45 Smart Double Breasted Suit Ideas – Bringing Back the Classics!

The double breasted suit is an old school design whose primary characteristic is a coat with overlapping fabric at the front and many buttons. Although it is a retro style, it is still very fashionable, and it is common to see A-list celebrities and famous politicians wearing the DB. The traditional DB suit does not have vents and fashion enthusiasts will often refer to it as the Italian style suit. Tall men love this suit as it suits their body well and gives them an elegant look but anyone can wear it. Here is a photo gallery that showcases 45 different ways of wearing this fantastic suit style.

# 1 Bespoke Blue Double Breasted

This look is what you get when you have a designer make an outfit to your exact measurements. The color choice is fantastic, and it makes the suit look even more appealing. And if you pair it with brown shoes and a yellow pocket square you will look majestic.

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# 2 Silver Gray DB

Double-breasted suits are a perfect combination of a traditional and modern style. This particular one has a beautiful gray color and a modern fit and the wearer spices it up with a striped shirt and dark tan shoes.

# 3 Tailor Made Italian Look

Tailor making your suits ensures that everything from the fit to the lapels conforms to your distinct specifications. This dark blue suit uses a beautiful material with a checked design, and the wearer pairs it with some brown Italian shoes with a brown tie that has some simple patterns.

# 4 Winter Fabric DB

The brown winter fabric is what makes this 6×2 button suit look adorable. However, it also has a nice slim fit and notch lapel that makes it look very trendy. The wearer pairs it with a brown tie and light blue shirt for a chic look.

# 5 Broken with Pin Collar Shirt

Broken or mismatched suits are very trendy, and this look combines a checked jacket with gray pants to create a stylish look that will work for both formal and casual designs. The style also includes a pin collar shirt and a black tie.

# 6 Classic Broken DB

Here is another take on the broken suit that entails wearing a checked shirt and blazer and plain gray khaki pants. The 6×2 button DB has a stylish pocket square, and a cheeky green tie is all you need to finish the refined look.

# 7 Multicolor Casual Look

Men can also wear multiple colors and look trendy. This design proves this and it consists of a brown double-breasted coat, a blue shirt and white pants. Some brown shoes and tie also help to bring balance to the look.

# 8 Sharp and Classy

Any gentleman that wants to keep a refined and classy formal look should go for this double breasted suit. It is gray in color, and it has a slim fit that will make a man feel and look trendy, and you should pair it with a cream shirt and dark tan tie.

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  • double breasted suit 6

# 9 Blue DB with Notch Lapel Design

This suit has a straightforward appearance, but the slim fit and notch lapel design will make any man look refined. The blue color makes it look very sharp, and you should pair it with a brown roll neck sweater.

# 10 Fashionable Yellow Suit

In these modern times, men like to experiment with colorful designs, and this yellow suit is a good example of this. It has a simple double breast design and a slim fit, but the color makes it look very distinct.

# 11 Classic Man with Ascot Tie

You can pull this classic look with your broken double breasted suit by wearing a cream trouser and brown jacket. Also, replace the traditional tie with a trendy ascot tie and finish the look with a stylish hat.

# 12 Luxurious 6×2 DB

The dark tone of the English fabric for this suit is amazing, and it gives the suit a very elegant appearance. A black tie with some simple patterns and a lovely square pocket are the only other things you need for this look.

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# 13 Gray Suit and Brown Shoes

Gray suits and brown shoes make a perfect match, and this is more so if the suit is a bespoke double breasted like this one. And if you add in a stylish brown tie and light blue shirt you will look magnificent.

# 14 Checked DB with Turned Up Trouser

The checked fabric gives this 6×2 DB more than enough beauty. However, its slim fit, the stylish turn up on the pants and the brown shoes are what make the wearer look refined.

# 15 Elegant and Tailor Made

This adorable look is what you get when you have a famous and skilled tailor make your DB suit. The choice of fabric and color is top notch and pairing it with a black pair of shoes and a simple white shirt will add some extra elegance.

