40 Lovable Man Bun Hairstyle Ideas-The Easy and Sexy Headdress

Different designs have been coming out over the years, but the man bun hairstyle still manages to stand out. Guys with medium and long hair seem to prefer it over the others because of its simplicity and elegance. Most people used to think that buns are a preserve for ladies but this has been changing in the recent years, and most men find it fashionable and masculine to have one. There are also countless designs to choose from, and you can have anything from simple knots to fancy ones with undercut designs. Here are some fascinating ideas that you can try out.

# 1 Easy Bun for Long Mane

Everything about this design is just straightforward, and this is what makes it unique. To replicate it you only need to sweep back the strands and tie them into a small bun at the back. However, the black shade and its beautiful gloss also help to make this an excellent headdress.

# 2 Loose and Curly

You do not need to keep a very long mane to wear a bun because a medium length just works fine. This medium length hair has some lovely natural curls, and you will only need to pull it back and use some pins to form the style. The design combines very well with the full facial hair.

# 3 Higher and Messier Knot

This look is what you get when you pull your curly locks into a knot at the center of the head. Unlike the regular man bun, it is higher and also messier.

# 4 Tapered Man Bun

As stylish as this hairdo might look it is still quite easy to create. The design involves leaving a medium size hair at the top and shaving the sides short. You should then finish the look by taper fading the hair on sides and tying the long strands into a small bun.

# 5 Cute Pony-Bun

This design is half a ponytail and half a bun because it has characteristics of both. To create it you will use the process that you use in any other man bun hairstyle but leave some strands dangling from it instead of tucking all of them.

# 6 Sassy and Loose

The fact that you do not have to do much to create it is one of the things that make the man bun special. Your long natural hair gives the style enough beauty and to create one like this you only need to finger comb and give your locks a slight twist before tying them.

# 7 High and Curly Perfection

Although this design will require some skills and long hair to form, it is worth the effort. To replicate it you should pull your long curls strands to the top of the head and tuck them into a knot. Also, make sure that you arrange the strands well to make the curls on the knot detailed.

# 8 Redhead Full Bun

The color and length of these strands are fantastic, and a man with such a perfect hair does not need to do any complicated styling to stand out. For this particular one, pulling the strands into a tight full bun is in enough to create an awe-inspiring appearance that combines well with the facial whiskers.

# 9 Curly and Messy

Most people will not even notice the style in this hairdo because the long natural curls will take all the attention. But, the styling is also wonderful, and it requires the man to pull and tie his beautiful locks into a messy bun.

# 10 Inventive Bun

You do not always have to tuck all your strands to create a perfect man bun hairstyle because leaving some dangling locks is also trendy. However, the color and length of the strands also enhance the design.

# 11 Full and Loose

The man bun is the style that you should turn to when you want to divert attentions to your long curtain beard like this one. It is also very stylish, and to create this particular one you should pull all the hair to the center of the head and tie it loosely.

# 12 Pinned and Low

This design involves forming your bun lower than usual but its distinct appearance comes from the flipping and fastening of the locks protruding from the man bun.

# 13 Chic and Relaxed

Men do not always have a lot of time to spend on their hair, and so a relaxed style like his one is excellent for them. It is a full man bun that incorporates all the hair, and you can form it by twisting and tucking the strands at the center of the head.

# 14 Tiny But Cute

Your few inches of hair can still give you a chic man bun hairstyle like this one. To make it you only need to trim the ends to give your hair a uniform length and pull everything to the center of the head where you should use an elastic band to create the tiny knot.

# 15 Spiral Knot

This headdress is for men with some natural spirals, and it is perfect for pairing with a full beard. It only entails pulling the curly locks to the center and wrapping them into a cute knot with some dangling spirals.

# 16 Cute Low and Loose Bun

If you are among the many men that love the slick back design and are not sure what to do with the hair at the back, this is the style for you. The hairstyle requires finger brushing the strands to the back and tying them into a small loose man bun.

# 17 Tight Bun with Japanese Hair Stick

It is hard to imagine that the Japanese hair stick can also work for guys but this headdress proves it. The style involves tucking the strands into a full and tight man bun at the center of the head and accessorizing it with the stick for a unique and masculine design.

# 18 Sharp Faded Top Bun

The level of precision on the sharp fade design on the sides of this haircut is impressive. This lovely hairstyle combines with the simple man bun hairstyle on the crown to give the gentleman a head-turning appearance.

# 19 Sleek and Classy

Some guys are lucky enough to have a long healthy hair that also has some beautiful natural streaks. With such a fantastic hair you only need to sweep it back and use a few strands to tie the rest into a cute and loose bun.

# 20 Dreadlocked Bun

If you are patient enough to grow out some natural dreadlocks, you will have plenty of options when it comes to styling. This beautiful style is an example of one such design and it only involves pulling the long dreads to the center of the head and tucking them into a large bun which you should hold in place with a few locks.

