40 Alluring Suit Vest Ideas – Introduction To the Style

Suit vest is an essential part of a three piece suit. It makes you outfit more official and you figure more straight and slender. If you want more relaxed look try to mix colors and textures. The following list will provide you with an inspiration.

# 1 Gray Four Button Vest

This dapper vest radiates style and sophistication. The light gray coloring, four button cut, and V-neck design, give this vest an aura of tradition while being wholly unique. This piece is perfect for offsetting a one color suit or for bringing together your best gray attire.

# 2 Light Gray Four Button Vest

This light gray four button vest adds a stylish and classy look to any suit. Whether you choose to complement this vest with jacket and pants of the same color or allow the vest to offset your pant and jacket options, this vest radiates with an aura of sophistication. The four button cut comes in the same color as the cloth, allowing for a cohesive fashion statement.

# 3 Deep Blue Four Button Vest

A traditional woolen vest with a hint of uniqueness, this deep blue four button vest is a prime example of class meeting style. The high neck line allows the wearer to achieve that sought after trim, prim, and proper look. The color of this vest would perfectly offset a black suit or light blue attire.

# 4 Melange Sweater Vest

Speaking to a flair for combining traditional looking suit vests with a soft touch of originality, this vest echoes the aura of a high school varsity sweater, while keeping you looking fresh and dapper. The light, sweater like cloth of this vest will give you a professional, youthful, and one of a kind sense of style. The black buttons of this piece are in perfect juxtaposition with the material used.

# 5 Deep Blue with Rounded Neckline

This deep blue four button vest radiates an aggressive, professional aura. With the rounded off neck line, this vest allows the wearer to pull off a layered suit look without garments becoming too cluttered. With its black buttons and deep blue color, it is perfect for packing a little extra punch into your ensemble.

# 6 Striped Four Button Vest

This pinstripe vest design serves as a testament to its own incredible and forward thinking design. With its black and gray pin stripe design, it allows the wearer to achieve a hip and esquire look while still retaining a professional and business ready aura. With draping lapels on the neck line, this suit vest holds back nothing when it comes to design flourishes.

# 7 Deep Blue Two Button Vest

With draping lapels and two button cut, this suit vest radiates a western and aggressive mindset, while still keeping the wearer looking dapper and sophisticated. With buttons the same color as the cloth, this suit vest is the very epitome of simple elegance.

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# 8 Blue with Orange Vest

This blue vest with orange stripes features a fully rounded neckline and four button overlapping cut. It’s the perfect choice if you’re looking for a unique, hip, and distinctive fashion statement. The orange stripes really make this deep blue vest pop with a style all its own.

# 9 Cloth Purple Pin Stripe Vest

This purple pinstripe cloth vest radiates with a one of a kind style. This is the vest to wear if you’re looking to leave a lasting impression while still looking fresh in your Sunday best. Done in black and purple pinstripes, this vest will have you looking fresh and unique, ready to hit the town.

# 10 Cloth Gray with Black Stripes

With its low riding V-cut neck line, light gray intercut with black stripe cloth, and black buttons, this vest speaks to the essence of clean cut professionalism. It’s perfect for achieving that classic suited look, this vest is fit to wear, and very stylish. The best accompaniment to any black, gray, or striped suit you own.

# 11 Moderate Blue Vest

This moderate blue suit can provide you just the fashion edge you’re looking to get out of your wardrobe. Designed with a moderately bright blue cloth, and featuring a draping lapel, this suit vest is the epitome of a one of a kind hipness.

# 12 Gold Rounded  Vest

This gold suit vest features a fully rounded neckline and black buttons with gold trim, making this fashion accessory really pop. A great option when you need to make a statement with your suit, this vest offers all the fun and unique flavor you’re looking for. With an overlapping cut and dual side pockets, it demonstrates the kind of edgy style many seek from their wardrobe.