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# 16 Slim Fitting Gray DB

It is amazing how this gray double-breasted suit conforms to the wearer’s body, and it shows just why slim fits are very popular. The suit also has some black buttons that add some contrast to the look and a classy dotted tie.

  • double breasted suit 7
  • double breasted suit 8
  • double breasted suit 9
  • double breasted suit 10
  • double breasted suit 11

# 17 Bespoke and Classy

A good tailor is not always easy to come by but if you can find one you can have a sharp suit like this one. Everything from the fit to the lapel is just amazing, and you only need to pair it with a dazzling black shoe and a dotted tie for a refined appearance.

# 18 Cool Formal Look

You can be confident of turning heads everywhere you go with an appearance like this one. It is a simple 6×2 button DB with a flawless slim fit and a cute brown tie.

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# 19 Sweet and Casual Black on Green

A black coat and a casual green trouser make a fantastic combination, and this look proves this. The suit has a slim fit and cute square pocket that will give a man the perfect casual look.

# 20 Masculine and Trendy DB

A suit can also make unique casual looks, and this DB one also has a unique masculine appearance that will make any man stand out. The blue color is amazing, and you should combine it with a blue casual shirt with the top buttons undone and some stylish casual shoes.

# 21 Italian Styled Double Breasted Suit

The DB suit is the real definition of the Italian style, and this one has a modern fit that will make a man look very elegant. You can pair it with different kinds of shirts, but a white and blue one with the buttons down like this is enough to give you a classy appearance.

# 22 Sleek and Sharp

The modern fit on this DB jacket is just one of the things that men will love most about it. Apart from this it also has a fantastic material and double pockets that make it look sharp and unique.

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# 23 Classic Fitted DB

A classic fit is not constricting but it still maintains an impressive body shape, and it is what makes this design elegant. However, the DB suit also has a beautiful blue color, and it pairs very well with the brown monk strap shoes and black tie.

# 24 Striped and Stylish DB

The striped DB suit is very retro, but it will still make you look refined, and this is more so if it is a 6×2 like this one that also has a lovely blue color. And if you pair it with a striped tie and white square pocket you will look stunning.

# 25 Creative Striped Purple Three Piece

Purple is not a standard suit color, but it is still a perfect idea for any man that wants something unique. This three-piece suit uses a striped purple material that it cut to a slim fit, and you should accessorize it with a white tie that matches the square pocket and a classy watch.

# 26 Small Check DB

The choice of fabric for this double breasted suit is flawless, and it is what makes it possible to create such a classy appearance. This slim fit suit also pairs with a sassy red tie to create an appealing appearance.

  • double breasted suit 12
  • double breasted suit 13
  • double breasted suit 14
  • double breasted suit 15
  • double breasted suit 16

# 27 Sophisticated Casual Look

You do not always have to wear jeans for a stylish casual look because suits are also an excellent choice. This design combines a DB that has a modern fit with a stripped t-shirt to create a sophisticated but appealing casual look.

# 28 Chic Purple Tuxedo

The peak lapel on this outfit is fantastic, and it shows why it is what most people prefer on their DB suits. This suit also has a lovely purple color and a purple bowtie that gives it a soft and trendy look.

# 29 White Buttons on DB

Choosing a piece of fabric for your jacket is as important as getting the design right. This DB jacket has a perfect fabric with a good design and some white buttons that not only match the square pocket but also create an impressive contrast with the blue coat.

# 30 Flawless Gray and Blue Contrast

The disparity between the gray jacket and the blue trousers is amazing, and it will make a man look very classy. A dotted tie, a white shirt, and some brown shoes also add some class and elegance to the look.

The double breasted suit is timeless, and it is one the few designs that will never go out of trend. Whether you prefer something formal or simple causal ones, it will still work well for you. Look through the picture gallery above for ideas and style for the modern DB suit.

How to Wear a Double–Breasted Suit

45 Smart Double Breasted Suit Ideas – Bringing Back the Classics!

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