45 Easy Going Men’s Skinny Jeans – Hot, Tight Looks To Try

Men’s skinny jeans will always be a wardrobe essential, but styles of denims do come and go. Right now the hottest jeans are the form-fitting skinnies. These easy to wear pants suit most men and come with a range of details so it’s easy to personalize a look for yourself. Blue and black are always popular shades but don’t limit yourself – there are so many colors and combinations to try. Looking for outfit ideas? It’s your lucky day – we’ve collected the ones we like best – enjoy these 45 pictures of hot men’s skinny jeans:

# 1 Summer Earth Shades

This is an amazing look for the summer; shades of earth are always cool and refreshing. This model is wearing different shades with darker colors on top and light taupe jeans below that sit above the ankles.

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# 2 Dapper in Jet Black

If you’re looking for a dapper look this hip black combo could be the ticket. The model teamed jet black skinny denims with a fitted black jacket and lace-up sneakers for a smart casual look.

# 3 Urban Biker Skinnies

These distressed jeans are an urban wardrobe must have – really versatile and easy to dress up or down. The ones seen here are stonewash blue with ripping and patchwork detail. The sit just on the ankle and he’s teamed them with a burgundy long sleeve and pristine white shoes.

# 4 Street Style Ripped Jeans

Take style to the street – steal this model’s look by basing your outfit over ripped light blue skinny jeans. This model is wearing his with black layers on top and smart white shoes. He also added a cap and sunnies for that edgy feel.

# 5 Olive and White Outfit

Olive and white are an elegant match – perfect for minimalist looks such as this. This model is wearing stark white denims, which sit above the ankle, together with a casual light olive shirt and black leather loafers.

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# 6 Camo Jeans

Military looks are always in vogue, so a pair of camouflage patterned skinny jeans like this will always be fashionable. This model is wearing his with on-trend white sneakers and a crisp white shirt.

# 7 Skinny Navy

These skinny jeans are navy and are thinner with more elasticity. These stretch jeans together with his hooded long sleeve and white shoes made a sexy casual look.

# 8 Light Orange Brown

These medium skinny jeans are a little roomier and perfect for everyday wear. For a smart summer look, you could wear them like this; with a white shirt and shoes. Complete the look by turning up the bottoms so they sit above the ankle.

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  • skinny jeans 6

# 9 Spring Style

These soft blue skinny jeans are slightly bunched at the ankles and the model has teamed his jeans with a pale yellow floral shirt. He’s accessorized with black accessories and white lace up shoes for a fun spring style.

# 10 Black and White

This model is wearing a stylized leaf pattern shirt with black edging detail over shiny jet black jeans with white shoes. This is a savvy, well-fitting black and white look, great for young confident guys.

# 11 Monochrome Magic

Here we see a monochrome look with an awesome mid-length zipper coat. The white shirt has a black band through the center and the figure hugging denims have ripped detail at the knees. If you want a look that will help you appear taller then this is it.

# 12 Fashion Spectrum

We love this bright, colorful winter coat – just what you need to bring a little cheer to dreary winter days. This model wears the coat together with a woolen shirt, tight indigo skinnies, and futuristic sunglasses.

# 13 Skin Tight Denims

Now those are skin tight and hot! This put together outfit consists of a long black shirt, soft pleather jacket with zipper details, olive skinny jeans, and black lace-up sneakers.

# 14 Light Blue With Cream Overcoat

These light blue denims have fashionable zipper details over the ankles which draw attention to this model’s crisp footwear. The cream coat over the long oversized black shirt tie this street smart look together.

# 15 It’s In The Details

It’s not just about the jeans, it’s also about the details! You could choose designer ripped jeans like this that are neat and symmetrical or customize a pair of cream skinnies by adding black zippers and fraying them yourself.

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# 16 Two-Tone Color

If you feel like trying a different skinny jeans look then you could try interesting two-tone denims like these. They are light blue gray on top and washed out black from the knee down. He’s wearing them with a pale long shirt and a brown leather jacket.