# 13 Gray and Yellow Vest

With draping lapels, diagonal yellow stripes, and diagonal three piece black buttons, this vest is the epitome of an edgy and genius design style. The vest you need if you’re looking for juxtaposition between modern chaotic cohesiveness and old school suave traditionalism.

# 14 Multicolored Three Button Vest

An imaginative design, this suit vest is traditional while still retaining a razor sharp edge. Featuring a multi striped cloth design, this vest still possesses a trendy diagonal three button motif and also employees the use of stylish draping lapels.

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# 15 Tan Brown Striped Suit

This stylish, tan, five button vest looks great with or without the suit jacket. Perfect for summer events or layering with a winter coat, this vest is versatile and stylish, always allowing for the perfect pairing with any suit. Its five button cut is a different style point than is often seen, giving this vest a spirit all its own.

# 16 Gray Four Button Tux Vest

The perfect blend between a suit and a tuxedo vest, this vest is the accessory every dapper, stylish man has been waiting for. Whether you’re wearing a suit to dinner or a tux to a classy black tie affair, this vest will fit in just fine. The sterling gray color of the cloth, along with the gray cloth covered buttons, and rounded neckline, make this hybrid vest an excellent addition to your wardrobe.

# 17 Blue on Blue Stripes

Exuding a one of a kind style this blue on blue stripe vest is an exceptional item when you’re looking to make a statement. Whether you choose to wear this piece with a matching jacket and pant ensemble or a solid color to offset the patterns, everyone’s eyes will be on the vest underneath. Featuring a three button cut, with buttons in the same pattern, this vest will make you the center of attention for your style and fashion savvy.

# 18 Deep Blue Three Button Vest

This deep blue vest echoes a style of traditional western suit vests while providing a modern take on an old classic. Perfect for a more laid back suit style, this vest is a wonderful addition to a summer suit, or attire worn for classy leisure activities. The low neck line, loose fit, and cut of the vest allow for breathability and an airy fit.

# 19 Black Five Button Vest

With a five button cut, and made from a deep black, fitting, cloth, this vest looks great with or without a jacket. The V-neck design and five button cut allow this vest to give off an aura of maturity and professionalism while still retaining its comfort and laid back look.

# 20 Dark Gray Four Button Vest

A fine vest offering, this one comes in a darker gray and still retains the four button cut but spaces them out for a more professional look. The light gray buttons are used to really make the darker hues of the vest pop, while the higher neckline gives this item a feeling of clean cut traditionalism.

# 21 Brown Three Button Vest

This brown three button vest looks great with a suit jacket and pants or jeans and an overcoat. Truly versatile, this vest can go from a downtown restaurant date, to an upscale business meeting. The draping lapels add just the right sense of class to this working man’s style.

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# 22 Moderate Gray

The tight draping lapels of this vest provide an aura of clean cut sophistication. The dark four gray button cut allows for a sense of professional fashion flare and give this vest the integrity to uphold a suit of the same color or contrasting pallets.

# 23 Gray and Orange Stripe Four Button Suit

This vest allows the orange off setting color stripe to provide a sense of uniqueness to its four button cut. The tight draping lapels also give the vest a hip and trendy cohesiveness, while the black buttons allow for a nice juxtapose to the color stripes of the cloth.

# 24 Checkered Blue Three Button Vest

The deep blue and sky blue alternating patterns of this vest give the wearer a light and airy fashion statement while also being able to hold up the suit’s color pallet. An overlapping three button cut and tight, but extended, hanging lapels give this vest a one of a kind style. A hip, trendy, and yet traditional vest, this style is one for ever dapper man’s closet.

# 25 Sterling Gray Diagonal Button Suit Vest

This Sterling gray vest is on the cutting edge of modern vest design. With its radically swooping three button cut, this suit vest goes out of its way to reimagine how they are cut, how they fit into the overall suit dynamic, and how they can define an ensemble. With a deep V-neck cut and sleek material design, this vest exudes an ultra modern fashion chic.

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40 Alluring Suit Vest Ideas – Introduction To the Style

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