65 Business Casual Attire Ideas – Fing the Perfect Balance

Casual attire is not solely meant for social events. There is business casual attire that gives you a casual yet professional look. The business casual attire has been used for years with the most common attire being khaki pants. Nonetheless, there are other outfits that can give you the casual look if properly matched. This style is not just about striking the perfect balance between business and casual attire but elegance too.

# 1 Patch Pocket Coat with Seersucker Sweater

This is a very common business casual look. It entails a white seersucker sweater with a black patch pocket suit coat, black pants, tie and, shoes, and a checkered shirt. Ideal for business-related events.

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# 2 Suit and Jeans

Business casual attire is easy to put together. This look just needs brown moccasins with a matching suit coat, blue jeans pants with a matching shirt, and a tie. Perfect for weekend business meetings.

# 3 Double-Breasted Coat with Jeans Pants

This coat is also worn over a suit. Brown moccasins that match the coat balance blue jeans pants with a matching checkered shirt for a stylish business casual look. Try and get a fitting coat.

# 4 Balm Biker Pants with a Suit Coat

Balm biker pants are short are very trendy lately. Wear brown balm biker pants, white sneakers with a matching shirt, and a dark brown suit coat for this semi-casual look. An elegant business casual look.

# 5 Jacket with a Waistcoat

Most people only wear waistcoats as part of a 3-piece suit. You can wear a brown waistcoat with a matching scarf and khaki pants, a checkered shirt, and a tie. A cotton jacket completes the look.

# 6 Chesterfield Coat with Men’s Handbag

The men’s handbag is not only for fashion runways. A green bag matches a green spotted tie, a blue chesterfield coat, blue jeans pants, and a light blue shirt to give you a chic look. Add sunglasses for the extra style.

# 7 Knitted Waistcoat, Suit Coat, and a Chesterfield Coat

This is a good business casual look for the fall or rainy season. It comprises of a gray knitted waistcoat, a red suit coat, a light blue shirt, blue jeans pants, white sneakers, and a black chesterfield coat.

# 8 Patch Pocket Coat with Jeans

The patch pocket coat is quite old. Nonetheless, it merges seamlessly with a blue checkered shirt, blue jeans pants, and brown shoes for a classy business casual look. An ideal look for the fall.

# 9 Beige Fitting Coat with Maroon Shoes

A fitting coat looks good on a toned body. Wear this beige fitting coat with black pants, and maroon shoes with a matching shirt for a dapper look. Ideal for any business or casual event.

# 10 Checkered Blazer with Maroon Shoes

Seems maroon is quite the color for business casual shoes. Wear maroon shoes with matching socks and a scarf, a brown checkered blazer with matching pants, and a white shirt. Perfect look for any business meeting in the fall.

# 11 Brown Chesterfield Coat with Scarf

This business casual looks common with professors. A brown bag matches the coat and the shoes with gray pants, a black scarf, and a striped shirt to complete the look.

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# 12 Turtle Neck Sweater with Matching Shoes

Turtlenecks cut between the business and casual looks effectively. This one requires a maroon turtleneck sweater with matching socks and shoes, gray pants and a black chesterfield coat. Also an ideal look for the fall.

# 13 Double-Breasted Fitting Suit Coat

This coat can also be worn with both casual and business outfits. Wear this blue coat with a brown turtleneck sweater, green shoes, and blue checkered pants. Add a Kangol hat for extra style.

# 14 Rugged Jeans with a Blazer

Rugged jeans can also pass for a business casual look. Wear blue jeans, rugged only at the ankles, with a matching shirt and blazer, and brown shoes for this look. A brown scarf is a welcomed addition.

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# 15 Brown Trench Coat with V-Neck Sweater

V-neck sweaters are quite common in men’s fashion. A white V-neck sweater goes well with a brown trench coat with matching shoes, and black pants. A good look for the autumn season.

# 16 Jeans Jacket with Suit

Jeans jackets also pass for business casual attire. A good example is a blue jeans jacket worn with a matching shirt, brown pants and a flowered tie. Glasses elicit a serious look.

# 17 Blue Blazer with Waistcoat

For this look, ensure the blazer fits perfectly. Wear a white shirt, a brown waistcoat, and blue jeans pants that match the blazer for this refined look. A black baseball hat can also come in handy.

# 18 Jeans Pants with Camel Coat

Camel coats are often confused for chesterfield coats. A brown camel coat complements matching shoes and a brown suit jacket very well. Wear these with blue jeans pants and a gray turtleneck for a modern business casual look.

# 19 Gray and White Look

Two colors that are close and complement each other well. Wear a gray blazer with matching pants and a sweater with white sneakers and a white shirt for this look. Sunglasses add more flavor to the style.

# 20 Quilted Vest with Khaki Pants

Quilted suits are also very common in men’s fashion. A blue quilted suit with a spotted shirt, green khaki pants, and a brown coat will give you a simple business casual look. Another model style for the fall.

# 21 Camel Coat with Matching Designer Bag

Designer bags add class to any man carrying them. Wear a brown camel coat with a matching Louis Vuitton bag, white sneakers, a blue shirt, and gray pants for this sassy look. Like in some styles mentioned above, add sunglasses for extra class.

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# 22 Woven Leather Shoes with Cream Pants

Woven leather shoes are beginning to get some acceptance socially. Wear brown ones with a blue striped shirt, a matching blazer, and cream pants for a respectable business social look. Add a campaign hat for more bravura.


# 23 Seersucker Sweater with Blue Pants

This look can work for you even on a Monday. It entails a gray seersucker sweater matching the sneakers, a black blazer, a white shirt, and blue pants matching the tie. A classy semi-casual look.

# 24 T-shirt with Fitted Blazer

This is common business casual look for most men. It comprises of blue pants, white t-shirt matching the sneakers and a gray blazer. Add sunglasses for the summer sun.

