45 Ideas of How to Style Men’s Vest – Illustrate Your Sence of Fashion

Wearing it as part of a three-piece suit to a wedding or casually over jeans to a party, men’s vest is an emphatic way to show your classy and trendy nature. With a history that is stretched to the 19th century, man’s vest was first worn by men in colonial British times. Vests that are also known as waistcoats are a dynamic fashion symbol that illustrates the style of the wearer. This menswear has gained a considerable amount of popularity since the last few decades. It was previously regarded as a formal outfit but with time, fashion designers showed that it can be worn over everything and anything.

As time has gone on, people all around the world have started wearing vest over western as well as traditional clothes. With such resounding popularity, it is important to note that vests are the in thing these days.

#1 Charcoal Dynamic Vest

This six-buttoned charcoal color vest is the best thing you’ll see all day. Having gray color border and two pockets plus worn with faded blue jeans and blue checkered shirt, the fashion looks dynamic.

#2 Denim Blue Statement

Denim blue jackets are a thing of the past. With this denim blue sleeveless vest, gray sleeveless shirt and black jeans, you can make an definite fashion statement.

#3 Lapel Charcoal Menswear

This old style vest with lapel and notch is back in fashion. With a notable chain stretching from the button to the pocket, and light blue shirt with navy blue crop pants, the impression is trendy. It is overwhelmed with a wheat color jacket and dark brown shoes.

#4 Navy Blue Sleeveless

This sleeveless dim navy blue color menswear has two pockets on either side of the chest. With a navy blue flip over, it truly one of the coolest vests for winter.

#5 British Style Checkered Vest

With the clock chain comfortably placed in the pocket, this dim Dutch blue vest has classy but faded red and yellow checkered lines on it. Worn with a Dutch blue jacket and pants, the look becomes remarkable.

#6 Top Gun Leather Vest

Hardly anything can match the fame that Tom Cruise’s leather outfit got in Top Gun. Though, this is sleeveless, this black leather menswear with white t-shirt and blue shorts is a seasoned look.

#7 Gray Lapel Outfit

Worn with dark gray cardigan, light blue jeans and navy blue tie, the gray lapel vest looks appealing to say the least. It offers a complete man’s look and ideal for a chilly day out.

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#8 Mulberry Blue Checkered

This U-neck mulberry color vest with blue checkered lines is part of a three-piece outfit. The black shoes and turquoise color tie completes this fancy look for a fancy occasion.

#9 Zipper is Dapper

This light gray zipper with a blue padded sleeveless jacket bring a unique look for men. The white t-shirt, black jeans and white shoes complete this trendy impression.

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#10 Cream You Beauty

Cream color V shape vest, jacket with similar color shoes can be imposing when worn as elegantly as this man. The navy blue shirt, light blue rolled up jeans and brown hat gives sharp finish to the look.

#11 Round Neck Charcoal

This sleeveless round neck charcoal menswear is very stylish for a casual day out. With green rolled up pants delphinium blue shirt, contrasting fashion is very much in.

#12 Taupe the Tropical

This taupe color three-piece outfit with a mixture of yellow color is the best way of making an impact. The light cream hat and light blue shirt goes perfectly with the entire outfit.

#13 Blue and Burgundy

This navy denim blue vest is one of the coolest menswear you can wear. Coupled with tight black t-shirt and burgundy color unique jeans, the whole appearance is all set to turn necks in public.

#14 Urban Look with Cocoa

This V-neck cocoa color vest worn with white crisp shirt and delphinium blue pants is the best example of urban fashion for men. This look can be adopted even for an informal meeting or gathering.

#15 Fifty Shades of Brown

Light brown shirt and pants, dark brown shoes, camel color vest and cream bag, these various shades of brown are combined for this appealing look that can make an impression anywhere anytime.

#16 Denim your way

With rolled up denim jeans and navy blue shirt, the black V-shaped vest looks attractive. The vest has light white checks on it and the white shoes can bring the real man out of you.

#17 Salmon Pink for Men

A few years ago pink was a big no-no for men but those days are well gone. This salmon pink vest is elegantly worn with a white rolled up shirt. There are pockets on either side coupled with black buttons.

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#18 Faded Blue Outfit

The whole look is ripped. From the t-shirt to the jeans, everything is ripped except for this cool faded blue vest. This denim faded blue vest is the best possible combo with this ripped look.

#19 Jet Black Lapel

Formal yet worn casually, this jet black lapel vest is truly a design of the current decade. Worn with denim blue shirt and navy blue pants, this jet black outfit looks an absolute beauty.

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#20 Forest Green in Forest

One of the rarest colors for a vest but the stitching and fit is amazing. This five-buttoned forest green color vest white shirt and blue jeans is all too swift for a sunny morning.

#21 Olive Drab is Lethal

This olive drab color vest combined with white pants and light blue shirt is the most lethal look of the summer. The entire appearance especially the vest is unique and a true fashion statement.

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#22 Killer Black is Back

If there is one color that is for all seasons and all occasions then it is definitely black. This fitted black vest is impressionable along with casual white tee and smooth navy blue pants and suit.

#23 Fluffed Blue

Winters can really get chilly especially end of December but with this fluffed blue vest, wheat jacket and olive drab color pants, winters can become bearable and fashionable at the same time.

#24 Dim Forest Lapel

This dim forest green lapel vest worn with similar color pants and dotted gray shirt completes a very cool look. the white shoes and neatly placed hair also helps in brightening the appearance.

#25 Royal Your Class

Royal Blue truly is a royal color and this two -piece royal blue combo is bringing the manly look out of the person. The light blue shirt and black vest back, it looks ever so impressive.

#26 Navy Blue with Red

Navy Blue and red have a great history together which is evident in this image. The fluff blue sleeveless vest worn with a checkered red shirt and navy blue jeans combines to relive the history.

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#27 Off White & Blue

The off white vest give the light blue shirt and navy blue jeans the perfect blend of trend and fashion. The white shoes emphasizes on the class of the entire outfit.

#28 Dusky Rose

This dusky rose vest with eight buttons is very sophisticated. The white shirt, charcoal pants and white shoes is making the entire look stylish and worth trying on for everyone.

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#29 Sunny Cool Look

The navy blue corduroy vest with white tee and grays pants is combined to make it the coolest look in the sun. The white shoes and sunglasses is sparking the image.

#30 Light Blue Denim

This light blue denim vest with gray t-shirt and black pants is really making the look ever so unique and alluring. The whole look is impressive and at the same time highly fashionable.

With so many styles and designs for vests, a person cannot go wrong with them. There is one for literally every occasion and every outfit which makes is as one of the most worn outfits these days. From fashion show ramps to the streets, from the high-class business meetings to school proms, vests are proudly worn by men. Man’s vests have come a long way since their introduction, therefore is widely accepted by people all around the globe.

How To Wear A Vest The Best!

45 Ideas of How to Style Men’s Vest – Illustrate Your Sence of Fashion

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