25 Dashing G-Eazy Haircut Ideas – Slicked Perfection

The G-Eazy haircut is a super-cool and timeless design that takes inspiration from the 1930’s and 40’s. Although this hip-hop superstar has been in the music scene for less than a decade, he still has an immense following, and this is one of the things that make his haircuts attractive. In most instances, he likes to wear a side parted slick back but he varies the cuts and styling to create distinct looks. If you are thinking of replicating his adorable appearance here are 25 designs that will give you some motivation and approaches on how to do it.

# 1 Neat and Straightforward Slick Back

This beautiful haircut is one of the main looks that most people will associate with G-Eazy. He keeps things straightforward as he only gives the hair a uniform taper, applies some pomade and brushed it back smoothly.

# 2 Brushed Back with a Fade

The smooth fade on the sides and back makes a huge difference for this haircut, and they are the unique element in the look because the strands at the top have his usual pomade brush back.

# 3 Glossy and Smooth

You have to know how to choose your products well to replicate a G-Eazy haircut. The quality and type of pomade is the highlight of this look because it gives the slicked back strands their shine and smooth look.

# 4 Side Parted with a Diagonal Brush Back

Unlike in most of his other haircuts, he does not sweep these strands back in the traditional way, but he instead gives them a diagonal brush back. But, he also has a sharp side part, and he keeps the hair on the sides shorter than the top.

# 5 Tapered and Uniform Mane

Although this is a regular slick back hairdo, it has a uniform taper that makes it look fantastic. The dark color of the hair is also amazing and matches well with his outfit.

# 6 Sleek in Green

Some bright colors can also work for G-Eazy, and this green shade proves it. Although he still maintains his usual brush back hairdo, the green shade of the strands creates a unique appearance.

# 7 Sexy Neon Green

Here is another take on his green hair but this one has a neon shade which is very useful for brightening up his appearance. In this cut, he has a uniform taper and uses pomade to give the locks a slick-back.

# 8 Chic and Retro Look

This style is what most gentlemen would have in the 40’s, and G-Eazy seems to love it a lot. It is a traditional slick back which starts with a taper on the sides and ends with the use of a generous amount of wax and pomade before brushing everything back.

# 9 Classic Gentleman Look

This G-Eazy haircut represents one of those classic gentleman looks that will never go out of trend. It has a simple cut that entails giving the hair a moderate and uniform trim, but most of its beauty comes from the brush back styling.

# 10 Bold and Sexy

G-Eazy loves to slick back his haircuts, but there is always more to his looks than this. In this design, for example, he also has a very skillful taper fade just above the ears which gives the hairstyle a modern touch.

# 11 Slicked Top with Faded Sides

The cut that creates this adorable look entails giving the sides and back a taper fade and living some long strands on the crown. G-Eazy then styles the long top with his usual brush back.

# 12 Swept Back Spiky Locks

Long and spiky locks like these will make any man stand out. They are a product of a skillful cut that also involves chopping the sides short but their immense beauty comes from the styling which entails using a generous amount of wax or pomade for a perfect hold and giving the spikes a messy sweep to the back.

# 13 Tapered Elegance

The top section of this G-Eazy haircut maintains his usual brush back, but the tapering at the back and side gives it a distinct and adorable appearance.

# 14 High and Side Swept Top

In this haircut, G-Eazy keeps the sides short and uniform and then styles the long strands at the top with a lift and side sweep for a cute retro look with a modern touch.

# 15 Gentles Sweep Back

Few other A-list celebrities can pull the slick back as effortlessly as G-Eazy. Here he only needs to cut the sides short and apply some pomade on the strands on the upper section before sweeping them back.

# 16 Smooth and Easy Sweep

The best thing about G-Eazy haircuts is that they are easy and almost any barber can replicate them. This one only requires moderate trimming to make the sides slightly shorter and finishing with some gel and sweep back.

# 17 Slick with Hanging Bangs

A sexy look like this one will turn heads anywhere and everywhere you go. It has a regular long top with short sides, but the styling which entails brushing back the top and leaving a few bangs hanging over the forehead is the highlight of the cut.

# 18 Layered Slick Back

In this G-Eazy haircut, he keeps some longer locks than usual. He has a taper fade on the sides, and he styles the long textured top with a layered slick back.

# 19 Regular Slicked Taper Cut

Here is an everyday look that will work for any man that can replicate it. It is a taper cut with short and faded sides and back which this superstar styles by brushing everything to the back.

# 20 Bangs with Class

Some sweet bangs like these will a make a man want to look in the mirror after every few minutes as they are just outstanding. Everything about them from the size to their texture is perfect, and their styling involves giving them a lift at the front and sweeping back in layers.

# 21 Adorable Razor Parted Haircut

The hard razor part on the sides of this haircut is what gives it its impressive flow. Apart from this, the cut is also fantastic, and it entails chopping the strands below the razor line short and finishing by brushing everything to the back.

# 22 Sassy Retro Fade

This retro inspired cut is one of those that you would expect to see with celebrities like James Dean. It is a slick back that requires the use of plenty of product, but it also has a nice fade on the sides that adds a distinct element to the look.

# 23 Pompadour Inspired

G-Eazy does not always go for the slick back because this cut shows that he can also look good with pompadour-inspired design. Here he keeps the pompadour-like design short and spices it up with a side part and tapering.

# 24 Precise and Modern

Few stylish haircuts can be complete without an inventive fade on the sides. This particular hairstyle combines the fade with a brush back to give the G-Eazy a chic and stylish headdress.

# 25 Undercut and Tapered Slick Back

G-Eazy loves to sweep back his hair, but he achieves this look in numerous ways. In this design, for example, he gives his mane an undercut on the sides and tapers the back before applying some pomade on the long ones and the top and using a comb to sweep them back in stacks.

The G-Eazy haircut is the best way to show your love and loyalty to this hip hop superstar. Apart from this, his cuts are also trendy and stylish, and so you will always look fantastic. This gallery showcases some of his best looks, and so you will have plenty of styles to choose from when replicating his hairdo.

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