  • skinny jeans 7
  • skinny jeans 8
  • skinny jeans 9
  • skinny jeans 10
  • skinny jeans 11

# 17 Distressed Skinnies

We love how this model matched the frayed, distressed look of his skinnies with some frayed detail on the edge of his shirt. Blue jeans will always be a popular look and look even better when they’re skin tight!

# 18 Rock and Roll Style

To pull off rock and roll styles there’s one item you just can’t be without and that’s black jeans. This model is wearing skinny black jeans with ripped detail over the knees and zippers at the ankles.

# 19 Casual Blue Jeans

This casual “day out” outfit consists of a fitted brown stripe t-shirt that sits just on the beltline of the model’s blue skin tight jeans. They have a little-frayed detail alongside the pocket and he’s folded up the bottoms.

# 20 Easy Neutrals

This model is wearing fitted pants in neat, neutral beige together with a navy shirt and black coat that sits just below the waistline. He’s teamed this relaxed look with brown leather loafers.

# 21 The Blues

This model is wearing his deep blue skinny jeans neatly folded at the bottom together with brown boots. He’s got a checkered blue and white long sleeve button up on top, with the sleeves rolled up.

# 22 Cool in Light Gray

Warm or tropical weather calls for cool colors and colored jeans are a versatile staple in this regard. Steal this model’s look and wear your skinny gray jeans with white shoes and a white shirt to beat the heat in style.

# 23 Pale Style

Pale colored jeans and lighter washes can be dressed up or down depending on your needs. They’ll always look in vogue, even when teamed with a casual blue sweater like this.

# 24 Double Denim

This model is wearing skin tight blue jeans folded up at the ankles with white shoes and a long sleeve blue denim shirt. If you’ve been spending loads of time in the gym and want a fitted look to show off your body definitely try this!

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# 25 Metro Man

Fitted charcoal gray jeans like these are a great base for metropolitan looks. Here we see them being worn with a fitted white t-shirt, tight black leather jacket, and red and white patterned lace up shoes. The exposed ankle is very trendy, so grab those secret socks and fold up your pants.

# 26 Long Top Look

Skinny jeans can be worn with figure hugging tops but if you want a more relaxed look then opt for longer shirts. This model is wearing an extra-long black shirt and a bright blue denim jacket over ripped beige jeans and white sneakers.

  • skinny jeans 12
  • skinny jeans 13
  • skinny jeans 14
  • skinny jeans 15
  • skinny jeans 16

# 27 Gentleman’s Street Style

These soft blue jeans have been cut off at the ankle and have ripped detail over the knees as well as a wallet chain on the side. The model is also wearing a white shirt with colorful sleeves and bright white shoes.

# 28 Zipper Details

This model’s belted soft black belted jacket with zipper detail is worn over a plain long black shirt, with skin colored skinny jeans. These jeans are ripped over the news and have zip details on the bottoms – tying in well with his jacket.

# 29 Edgy Black And White

These skin tight jeans are black over the thighs and bleach white at the bottom, with ripped detail over the knee and zips on the front. He’s wearing these with an oversized black top and edgy black jacket.

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# 30 Magenta Gent

We love this matching! Here the model is wearing medium skinny jeans with rips and tears together with a magenta long sleeve shirt, magenta shoes, and an elegant satchel.

Men’s skinny jeans are a must for every guy. You can add a smart jacket for a formal look or team them with a sweatshirt for an everyday look. You can continue with the figure hugging theme by added a fitted shirt or jacket or go for a rugged look with oversized tops. You can wear boots with your skinnies but the trendiest styles include white or black lace-up shoes with open ankles. For something more dramatic look for distressed jeans; bleach washed, ripped, or with zippers. With skinny denims you can create individual styles that are sure to make your friends jealous so find what works for you and just have fashion fun!

How to Wear Skinny Jeans

45 Easy Going Men’s Skinny Jeans – Hot, Tight Looks To Try

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