50 Splendid Formal Wedding Attire Ideas – The Perfect Look For The Special Day

If you have been invited to a wedding or are holding your own wedding, you need to look for formal wedding attire that will help you look your best that day. This is one of those events where you cannot dress any way you want. You will need to look for an outfit that makes a statement. When people look at you, they should be left with awe or admiration for just how great you are dressed. To help you dress your best when going to a wedding, the following are some attire ideas that you can use.

#1 Clean Light Blue Suit with Bow Tie

When most men think about buying suits, they mostly think of dark colors such as black, gray and navy blue. Since most men at the wedding that you will be attending will be dressed like that, why not choose to stand out? Just make sure you do not overshadow the groom with your dressing if you are invited to the wedding.

#2 Classic Suit for Men with Style

A checked suit can be the way to go if you are a man who is not afraid to try out new things. You will need to be cautious about the colors. A checked gray coat with some touch of black, a black bow tie and a black trouser will be an awesome combination.

#3 Three Piece Gray Suit

This will be one great formal wedding attire to try especially if you are the groom of the wedding. Gray is really color for a suit. It matches well with any skin color. You will need to pair it with a white or cream shirt and a normal tie.

#4 Matching Gray and Black

Most people usually wear suits with bright colors such as white, pink, yellow, light green and so on. But who said that has to be the case always? You can be creative and wear a gray suit with a black shirt. If you will be bringing a date to the wedding, they can wear a black dress to match with the black shirt.

#5 Three Piece Suit with Checked Shirt

Plain shirts are mostly preferred when it comes to suits, but checked shirts can go well with suits too. For instance, you choose to wear a gray three-piece suit with a black or gray shirt. It will look really great.

#6 Navy Blue Three Piece Suit with Matching Bow Tie

This may look like a common style because navy blue suits are very common apart from black, but how you wear the suit matters a lot. Instead of the normal long tie, you can go for a bow tie. For a cooler look, just close the coat at the front with the top button and leave the rest like that.

#7 Slick Black Suit

Black suits always look great even if they are very common. You can go with this classic bow tie style especially if you are the groom. It will give you a very handsome look.

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#8 Black Suit with a Cool Tie

You can just wear a black suit but then match with an outstanding tie. A black tie with a touch of red it in it will be great. If it will be sunny on the wedding day, you can accentuate the look with black shades.

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#9 Brown Suit with a Scarf

Who said you cannot wear a brown suit on your wedding day? As long as you get a nicely made one, it will look great on you. A three piece will perfect. Instead of tie or bow tie, you can go for a scarf instead. Since brown can be a bit dull, you should choose a bright colored scarf.

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#10 White Coat Black Dress

This is a nice, clean look for a couple that likes matching outfits. The groom will wear a white coat, black trouser, white shirt and black bow tie while the bride will wear a black dress that has a touch of white to match the groom’s outfit.

#11 Grey Suit Black Bow Tie

This is a simple but nice look that will always look great as long as high quality outfits are chosen. Gray goes well with a white shirt.

#12 Mixed Colors for a Sharp Look

You do not have to be too strict with the colors of the outfits you wear. This particular look is really great. The three piece suit features a grey color for the coat and trouser and navy blue for the vest coat. The shirt is light blue while the bow tie is red. This is a look for the adventurous guys.

#13 Royal Blue Three Piece Suit

There are so many shades of blue, and royal blue is one of the best for a suit. You can just match the bow tie with the suit and then wear a white shirt. It is a very simple look.

#14 Dark Black Suit and Royal Blue Tie

A dark blue or black suit is usually paired with either a gray or black tie. You can deviate from the norm a little and wear a royal blue tie for a superb look at the wedding.

#15 Trendy Checked Green Suit

This is a look for trendy and fashionable guys. You will rarely see men wearing this kind of suit. The checked green suit is matched with a bow tie of the same color. The best shirt to wear with such a suit is a white one.

#16 Black Suit with Suspenders

Suspenders still look cool to date. A black coat, black trouser, black suspenders and a white shirt will be a perfect formal wedding attire. When buying the trousers, make sure that they have buttons meant for suspenders.

#17 Cook White and Black Suit

The combination of a white coat and a black trouser for a suit always look great. If you wear a white shirt, a black bow tie will look great with it.

