40 Inspirational French Cuff Ideas – Keeping It Trendy and Classic

French cuffs are a more formal option designed to keep your garments from fraying. Often known as double cuffs, they provide more coverage, especially when considering the fact that they are twice as long compared to other standard cuffs. They are versatile enough to match any occasion and make a bold, attractive addition to your wardrobe. Below are 40 french cuff inspirational ideas worth giving a try.

# 1 Lovely and Meticulous

Update your look with a contemporary striped cuff. This elegant design sports neat, angular corners that look well in a suit. It closes via a ball return cufflink, which adds to its elegant and fashionable look.

# 2 Ankara Cuff

This African inspired cuff adds a vintage vibe to any outfit. It sports a geometric, African print that gives it that interesting, formal look. The cuff secures via a fixed backing closure that makes it more resilient in the long run.

# 3 Calvin Klein Cuff

Dress to impress with Calvin Klein cuffs made of a non-iron fabric. It comes in a neutral white color designed to complement any outfit. It provides the convenience and easy closure of bullet back cufflinks.

# 4 Corporate Style

Go for a versatile cuff that complements your professional and personal style. It is made of pale blue silk material that is sure to leave a lasting impression. A button down closure comes in handy to keep it secured.

# 5 Classic Pale Blue

Stay sharp and formal with this pale blue cuff made from the finest cotton material. It sports impeccable performance and gives you a clean cut appeal. It has easy-to-insert cufflink that comes in a colorful design meant to impress.

# 6 Patterned Elegance

Get a dynamic transformation and stay trendy with this patterned cuff. It sports a neutral white color imprinted with box-design patterns. The sharp edges look good, especially when paired with a suit.

# 7 Unique Purple Cuff

This cuff sports a generous length designed to go over your wrist. It provides the elegance of a dark purple color for that fresh look. It combines beautifully with a sparkling bullet back closure that gives you an easy time during closure.

  • French cuff 1
  • French cuff 2
  • French cuff 4
  • French cuff 5
  • French cuff 6

# 8 Mix and Match

This white cuff creates an elegant and edgy look that is sure to impress your admirers. It sports the quality of 100-percent cotton material. And you get the vintage look of Royale Cufflinks that close it in style.

# 9 Classic Pinstripe

Take the classic pinstripe into office wear with this edgy cuff. This corporate-inspired cuff gives you a handsome, personalized fit that looks timeless and simply elegant. Pair it with a grey tee to make heads turned your way.

# 10 Casual Style

Make it visible, silkier, stronger and more breathable with Charles Tyrwhitt cuffs made of luxurious cotton fabric. The cuffs come in plain blue and sport engraved cufflinks that add a classic twist to your style.

# 11 Gentleman’s Dapper Cuff

Roll with the trend in this dashing white cuff. It has a signature logo imprinted on it to create a bold, stylish and exotic look. It sports crystal blue closures that add a sparkle and some swag to your outfit.

# 12 Signature Logo Design

Get a stylish, white cuff that has that authentic signature logo that speaks true to its quality. It sports an edgy, fashionable look designed to impress even the most skeptic persons. Pair it with a suit and you’ll be good to go.

# 13 On Point

Get a sharp look that matches your style and personality. This custom-made, white cuff provides the beauty of a flowery imprint that creates that cool finish touch. And you get the sparkling wear of a jewelry closure to keep everything looking awesome.

# 14 Creative Cuff

Highlight you style with this pale blue cuff. Give it the dramatic impact of a cat-engraved cufflink to make it the ultimate attention grabber.

  • French cuff 7
  • French cuff 8
  • French cuff 9
  • French cuff 10
  • French cuff 11

# 15 Zigzag Texture

Let this textured cuff make a bold statement that is sure to steal the show. It sports a white color with zigzag patterns designed to create that signature wear. A metallic cufflink comes in handy to provide a durable closure. Pair it with a suit and you definitely won’t fail to impress.

# 16 Grizzly and Panda Combo

Make it unique and cool with animal-inspired cuffs. These neutral white French cuffs sport an edgy look with some cool stripes for that intricate design. Attach a grizzly bear cufflink to one and a panda to another to create a bold statement.

# 17 Midweek Motivation

Add a luxurious touch to your style with a logo imprinted cuff. Put on a Swiss Chrono Diver watch to give it that classic twist. The cuff looks great when paired with a tailor-made bespoke suit.

# 18 Suit Up

Pair your dashing, logo imprinted cuff with that tailor-made bespoke grey suit. Keep it neat and sharp with a Windsor knot tie. It’s a great way of going classic in the world of French cuffs.

# 19 NYC Cuff

Keep memories of the special times in your life, regardless of whether you grew up or traveled to New York City. And there is no better way to do that than with this stylish cuff that sports an engraved cufflink.

# 20 Summer Fashion

Make your summer holiday a memorable one with this unique, exquisite cuff. Pair it with a mix and match outfit and walk proudly out the door to embrace the day in style.

# 21 Professional-Tailored Style

Get a pronounced look with a striped pink cuff that sports a sharp, edgy look. Make a bold statement by pairing it with a formal grey suit and a pin dot tie to match.

  • French cuff 16
  • French cuff 15
  • French cuff 14
  • French cuff 13
  • French cuff 12

# 22 Vintage-Inspired Style

Get a striking modernistic look with this logo imprinted cuff. It creates a fashion statement and gives you some little bit of history on your wrist. The cufflink creates a jewelry sparkle that sits beautifully in the neutral white background.

# 23 Cuff Links Vintage

Achieve a gentleman’s look and do it in style with spotless white cuff. An extra-large closure makes it quite hard to miss, especially when partying out with friends. Add a classic watch to create that cool, lasting impression.

# 24 Gold Detailed

A beautiful silver cuff with gold detailing on the closure is a sure way of upgrading your sexy looks and grabbing the most attention wherever you go. Pair it with some suspenders ad you’ll be sure to get tons of compliments from you admirers.

# 25 Dressed Up

Get the casual yet tasteful allure of this classic cuff. It sports a striped design that reflects its captivating beauty. Add some elegance with new Interceptor FUTURA cufflinks and you’ll surely stand out in any get-together event.

French cuffs are a perfect way of achieving the snugness you want on your wrist. They are pretty classic and can be paired with other outfits to create that trendy, elegant look. Make it part of your wardrobe and add some class and power to your look.

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