25 Rugged Tom Hardy Beard Styles – Be The True Man

Tom Hardy beard styles are some of the most dapper in the entire entertainment industry. The English actor and producer is almost always rocking some glorious facial hair (unless he has to shave it off for a role, which doesn’t happen that often), which he loves to tweak every now and then just to keep things fresh.

His beard growth is pretty consistent and the actor can easily go from a full beard to sexy light stubble in no time. His versatile facial hair is what allows him to style it in so many ways in just short periods of time. We take a look at 25 of his most stylish beard styles that every man should try.

# 1 Classic Tom

Like many actors, Tom has a trademark bearded look. This involves a fairly thick goatee and moustache paired with a slightly less thick beard around the cheeks. It does look sort of regal but it really brings out his classic sense of style.

# 2 Grizzly

Every man is allowed to go wild every once in a while. As usual, Tom does it with ease, matching his perfectly rugged full beard with wildly textured hair that looks playfully windswept. Men who can sport a full beard will have an easier time pulling off this look.

# 3 Hipster Swag

His fashion sense notwithstanding, Tom’s beard is always on point regardless of whether he’s in jeans or a tuxedo. This easygoing jeans and t-shirt look is perfectly accentuated by the evenly groomed, moderately thick beard and moustache he’s got going on.

# 4 Medium Stubble

One consistent aspect about Tom’s beard is his moustache, which is ever present despite the length of the overall beard. This medium stubble has a somewhat boyish appeal and perfectly darkens his jaw line and cheeks to make his face look more angular.

# 5 Cropped

To match his buzz cut, Tom trimmed the beard around his cheeks and jaw, leaving nothing but perfectly even light stubble. He, however, leaves a full mustache, goatee and soul patch perfectly groomed but thick and masculine

# 6 Rugged Tom

More often than not, we see Tom with his trademark bearded look which he usually prefers to keep a bit longer than he does on the red carpet. Once again, the perfectly groomed mustache steals the show and looks great with the long, rugged beard.

# 7 Wild

For men who prefer the all-natural bearded look, rocking a full beard is not the end of it. Keeping it relatively groomed no matter the length will make it look fuller and more consistent. For patchy beards, a little bit of combing over will get you the consistency you want without taking away the rugged texture.

# 8 Playful Stubble

Tom keeps his facial hair fun and playful in this example to match his boyish spikes. The beard sports its natural spiky texture and is kept short to allow his face to look more youthful and less serious.

# 9 Crisply Trimmed Light Stubble

Light stubble is undoubtedly one of the most versatile bearded styles a man can rock. Tom keeps the length perfectly even all-round the face including the moustache and the goatee, leaving him with a more youthful appearance.

# 10 Moustache and Goatee

Chopping off the entire beard every once in a while is good for the health of your beard. Leaving just the moustache and the goatee is, however, acceptable and as Tom shows it, a surprisingly elegant way to style your beard.

# 11 “Stache” and Stubble

This much younger version of Tom was yet to settle for his trademark Tom Hardy beard style. The prominent feature is the moustache, which curls pretty well over his top lip. To avoid looking too 50s, Tom leaves an even stubble across his cheeks and jaw line.

# 12 Dapper

Tom is definitely no stranger to rocking a good suit and matching it all the way with his hair and beard. The suave outfit has been matched with perfectly slicked back hair and a trim light beard that gracefully caps off his look.

# 13 Punk

Although not that often, some Tom Hardy beard styles are often accompanied by a crisp Mohawk hairstyle, which usually involves crisply shaved sides and a short but thicker top. A full moustache and goatee together with some light cheek stubble finish off the look perfectly.

# 14 Alpha Male Full Beard

Groomed beards may look neat and even sexy but nothing quite compares to the allure of a perfectly rugged, wild full beard. Tom rocks his fiery red facial hair with ease, slightly trimming the edges at the cheeks and shaping the moustache to look neat but dominantly male at the same time.

# 15 Boyish

For those whose beards are just growing in, don’t fret too much about size. Instead, focus on the shape by giving it a precise trim along the cheek bones to create slight but noticeable beard stubble.

# 16 All Grown Out

Few men know how to let their beards go while keeping it stylish. A bit of trimming is always involved no matter how wild you want it to be. This Tom Hardy beard style looks a bit full at the cheeks and jaw but his moustache remains perfectly groomed.

# 17 Even Stubble

For a neater, more composed look, heavy beards should ideally be trimmed down dark stubble. Tom’s natural beard color helps to give it a sexy salt and pepper appearance that classes up his look significantly.

# 18 Untamed

To match the perfectly tousled locks on his head, Tom went for a trimmed beard that was long enough to sport a rough, grizzly texture. This bad boy look is for men who are not shy about trimming but are unapologetically manly.

# 19 Professional

The modern working environment doesn’t have a lot of men sporting beards, mostly because they do not really know what is acceptable. Tom Hardy excellently shows how easy it is to look professional without sporting a clean shaven face.

# 20 Outdoors

This is a classic look for men who love to use their hands and are not afraid to get dirty while they are at it. The simply majestic beard is perfect from its thickness to its amazing rugged texture and the tasteful flecks of blonde speckling it.

# 21 Full Beard

There’s nothing quite like a full beard to show off your easy-going sense of style. The perfectly rugged beard is quite lengthy and full and is matched by equally the wild tousled locks on top.

# 22 Hairy Tom

Few actors out there can rock an unadulterated full beard quite like Tom Hardy. The sexy full beard has the right shape, texture and amazing length around the cheeks and chin. A blonde soul patch and a few streaks of blonde run through the red beard, giving it a spicy finish.

# 23 Connected Beard

In this picture, Tom chooses to shave the sides of his head in order to connect the stubbly beard on his cheeks with his fresh razor shaved sides. He, however, leaves the moustache and the goatee untouched but well groomed.

# 24 Perfect Trim

Tom keeps it well balanced in this look by keeping the beard nice and thick around the cheeks and chin, giving his face a dark outline. The moustache is much lighter than usual and well-shaped around his upper lip.

# 25 Full Patchy Beard

Patchy beards are arguably sexier due to their natural unevenness and rugged texture. The full beard is thicker towards the front and sparser at the cheeks and jaw, giving the face a manly look.

Finding your own personal Tom Hardy beard style will depend on your beard’s thickness and texture. Remember to always do a little bit of finessing by trimming and shaping it up no matter how thick or wild you want it to be. Get creative and have fun with it!

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