# 21 Chignon-Like Man Bun

A man bun hairstyle is not just about brushing back your strands and tucking them at the center of the head. You can still enhance it with a little creativity like in this design where you only need to form it in a chignon-like hairdo.

# 22 Top Bun with Short Sides

This beautiful design involves chopping the sides short to a couple of inches and maintaining a long mane at the top. You should then finish the look by pulling the long strands into a small bun at the center of the head.

# 23 High and Loose

The man bun is a very versatile design, and you can use it to create various looks. This one is at the center of the head, and it has an extra height, and you should complement it with an undercut at the back.

# 24 Messy Casual Bun

If you want something to have as you casual look, you should try this man bun. It is a classy design that entails styling the locks loosely at the back and leaving some free ones at the front for a messy finish.

# 25 The Low Pony

The soft and straight strands in this design make it possible to wear almost any hairdo that you wish. However, the styling for this headdress is very straightforward as it only involves forming a center part and brushing back the strands before tying them into a small ponytail.

# 26 Cornrows and Bun

Hairstyle possibilities are endless with a little creativity. For this style, you should knit your long mane into three medium size cornrows on the sides while maintaining some free strands in the middle. You should then finish the style by pulling the loose strands to the back and using bands to tie them into a man bun hairstyle.

# 27 The Half Up Man Bun

Half up designs can also work for guys, and this beautiful headdress proves this. It is a stylish design that involves sectioning the strands into two. You should then tie the top part into a small bun and leave the rest of the hair to flow freely.

# 28 Undercut and Faded Dreadlock Bun

Here is an amazing style that you can use to spice up your natural dreadlocks. To create it you will first have to shave and fade the sides and back. The only other styling that you need is to pull all the locks into a huge and tight bun at the center of the head.

# 29 Shaggy Man Bun

Your man bun hairstyle does not have to be neat and tight to look stylish because you can still achieve a sassy design by making it loose and messy. In this style, you should tie some of the strands loosely at the center of the head and leave the rest hanging free at the back to create the shaggy appearance.

# 30 Cool Little Bun

Modern men prefer to wear styles that make them stand out from the crowd, and this hairdo is an example of such designs. It requires you to shave and fade the sides while leaving a medium length hair at the top that you should pull into a small bun.

# 31 Man Bun with Textured Bangs

The thick and full beard in this style is what will steal most people’s attention, but there is more to the look than this. Apart from the facial whiskers, the hair also has some lovely textured bangs, and their styling involves side sweeping the ones at the front and pulling the rest into a tight man bun.

# 32 Effortless Knot

A top knot will work better for guys who do not have a very long mane. The one in this design is as simple as it can get but the beautiful brown shade of the strands makes the headdress look extra charming.

# 33 Gorgeous Floral Design

Instead of just pulling and tucking your strands at the center of the head to create a man bun you should spice up the design with a little creativity. In this particular headdress, the styling entails fastening the locks in a floral design to give the bun an attractive and unique appearance.

# 34 Undercut Top Knot

A faded undercut and some medium length strands are all that you need to wear this look. To style the strands, you should brush them back and use some elastic bands to form a top-knot.

# 35 Upscale Gentleman Bun

Here is a beautiful style for a gentleman that you can use as a quick fix when you do not want to spend a lot of time styling your long mane. The fancy man bun hairstyle entails finger combing the hair and tucking into a simple knot-like design.

# 36 Classic Taper and Top Knot

The subtle highlights on the top section of this design give the hair a very attractive shade, but the styling is what makes this an attention-grabbing hairdo. To create this look, you should taper the sides, form a side part and style the long strands at the top into a high and tight knot.

# 37 Dazzling Knot with Faded Sides

A sleek and straightforward knot at the top section of the head will always create a glamorous hairdo, and this is more so if the strands have a dazzling shade. And to make sure that attention remains on the sexy style you should shave the sides and fade them.

# 38 Sharp and Fresh Cut

It is common for men to combine their man buns with other hairstyles by cutting the sides short and maintaining some long strands at the top. For this look, you will need a sharp fade, a hard razor line on the side and twisting the long strands at the top into a tight man bun.

# 39 Highlighted Low Man Bun

Highlights are the best way to give your strands a perfect color, and this is more so if you hand paint them. With such a perfect color, finger combing your strands and tucking them into a bun that is lower than the regular ones is all the styling you need for a glamorous headdress.

# 40 Hipster Bun

This hipster design is as effortless as it can get and it will only take you a couple of minutes to create. The style only requires you to pull back your locks and tie them into a loose bun while leaving a few free locks on the sides and back.

The man bun hairstyle is one of the few designs that will always be in trend and any guy with a medium or long hair that is yet to try it out is missing out. It is also very versatile, and you can form yours in countless ways. Look through the 40 different styles above and choose the one that impresses you most.

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