45 Splendid Ways to Style the Plaid Shirt – The Trendsetting Attire

Most individuals tend to associate the plaid shirt with woodcutters, but it is a very fashionable clothing item if you wear and accessorize it right. This fantastic shirt is very trendy and modern ones come in various shades and different check patterns, and so the possibilities are endless. Whether you like to keep everything casual or formal, this shirt will come with more than enough options. The gallery below will give you some styling tips and fashion advice when it comes to wearing the plaid or flannel shirt.

# 1 Button Down Plain and Roll Up Jeans

This look is very common with men that like to wear check shirts. It pairs the shirt with blue jeans, but the dress style which involves leaving all the buttons unfastened and rolled up cuffs is what makes it a fantastic look.

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# 2 Smooth Casual Look

The check patterns on this shirt come from combining navy, gray and white shades which give it more styling options. The outfit keeps the buttons down and pairs the shirt with tight blue jeans and brown dress boots.

# 3 Red Flannel with Trench Coat and Distressed Jeans

The dominant red shade and the intricate patterns on this shirt are what make it look fantastic. However, wearing it with the distressed jeans and black trench coat also creates a unique casual appearance.

# 4 Fine Slim Fit Look

A slim fitting outfit like this one is comfortable and stylish enough for a modern gent. It entails tucking in a plaid in a rolled up gray jeans and finishing the look with black dress shoes.

# 5 Plaid and Skinny Jeans

A cute plaid shirt will always make a man look majestic. And this is more so if you pair it with some trendy pants. This red one pairs with ripped skinny jeans and white sneakers to create an impressive and relaxed weekend wear.

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# 6 Button Down Formal Look

The squares on this shirt are smaller than what you will see in most plaid, and the shirt does not also have as many colors as others. Here the gentleman wears it with the top buttons down and folded sleeves and pairs it with navy blue dress pants for a formal look.

# 7 Retro-Inspired and Colorful Look

This look will turn heads everywhere you go, and this is not only due to the bright colors but also thanks to the choice of clothes. The style is about wearing a red flannel with a shiny trouser and white dress shoes before finishing with a white vest coat and golden bow tie.

# 8 Blue and White Plaid

The blue and white box patterns on this shirt look fabulous, and it also has an excellent fit. This shirt can look beautiful with any trouser design and color, but in this style, it pairs with navy dress pants. The bright coat helps to finish the formal look and the floral print tie and cute pocket square complement the overall appearance.

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# 9 The Black and White Formal Shirt

Black and white is always an excellent match. The hues combine well to give this clean shirt its unique color and patterns. This shirt also looks fantastic with the gray tie and slim fitting black two button blazer.

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# 10 Slim Fit Plaid with Joggers

This casual look is something that you will want to wear every other weekend as it is simple but very attractive. It pairs a black plaid shirt with the top buttons unfastened with joggers and some colorful sneakers.

# 11 Cool and Stylish Casual Look

Black denim, black leather boots, and a black leather jacket are the other things that you need besides from a cute plaid to wear this look. A clean white t-shirt is also a must-have if you intend to keep the shirt’s buttons unfastened.

# 12 Perfectly Accessorized Suit

Navy Blue makes some of the best gentleman suits, and this is more so if it is a slim fitting two button one like this. But, wearing it with a beautiful white and blue plaid takes the appearance a class higher. The accessories which include a striped tie, lapel flower, pocket square and classic watch also make this an excellent formal look for gentlemen.

# 13 Super Cute Plaid Shirt with Jeans

The patterns and the color combinations in this shirt give it an elegant appearance that makes it the ultimate weekend wear. In this look, it pairs with nice fitting jeans, a classic coat, and some brown leather boots to create a super cute look.

# 14 Small Check Shirt Gray Suit

The check patterns on this shirt are what give it the formal appearance. It pairs with a gray suit, some suspenders, and a patterned tie to create an attractive formal look for a smart guy.

# 15 Glamorous Check Shirt and Blazer

This look is all about check patterns, and it is a distinctive formal outfit for a man that wants to look different. The shirt has some small check boxes that give it a formal look while the blazer has big ones and the green tie comes with some cute patterns that add a unique feature to the attire.

