45 Ways to Style the Homburg Hat – Lovely Vintage Accessory

If you own a homburg hat, you can do more than you think. When it comes to fashion, styles keep coming and going out, and it doesn’t take too long for one to declare a particular style as being passé.  Made of soft material, this hat is slightly stiffened and creased along the crown, with the edges being turned up sharply from all sides. Along with that, it is considered to be a little less formal as compared to hats like Bowlers or Trilby. You can wear the hat for a formal meeting or a casual outing. Here are as many as thirty different ways in which you could wear it.

# 1 Styling The Hat

The hat has been pinched a bit more from the sides to give it a different look. Teaming it up with semi-formals, it looks great.

# 2 Coordinating the Fabric

The person here has matched the silk fabric on his hat with that of the pocket square, giving it a dapper look.

# 3 Casual

Drifting from the regular trend of matching the hat with formals, one may team it up with an informal jacket or a long coat that makes it more of a casual and informal look.

# 4 Vintage Style

The person here has teamed up the hat with a rough material Herringbone Tweed-fabric suit, thereby giving it the classy vintage look.

# 5 Blending Traditional with Modern

Who knew that one would team up a hat with a leather jacket ever? This hat is a change from the usual style, giving it an informal, look that one could team up with anything.

# 6 Changing the Traditional

Waistcoats are something that has occupied a permanent spot in fashion. Wearing it with a hat gives it a classy look. However, in case you wish to look a little less formal, you may roll up your sleeves a bit and loosen up the tie a bit.

# 7 The 1800’s Look

To give a gentleman look, one can wear the hat with a classic three-piece suit and formal leather shoes that would look elegant, and dapper for a meeting or a formal event.

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  • Homburg Hat 2
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  • Homburg Hat 6

# 8 Vintage with a Difference!

The difference in the formal look is that the hat is a bit longer than the usual length of the hat. It goes really well with the melange gray jacket.

# 9 An Edgy Style

Apart from the reasons to wear a hat, one wears it during winters. Team up your favorite hat with a long scarf and an overcoat. The look? A la Mode!

# 10 Hollow Hat

Here, the hat has been slightly pinched from the middle while made hollow from both sides. This gives the hat a different look and can be teamed up with casuals.

# 11 Keeping it Short

Yet another alteration to the style of the hat is, that it has been made smaller and rounder. Team it up with a t-shirt and jeans to give it a casual and rugged look.

# 12 Return of the Vintage

A classic vintage, at one glance it would definitely remind you of the styles of Winston Churchill. It has been combined with an all-out formal attire.

# 13 A Casual Day

The hat, apart from the formal attire, can also be teamed up with a causal t-shirt that gives it a comfy look.

# 14 On a Trip

Ditch the sports caps, and make a style statement wearing the hat on a trip! It will definitely add a touch of class to such a plain outfit.

  • Homburg Hat 7
  • Homburg Hat 8
  • Homburg Hat 9
  • Homburg Hat 10
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# 15 Dapper Style

Make a different kind of a style by wearing high-waist pants, and be quirky by wearing mismatched, or colored socks!

# 16 Revival of the Trends

Need a formal look, but want something different? Wear a well-fit suit with the hat, and give your mustache a bit of a twirl at the ends for a better look.

# 17 Straw Hats

Yet another change, the straw material used gives it a different look. Give yourself the look of someone from the countryside, and bring on your charms.

# 18 Different Look

Make a shift from the usual black color, and opt for other colors that look different yet amazing.

# 19 3D Look

Give your 3D t-shirt a different look by teaming it up with the hat that would give it a modern and relaxed look.

# 20 Funky Attire!

You don’t need to pair up the hat with a formal attire. Opt for a funky tie or pocket square that would give it a refreshing look.

# 21 Wedding Attire

Pair up your tuxedo with a Homburg hat to give it an edgy look. If you are planning a traditional English themed wedding or party don’t forget your hat.

  • Homburg Hat 12
  • Homburg Hat 13
  • Homburg Hat 14
  • Homburg Hat 15
  • Homburg Hat 16

# 22 Suiting Up

The perfect style for you if you are wearing a suit. For a wedding, or for a meeting, you can always wear a Homburg hat with colors such as red, ochre, or dark blue.

# 23 Mis-Matching it

Mismatch your outfit by wearing high-waisted jeans along with an overcoat on top to create something different. The brown hat will finish this careless look.

# 24 Going Classic

A classic look can be created by wearing a three-piece suit with a bow-tie and a hat. You don’t just look great, you look elegant as well.

# 25 Timeless Choice

Anyone can rock this hat at any age by wearing it along with a walking stick making you feel much younger!

# 26 Add-ons

Everyone wears a hat – what’s different in yours? In case you’re bored of the typical hat, then you may add an accessory such as a feather or a broach to it.

# 27 Making a Style Statement

Why wear a hat if you don’t make the right statement? If you look for ways to create a different look every time, then You may use this hat that would make a style statement as well as give you a different look.

# 28 Street Style

A classic favorite of the gentlemen back in the 80s, this style, has made waves back again and is now one of the trending styles. Team up the hat with a hoodie, glasses, and pants, to create a look that’s far from the traditional styling of the hat

# 29 Recreating the Look

This is one that you would love to try out if you have a formal party to attend to. The safest way to wear the hat is by wearing it with your formal suit, giving you that elegant look.

# 30 Just Wear It!

You may wear the hat with formals, casuals, or even with nothing! Whatever it is, a classy hat would never disappoint you. Look different, look unique.

These are some of the best ways in which you can change your entire look – just by wearing this hat. Which one is your favorite style? With a Homburg hat, all you need to do is imagine.


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45 Ways to Style the Homburg Hat – Lovely Vintage Accessory

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