25 Ideas For Styling Oxblood Shoes – Keeping It Dark and Fancy

Shoes are an important part of a man’s attire. It is said that men love shoes as women love jewelry and this statement is completely true. Choosing the right pair of shoes can make or break your outfit so it is important to make a wise choice. Oxblood is the color of the season and what’s better than wearing a pair of oxblood shoes to spark up your attire. If you need some inspiration, here are 25 interesting ways in which you can style your beloved pair of shoes without making them look dull or dreary.

# 1 Brown Tweed Suit & Brogues

Make headway into the fashion scene with these stylish oxblood shoes. The shoes are paired with quirky socks and light shirt to bring balance to the outfit.

# 2 Masculine Boots with Cap Toe

Make a formal outfit interesting with these well-tailored shoes which look trendy and chic. The shiny leather is what makes these shoes even more elegant.

# 3 The Classic Winter Look

Pair the shoes with a pair of classic denims and jacket to complete your winter outfit. The attire is fun and formal at the same time and looks classy.

# 4 Easy Formal Look

Go the classic way with this easy outfit which looks dreamy and stylish with the formal pants and light shades.

# 5 Ankle Boots Style

This all black ensemble with jacket and pants makes the oxblood boots shine all the more. The light grey casual T-shirt brings some contrast to the outfit.

# 6 Shaded Two-Toned Shoes

These shoes are a class apart from the regular shoes because of the two colors of the outer sole and midsole. The rolled up denims make this look even more appealing.

# 7 Colorful Cozy Outfit

The blue denim shirt makes this outfit even more cheerful and the ankle length pants are rolled up to give full attention to the beautiful pair of shoes. It is a smart choice to not wear socks with these shoes as they look good just on their own.

# 8 Casual Suit with Patterned Blazer

Take the quirkiness up a notch with this light blue patterned blazer and silver accessories. The boots add a trendy look to the attire.

# 9 Long Overcoat and Ripped Denims

Brace the chilly winters in this fashionable look. The distressed denims and the shoes balance each other. This is the perfect stylish winter outfit for the coming season.

# 10 Tall, Dark & Handsome

These shoes are definitely the best choice if you want to make a style statement. Combine them with chinos or pants to make the shoes shine.

# 11 Rust & Black Colored Shoes

The tanned rust colored shoes are oddly satisfying and make the denims look even more stylish. They fit well and make the outfit very interesting.

# 12 Street Style with Combat Boots

Raise up the bar with these combat boots in oxblood color which pair up well with the winter attire. The Cap and muffler add a warm vibe to the outfit.

# 13 Blood Rain Boots

Be the fashion icon at your office with these comfy and stylish blood shoes. They are easy to wear and are paired with black denims for a subtle effect.

# 14 Leather Jacket & Oxblood Shoes

If you want to look formal yet intriguing, these shoes are a perfect addition to your shoe wardrobe. The leather jacket and the striking pants add a visual appeal to the personality.

# 15 Semi-formal Shoes

Match your bag to your shoes to make a style statement this season. The oxblood shades make the plain old navy suit look dramatic and gorgeous.

# 16 Vintage Oxblood Half-Shoes

The shoes are striking and fashionable with the clean stitching and color. Wear them with khaki shorts or a formal suit for a casual or formal look.

# 17 Jumper & Denim Look

Be your casual best in this effortless winter attire. The jeans and gray jumper are paired with oxblood shoes in this outfit to add some contrast.

# 18 Checkered Suit Style

The outfit looks unique and appealing because of the color combination and fitting. The matching tie and pants make the outfit look balanced.

# 19 Classy Sunday Outfit

Make your holiday count with this T-shirt and Denims casual look. The brogues are going well with the distressed denims. Add a designer bag to make this outfit look even more appealing.

# 20 White & Blue Combination

Enhance this classic combination with the stylish shoes and Tattoos. The handsome hairstyle and beard add to the personality of the person.

# 21 Formal 3-Piece Suit

A classic suit can never go wrong and the oxblood shoes add all the more glamor to the outfit without making it look boring. Add a quirky waistcoat to add a fun element to the outfit.

# 22 Brown Fashionable Style

The shoes are matching the suit in this outfit and the color coordinated look is interesting and modern. You can experiment with other colors in the suit to match with the shoes.

# 23 Matching Oxblood Tie & Shoes

Add more blood to your outfit with the formal tie and shoes worn with the navy suit. The hint of skin through the shoes makes it look all the more stylish.

# 24 Suspenders & Shoes

Wear your age in style with this handsome attire of suspenders and gray pants worn with a black shirt. The tattoos are adding more style to the look.

# 25 The Oldie but Goodie look

Class never goes out of style and this attire is the best bet when it comes to formal dressing. Add some accessories to add more fun to the outfit without taking away the traditional feeling.

So these are some of the best ways in which you can style oxblood shoes and make your outfit look classy yet chic. Experiment with the colors of the outfit to make the shoes be the star of the look. The best part about these shoes is that they look good on both formal and casual occasions and add a whole lot of color to the attire. These shoes are timeless and will make heads turn your way. Be it classic brogues or winter boots, oxblood is ruling the charts this fashion season and now you know how to use it in stylish ways to perk up your outfit.

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