# 16 Selvedge and Plaid Combination

How you wear the plaid shirt is as important as the colors and patterns that you choose. Although this black and red one has some beautiful colors and fit, wearing it with the selvage jeans and brown dress shoes is what makes it look adorable.

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# 17 Classy Blazer and Tie Combo

The blue shade of this blazer and its lovely pocket square give it an amazing look. However, combining it with the red and blue check shirt and the trendy blue tie is what makes this an impressive style.

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# 18 Rugged and Sexy

The tight black and white plaid with folded sleeves and the top buttons unfastened looks fabulous. It combines with the ripped blue jeans and simple sneakers to give the guy a rugged and sexy weekend look.

# 19 Unstructured Suit with Plaid

Wearing a broken suit every once in a while is the best way to break away from the monotony of regular suits. The one in this design is a black jacket with gray pants but the check shirt and the striped tie also have an integral part to play in creating the stylish appearance.

# 20 Pink Shirt with Navy Pants

Pink shirts might not be as widespread as others, but this one proves that they are perfect when a man wants a clean and elegant look. Here the shirt combines with navy pants and white blazer to form an exquisite look.

# 21 World Class Gentleman

A nice shirt and a cute suit are the two things that will always assure you of an upscale look. The patterns and colors on this shirt give it an exquisite look, and it matches well with the slim fit black suit. A blue tie and pocket square are all that a man need’s to finish the world class look.

# 22 Bold Small Check Shirt

It is hard to grow tired of the check shirt as there is always something new to try out. A shirt with some bold colors and pattern like this one always guarantees you a striking look, and this is more so if you pair it with a cute tie and trouser like in this style.

# 23 Fly Suit and Plaid Shirt

This slim fit suit has a beautiful color and an excellent modern design. It pairs with a small check shirt and thin brown tie to give the gentleman a stunning appearance. The cute sneakers also help to add a casual element to the outfit.

# 24 The Cool Blue Outfit Combo

Blue is the most dominant shade on this check shirt and so pairing it with blue jeans creates a perfect match. But, there is more to the look, and this includes the wool jacket and the brown leather boots.

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# 25 Conventional Shirt with Suspenders

The pattern and colors on this formal check shirt are just breathtaking. Its fit is also perfect, and the guy wears it with a dotted suspenders and dark checked suit. Also, the black tie has a vital role as it balances the colors.

# 26 Fresh Business Look

A business look is not always about just wearing a slim fit suit like this one. You have to dress it right, and for this, you need an attractive plaid shirt like this one. Accessorizing is also vital, and in this look, a dotted tie, and a beautiful pocket square are enough.

# 27 The Folded Sleeve and Rolled Up Cuff Look

Folding the sleeves on your shirt will always have an effect on how you look. This style also involves rolling up the cuffs, but it is important to know that the patterns of the shirt and the trouser color also contribute to making this an attractive style. Also, the brown dress shoes give this attire a modern feel and some extra elegance.

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# 28 Attractive Street Wear

The raw denim with rolled up cuffs is always perfect for pulling a street look, and if you wear it with some brown leather boots, you will always look adorable. However, the check shirt in this look helps to spice up the overall appearance and to take it a notch higher.

# 29 Vibrant Colored Attire

The vibrant colors on this attire will make a man look impeccable. But, everything from the plaid shirt to the blazer and dress pants also has a beautiful design and fit. The pocket square and the watch are also excellent accessories.

# 30 Easy and Glamorous Fall Look

A smooth appearance like this one is perfect for men that prefer formal everyday outfits. It is all about pairing a blue check plaid with dress pants and spicing up things with a leather man bag.

The plaid shirt is an attention-grabbing clothing item that you can wear for both formal and casual look. It also comes in distinct patterns and colors which mean that there is always something for every man. But, you should always make sure that you dress it right and for this, the 45 pictures above will come in handy.


45 Splendid Ways to Style the Plaid Shirt – The Trendsetting Attire

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