# 25 Blue and Black with Brown Bag

Blue and Black are also other colors that balance pretty well. A brown bag is the only added color as the black shoes match the t-shirt and the blue blazer matches the pants. Sunglasses and a beanie further complement the style.

# 26 All Black Business Casual Look

All black can also look good in a business setting. Wear a black turtleneck t-shirt with matching pants, shoes, and camel coat. You can also add a black baseball hat to the look.

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# 27 Gray Camel Coat with Black Bag

Yet another classy semi-casual look. This look needs a black sweater that matches the bag, shoes, and pants, a white shirt, and a gray camel coat. A good look for any semi-casual meeting.

# 28 Jeans Shirt with Folded Pants

A good look for a self-employed person visiting an office. Fold your gray pants slightly at the ankles then wear the blue jeans shirt with a brown chesterfield coat. The final attire is green shoes with a brown sole.

# 29 Rugged Jeans with a Double Breasted Coat

Rugged jeans pants can also offer a business casual loo. Wear the blue jeans pants with a white shirt, a maroon tie, and a brown jacket that matches the shoes. Ideal for the rainy season.

# 30 Italian Collar Shirt with Fitting Blazer

Shirt collars do matter when deciding their occasion of wear. Complete a stylish look with a blue Italian collar shirt, brown pants matching the shoes, and a dark brown matching blazer. Sunglasses add elegance.

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# 31 Checkered Pants with Stack Buttoned Blazer

The more buttons a blazer sleeve has, the more official it is. This look comprises of gray checkered pants, a brown blazer, brown shoes, and a blue shirt. A very good style for the summer.

# 32 White Jeans Pants with Green Blazer

For this look, the jeans must be cut at the ankles. Wear the white jeans with a blue shirt, gray sweater, brown shoes, and a green coat. A decent look for the fall.

# 33 White Khaki Pants with Pink Sweater

Pink is not a color most men want to wear. Nevertheless, a pink sweater looks really good with a black blazer, a blue shirt, white fitting pants, and blue shoes. Add a man bag for extra class.

# 34 Patched Jeans Pants with Patch Pocket Blazer

The blazer brings out the business side in this look. Wear the black and white blazer with the patched jeans pants, black moccasins, a black waistcoat, and a blue shirt for this look.

# 35 Collar T-shirt with Checkered Blazer

Again, it is the blazer that gives the business look here. Wear the checkered blazer with a white collar t-shirt, blue jeans pants, and brown shoes. A good look for the fall.

# 36 Seersucker Blazer with Jeans Pants

Seersucker fabric is good when it’s hot. Wear this brown seersucker blazer with a blue blazer with a matching jeans trouser, and brown moccasins. A blue tie is a welcomed addition.

# 37 Blue Blazer with Matching Jeans Pants

For this look, don’t forget to fold the jeans at the ankles. Add a blue blazer, brown shoes, and a black collar t-shirt to complete this look. Also a decent look for the summer.

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# 38 Oscar Jacobson Blazers with White Pants

Oscar Jacobson has some of the best blazers for men. Wear a gray Jacobson blazer with white pants, shirt, and sneakers. The result is a mature business casual look.

# 39 Army Sweater with Black Boots

The idea is to look stylish, not like you serve. A green army sweater goes well with a white shirt as the black bag matches the boots. Another decent business-casual look.

# 40 Rugged Pants with Brown Coat

Once again, rugged pants penetrate the business casual attire. Wear black rugged jeans pants with a black t-shirt, black boots, and a brown coat for this look. The perfect look for the rainy season.

# 41 Striped T-shirt with White Sneakers

As seen in other styles, sneakers too can be used for a semi-formal look. Wear white sneakers, a white t-shirt with black stripes, black pants, and a matching coat for a stylish business casual look.

# 42 Dark Khaki Coat with Rugged Pants

This is a very stylish look for the fall. It entails black rugged jeans pants with matching boots, a white shirt, and a dark brown khaki coat. A chic look for the autumn season.

# 43 Beige Pants with Fitting Blazer

Beige pants are not normally used for business occasions. Nonetheless, you can show up in a semi-formal event with a white t-shirt with matching sneakers, a black fitting blazer, and beige pants. Add sunglasses for style and the summer sun.

# 44 White and Blue Look

These colors represent goodness and stability respectively. A white blazer gives the perfect balance to a blue checkered shirt with pants and shoes to match. A simple yet stylish summer look.

# 45 Cream and White

Despite being close, these two colors balance very well. Wear a white t-shirt with matching sneakers and cream pants with a matching coat for a decent mature look.

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# 46 White Sweater with Black Bag

Sweaters also cut across the business and casual looks. Wear a white sweater, black pants, white sneakers that match the shirt, and a black bag for this look. An additional look for the fall.

# 47 Leather Coat with Waistcoat

Fitting leather jackets look sexy on any man. To add a business side to the black leather jacket, add blue jeans pants with a matching shirt, black moccasins, and a gray waistcoat. A gray tie completes the business look.

# 48 Ankle Length Pants with a Blue Blazer



Ankle length pants are very fashionable. Wear white ankle length pants with sneakers, a blue shirt, and a matching blazer for this look. A pocket handkerchief adds class.

# 49 Yellow and Blue

Most men don’t know how to wear yellow. Wear yellow sneakers with a blue striped shirt, a sky blue blazer, and matching jeans pants for a mature business casual look.

# 50 Faded Jeans with a Green Shirt

Faded jeans are what paved way for rugged jeans. You can spot a business-casual look by wearing blue faded jeans pants with a green shirt, a light green blazer, and brown moccasins. A perfect look for business during the fall.

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65 Business Casual Attire Ideas – Fing the Perfect Balance

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