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#18 Awesome Classic Look

A black suit with a slim black tie is perfect to bring out the gentlemen in you at the wedding. A plain white shirt will go well with that look, but you can also try colors such as cream and light green for the shirt.

#19 Stylish Look for the Groom

This look is indeed great and stylish. Instead of going with matching colors for a three piece suit, you can mix things a little. The coat and trouser can be black or dark blue. The vest coat should white to match with the shirt and the tie should be maroon or another color that will match well with the rest of the outfit.

#20 Gentleman Style Wedding Attire

To rock this look, you will need to look for a tailor that will make a perfect fitting suit. It is a perfect look for muscular guys. A dark maroon three-piece suit is paired with a light blue shirt and dotted blue tie.

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#21 Cool Gentleman Look

This is one of the easiest looks that to try during your wedding. But instead of a normal tie, you can go for a bow tie. The suit is made of high quality black material.

#22 Super Trendy Look

A checked royal blue suit, a white shirt with decorations on the collar and a light blue decorated tie is what this look features. Does is it look like a wedding attire you can try? Well you need to be one of the brave ones to rock it.

#23 Super Stylish Yet Classic Look

Instead of the normal black tie for a black three-piece suit, you can go with a white tie instead. You can enhance the suit with a lapel flower that has a touch of white for a stylish look.

#24 Super Clean Formal Wedding Attire

The simplest way to describe this style is sharp. You will look on point if you dress to a wedding like this. The black tuxedo will give you a nice, clean look. It is a perfect style for the groom.

#25 Simple but Classy Blue Wedding Suit

This shade of blue is not so bright, so it will be perfect for you regardless of your skin color. To break the blue monotony a little, you can wear a black bow tie and white shirt.

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#26 Tuxedo for Men with Style

Instead of the usual dark colored suits, you can try a cream or golden looking tuxedo for your wedding. A white shirt with black buttons and black bow tie will be a great to finish the look.

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#27 Slick Wedding Look

Bow ties have become a preferred alternative to normal ties for grooms nowadays. You can jump on the bandwagon when your wedding comes and try a black or navy blue suit with a red bow tie. You will look really great.

#28 Terrific Wedding Suit with a Lapel Flower

It is not every day that you will put lapel flowers on the suits you wear. As a way of accentuating your wedding look, you can include a beautiful maroon or purple lapel flower on your suit and then match it with a nice looking dotted maroon tie.

#29 White Suit for a Wedding

This is a look that very few guys are brave enough to rock. While it is common to see guys wearing white coats at weddings, most of them usually go for black trousers. In this particular look, the entire suit is white. You will need to pair it with a light blue color and vintage looking tie to achieve the best look.

#30 Bold Looking Wedding Attire

There is nothing technical about this outfit except for the fact that a black bow tie has been used to match well with the gray suit. It is a great look for the simple guys.

#31 Elegant Wedding Style for Men

It is not a must to wear a matching suit. You can wear a coat of a different color from the trouser. Like in this picture, the guy has a navy blue coat and a black trouser. The tie is also navy blue. If it is a look that you find interesting, go for it.

#32 Navy Blue Three Piece With Lapel Flower

Apart from wearing a bow tie, another way that you can use to enhance the look of your wedding apparel is wearing a lapel flower. In this case, the navy blue suit will need a bright lapel flower in order to lighten it up.

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#33 Designer Suit With Pink Lapel Flower

When you wear dark colored suits such as those of black, navy blue and gray color, a pink lapel flower will go well with them. A black bow tie goes well with the dark colored suits.

#34 Blue Suit with Pink Bow Tie

This is not a look for everyone. A pink bow tie is definitely a great risk to take on your special day. You need to try it on in advance and make sure that it looks great on you before you go ahead to rock it on your wedding day.

#35 Nicely Patterned Wedding Suit

This is a timeless look to have on your special way. The brown and grey patterned suit looks really nice. It will go well with a white shirt and a brown and grey patterned tie. You can include a lapel flower on the coat to accentuate your looks.

Many men love to be fashionable nowadays. That is why in the list above, you will see edgy and classy styles that you never imagined could be worn at a wedding. It is all about being creative. Since a wedding is a once in a lifetime occasion, you want to look for an outfit that makes you look perfect. The internet is a great place to get ideas on the formal wedding attire you can wear.

50 Splendid Formal Wedding Attire Ideas – The Perfect Look For The Special Day

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