40 Awesome Ways to Style Panama Hat – The Perfect Summer Accessory

The Panama hat is the perfect accessory when you want to keep the sun out of your eyes on a hot summer day. But, in these modern times, it will do more than just protect your eyes as it can complement or spice up your outfit. And so the end of summer or spring does not mean that you should throw it back in the closet for several months. However, it is essential to grasp how to style it so as to get the best from it. Here are 40 looks to help you out with this.

# 1 Hat and Double Breasted Blazer Combo

The combination between this hat and the slim-fitting double breast coat is just fantastic. And by throwing in a pink striped tie, the gentleman takes his look a notch higher.

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# 2 Classic Look with Suspenders

In this look, the guy uses the hat to complement his classic look that entails pairing a white shirt and suspenders with gray dress pants and brown dress shoes.

# 3 Striped Jacket and Sweater

The stripes on this peak lapel jacket look fantastic, and it pairs well with the brown turtleneck. But the accessories which involve some cool sunglasses and straw hat also add some elegance to the outfit.

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# 4 The Colorful Outfit

A colorful outfit like this one is just what a man needs for an unforgettable summer. It entails wearing a button down light blue linen shirt and blue pants before finishing the style with a cool Panama hat.

# 5 Red on White with a Hat

This beach look is about wearing a bright white t-shirt with some cute red shorts and accessorizing with a stylish summer hat.

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# 6 Simple Elegance

Unlike most others, this hat is not from straw, but it still has the traditional Panama style and a black ribbon. The guy pairs it with his white button down shirt for an elegant outfit.

# 7 Superb All White Look

A white one button jacket, white slim fit pants, and a white hat is all that it takes to pull this look. But, the hat still maintains a black ribbon which breaks the monotony of the white shade.

  • Panama Hat 27
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  • Panama Hat 30

# 8 Chic Semi-Formal Outfit

This semi-formal look pairs the hat with a fancy necktie, light blue dress shirt, white dress pants and some cool loafers to give the guy an awesome outfit that is perfect for a beach wedding.

# 9 Unique Hat with White T-Shirt

It is not always necessary to go with white when wearing the Panama hat because there are still other options. This particular one comes in a Brown-like shade, and it has a black string with knots instead of the ribbon, and it pairs with a white t-shirt perfectly.

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# 10 Beige Felt Hat and Polo

The color of this hat is unique and very attractive, and it pairs with the beige polo and white pants to create a relaxed look that is perfect for a weekend at the beach.

# 11 Chic in Black

It is hard to go astray with an all black look, but you still need to choose your clothing items well. Here the look is about wearing an extra long hood with skinny black jeans and accessorizing with a leather jacket and a black hat.

# 12 Easy and Casual

This casual look is about pairing a white t-shirt with distressed blue jeans shorts and slip on sneakers. The guy then wears them with a stylish hat and sunglasses for a head-turning casual wear.

# 13 Perfect Fitting Straw Hat with a Cool Shirt

Everything from the fit to the style of this straw hat is just perfect, and this makes it ideal for accessorizing any outfit. Here it spices up the button down shirt to create a cute and relaxed outfit.

# 14 Artistic Straw Hat

The creative and unique look of this straw hat comes from sticking some random straws over it. It also has a beautiful shade, and it pairs with the navy blue t-shirt to give the guy an attractive appearance.

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  • Panama Hat 31
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# 15 White Cotton Hat with Navy Ribbon

Cotton also makes some beautiful hats, and this one proves it. It also has a beautiful navy blue ribbon that matches well the cute short sleeve shirt.

# 16 Adorable Weekend Wear

This weekend wear is just adorable, and the guy tries to maintain an all black look with the t-shirt and trouser but breaks the monotony with his straw hat and white sneakers.

# 17 Panama Hat and a Cool T-shirt

The color, design and the ribbon on this hat are what give it the attractive appearance. It pairs with the cute t-shirt to create a very simple but beautiful casual look.

# 18 Summer Hat with Striped Ribbon

This summer straw hat comes in a bright shade of brown and with a cute striped ribbon. It accessorizes a beautiful summer outfit that combines a white v-neck t-shirt with an African print trouser.

# 19 Unstructured Suit and Hat Combination

A modern-fitting navy blue jacket combines with red dress pants to create this broken suit. The guy then accessorizes it with a cute summer hat and fancy tie.

# 20 Attractive Mexican Look

A white shirt with a unique design and extra-large pockets and the bandana on the neck pair with a Panama hat to give the man this stylish Mexican look.

# 21 The Blue Ribbon Hat

The color and type of ribbon on your hat matter a lot and if you go for a beautiful blue one like this you can be confident of an attractive accessory. But, you can wear it with anything including a cute black dress shirt like this one.

  • Panama Hat 36
  • Panama Hat 37
  • Panama Hat 38
  • Panama Hat 41
  • Panama Hat 39

# 22 Clean and Classic

Although this extra-large hat comes in the traditional Panama design, it has an impressively clean and classic look, and it matches well with the black round neck t-shirt.

# 23 Impeccable in White

The stylish button-down shirt and the linen pants have fantastic white shades but accessorizing with the stylish hat still adds some style to the outfit.

# 24 The Rugged Straw Hat

These current straw hats have a unique look that entails sticking some straws on them for a rugged look. This particular one accessorizes the classic outfit that pairs a black mandarin style t-shirt with brown dress pants.

# 25 Casual and Sexy

The brown micropatterned jacket in this style combines with the cotton trouser to create a sexy semi-formal look that the guy finishes with a stylish black ribbon hat.

The Panama hat is the perfect accessory for both formal and casual outfits. Whether you are proceeding to the beach on a sunny day or you want something to spice up your suit, it will still work for you. The 25 styles in this gallery will give a gentleman different ways of wearing this classic hat.

5 Panama Hats Styles

40 Awesome Ways to Style Panama Hat – The Perfect Summer Accessory

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