25 Fresh Full Beard Styles – Unapologetically Bold

Full beard styles have dominated No-Shave November and have definitely left men with a lot to be thankful for. A full beard is the ultimate masculine fashion statement a man can pull off. Lots of men struggle with full beards, mainly because they are not patient enough to allow them to fully grow in. Depending on your genetics, a beard can take weeks to months to reach its maximum length. A lot of patience and good grooming is therefore required to not only get that thick glorious facial mane but also to keep it looking great. In case you missed them, here are some of the best full beards we’ve been seeing around for the past few months.

# 1 The Bandholz

The Bandholz is a beard style that can really test your patience when it’s growing out. It is all about allowing your beard to grow to its fullest before shaping it out while maintaining its fullness. Focus on the moustache to give it that elegant touch.

# 2 Trimmed Full Beard

As much as you want your facial hair to look slightly unkempt for that sexy rugged appeal, giving the edges a bit of crisp trimming is a must to shape up the look. Ideally, you should keep the sideburns shorter and focus the length towards the jaw line.

# 3 Villain

The Bandholz beard style can take quite a number of variations, especially lengthwise and texture-wise. If you got the genes for it, grow your beard a good four to five inches in length and shape it up to create this majestic look.

# 4 Business

The difference between a classy full beard and an unkempt mess of facial hair is how you groom it and style it. Keep it slick and defined by giving it a crisp shape up around the jaw line and chin.

# 5 Tight Bandholz Beard

If you’re looking for a more clean-cut finish with less rugged textures and wild lengths, a tight shape up can give your beard the neatness it needs while retaining its effortless masculinity.

# 6 Wild Salt and Pepper Beard

This monster of a full beard is undoubtedly one that will command you respect and attention wherever you go. The thickness and the powerfully rugged texture give the face a fantastic, seasoned appearance. White streaks add a touch of elegance to the look.

# 7 The Garibaldi

The Garibaldi beard style is one that can potentially give you a much more masculine facial outline by squaring up oval faces with weak chins. The style involves more pomp than the Bandholz since the thickness of the beard is more prominent towards the bottom.

# 8 Rocker

Every style out there looks 100 times better when topped off with some gloriously styled facial hair. The thick Garibaldi gives the casual look a bit of authority and an undeniable air of masculinity.

# 9 Grizzly Garibaldi

To set yourself from the crowd, it pays to spend a few more minutes on the moustache to give it some distinct shaping and styling. The coolly sculpted handlebar moustache complements the wild Garibaldi-style beard perfectly.

# 10 Medium Scruff

A few days’ stubble can look very attractive on men when shaped just right. You can always keep it at this length with regular trimmings especially if you’re looking for a formal office look that will never let you down.

# 11 Neat

Forget the stereotype that full beards will always look scruffy and untidy. Here is a beard style that will put all the clean-shaven faces to shame. With its perfect fullness and excellently trimmed edges and shape, this is a beard style for the ages.

# 12 Patchy Stubble

A real man works with what he’s got. If your beard growth is naturally patchy, rock that patchy beard style by keeping the jaw line and goatee well-darkened by a thick beard. This badass look will definitely get you that angled jaw line you’ve always wanted.

# 13 Heavy Stubble

As you wait for your beard to grow out in all its magnificence, here is a look you can rock in the meantime. Full stubble is very easy to style since it is dark enough to look crisp when given some trimming.

# 14 Suave Bandholz

Although originally created to show off your beard in all its natural glory, this full beard style can be tweaked a little to give you the style you’re looking for. Throw in some trimming at the edges, a bit of shaping up and an expertly styled moustache to cap off the suave look.

# 15 Classic Full Beard Style

Most men prefer full stubble to closely trimmed full beards due to the effortless versatility they offer. This look, for instance, perfectly balances the face while adding some masculinity to the long hairstyle.

# 16 Unfiltered Bandholz

This is the perfect example of how a properly done classic Bandholz beard should look like. You should let your beard grow out untouched for close to 8 months before shaping it up and trimming the moustache.

# 17 Hipster

The most prominent aspect of the Bandholz beard style is the freedom of the beard. Letting it grow out to its maximum length and thickness is a worthwhile wait because when perfectly shaped, it exudes masculine elegance and confidence.

# 18 Natural

Not every beard needs a tight fade or shape-up to look good. Leaving your beard natural and untouched can also look very stylish when paired with the right haircut and outfit. This is a casual look fit for the holidays.

# 19 Shaped

Tone down your Garibaldi full beard style by shortening it slightly and shaping it up. The thickness of the beard has been retained around the cheeks, jawline and goatee, giving the face a nice rounded look.

# 20 Boyish Stubble

Modern beard styles continue to favor the stubble, even more, thanks to its sexy boyishness that is lacking with clean shaven faces and is overexaggerated with thick full beards. The idea is to keep the whole face slightly darkened by an even layer of facial hair.

# 21 Distinguished

A bit of silver in the hair for men should always be cause for celebration. The tasteful streaks of silver running through the perfectly shaped beard give the look an air of sophistication and authority.

# 22 Bald and Beard

If you’re afraid that going bald will steal your youthful appearance, there is nothing that cannot be fixed by a nicely shaped thick full beard. This Garibaldi beard style is a fashion statement on its own.

# 23 Aged Style

Just because your hair is turning white doesn’t mean it’s the end of the road for your style. The bold Garibaldi beard style was made to class up that graying hair and to show the world that style is ageless.

# 24 Office-Ready

Finding a beard style that they will let you keep at the office can be quite tricky. However, neatness should always be paramount as this makes the beard, no matter how thick, easy on the eye and formal-looking.

# 25 Sculpted

This beard style is for the men with a taste for geometrical fades and crisp trims. The full beard has been exquisitely shaped and faded at the sideburns to connect with the tapered haircut. A suave handlebar moustache fantastically rounds off the look.

Full beards are for everyone with the heart and patience to grow one. It doesn’t matter how long it takes to grow one out because there are loads of styles that can keep you looking fresh no matter how long your beard is. Never be afraid to experiment until you get a beard style that is uniquely yours.

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