great importance.

Watercolor giraffe: Those with a penchant for artistry and class can go for a beautiful watercolor giraffe design that adds a refreshing twist to these creatures. You can get it done on your shoulder as well as back to portray the natural beauty of these gentle giants.

Giraffe spots tattoo: Among all the types of designs, the giraffe spots tattoo requires most amount of attention to detailing. Each and every pattern in this team needs to be highly elaborated and every giraffe has to be unique to one another to effectively pull off this art.

A grayscale piece can be a great way to pay respect to these mysterious animals and the fact that they are highly adaptive to their surrounding areas.

Red ink giraffe: Despite the countless fragmentation, a giraffe portrayed with red ink reinforces the idea that destruction is the only way to creating new life. People often sport this tattoo as a symbolic representation of what they faced in life and who they are now because of the events.

Any type of giraffe tattoo can be a work of art if you get inked from a professional artist who knows the meaning behind this theme and what it should represent on your body. So, only consult about your dad do with a professional to truly bring out the meaning of the design and what it reflects about your personality.

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