25 Cool Curly Mustache Ideas – Sexy Display of Your Manly Growth

A curly mustache is a sexy representation of one’s masculinity. It’s a style that adds some drama and sophistication to your looks. It comes mostly in the form of the popular handlebar mustache – a trendy style that looks sexy and timeless. However, there are many different ways to style it. Below, we look at 25 cool ideas for a curly mustache.

# 1 Sexy Straight Handlebar

Settle for a dark mustache that’s thick enough to keep the upper lip from view. Use some wax to style the tips into short and straight handlebars that upgrade your manly growth to a great deal.

# 2 Buffalo Horn Handlebars

A full beard looks great with some drama to it. And there’s no better way to give it that dramatic look than with a curled handlebar mustache that looks like the horns of the cape buffalo.

# 3 Smooth Curved Handlebar

Make your blonde mustache stand out by applying wax to the ends and stretching them into that sexy handlebar that sports a smooth curve to it. Give it that extra length to sit leveled with your cheeks.

# 4 Classic Style

Get a perfect match for your bush tapered beard – a handlebar mustache that thins towards the ends to create sweet curls that look great in a suit-up outfit.

# 5 Fresh and Sleek

Go for some texture to create that sexy sleek look in your mustache. Settle for a slight curve at the ends making it more intense on one side to create that cool unbalanced look.

# 6 Double Handlebars

If one handlebar mustache isn’t enough for you, then you’ve got the option of incorporating two of them to match your bushy goatee. Make one side extra long for that cool contrast.

# 7 Curvy and Spiral Combo

Create some cool contrast in your sleek handlebar mustache. Style one end into a smooth curve and give the other that sexy spiral look to match the curly bush beard.

# 8 On-Point with Texture

Look cool in a lightly trimmed handlebar mustache that has some texture to it. Use wax to pull off the tips into short curls that sit leveled with the nostrils. This style looks great when matched with a medium stubble that sports a soul patch.

# 9 Rock Style

Go for the ultimate rock-star look with a bushy handlebar that’s thinned at the ends using some wax. Give them that smooth curve and let the tips sit almost straight for that sexy look.

# 10 Slit Handlebar

There’s a way that you can make your upper lip visible even when sporting a thick mustache. The trick is to make a center part on the lower section that gives a glimpse of the upper lip. Wax the ends and give them that extra length for more effect.

# 11 Super Cool

Make it fresh and neat with a mustache that’s trimmed to that medium height. Some texture will do great in adding some softness to it. Let the ends curve downwards and sit horizontally for that cool finish.

# 12 Groomed to Perfection

Precision is key to getting a perfect match for your preppy full beard. Go for that textured handlebar that is parted at the center. Slim it gradually using wax and style the ends into sexy curls.

# 13 Smooth Sleek

Short of beards? Well, you might want to consider a thick handlebar that’s prepped to sit sleek and smooth. Let the sides dip down smoothly and wax them into thin curls.

# 14 Petite Handlebar

You don’t need to have a thick handlebar mustache to grab attention from those around. This petite handlebar can go a long way in giving you that sexy look coupled with super low maintenance.

# 15 Soft Buddy

Sport a soft and thick handlebar mustache that sits flush with your thick beard. Give it that pyramid look that slopes gently into thin curly ends. Give your beard a taper to the sides for that fresh look.

# 16 Smooth Thickness

Add some smoothness to your handlebar mustache ensuring to retain the natural thickness in it. Give the ends that curled look without applying too much wax on them. Some grey highlights to the dark shade can work great in upgrading its look further.

# 17 Gentleman Style

Go for a gentlemen style that sports that “buffalo horn” handlebar. Make it look sweet without compromising the thickness in it. Let it sit sleek and go for thin waxed ends sporting a slight curl.

# 18 Thick Two-Tone

Settle for a harmonious blend of dark brown and blonde in your handlebar mustache. Let it grow naturally for that thick look and go ahead to tame the sides with some wax and sexy curls to the ends.

# 19 Sexy African Style

Stand out in that cool black shade and trim the mustache short to create a neat and fresh look. Pull out the short ends and compensate for their length with that cool waxed look that sports sexy curls.

# 20 Polished Summer Look

Embrace the summer season in style with a blonde mustache that sports that sexy handlebar style. Give it some trimming to bring the upper lip into full display. Give the handlebars a sturdy waxed look that sports sexy curls.

# 21 Asian Style

Make good use of the soft Asian strands. Go for that narrow handlebar mustache that sports pin-like waxed ends. Give the ends that slight curl and match the handlebar with a sexy soul patch.

# 22 Street Style

Keep the upper lip partly covered in a medium handlebar mustache. Let it sports that gradual reduction in thickness towards the ends. Pull it out and give it a waxed look finished with curled tips.

# 23 Asymmetric Swag

Stand out in a thick handlebar that’s trimmed to partly expose the upper lip. Wax the ends giving one side that thin spiral curls. Leave the other end thicker for that cool asymmetrical look.

# 24 Thick Freckles

Here’s a cool handlebar mustache that sports thick unwaxed ends. It’s given that neat look with a light trim to the area above the upper lip. This style is given that sexy freckled look for that classic upgrade.

# 25 Textured Smoothness

Go for a textured handlebar mustache to give you some extra shine and smoothness. Take this textured handlebar to a whole new level with waxed ends that sport sexy light curls.

A curly mustache is a creative way of adding some sophistication to your mustache. It gives you that sexy curvature that grabs immediate attention from those around. And in case you’re planning to sport one, then it’s time you choose from one of these cool ideas and put it into practice.

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