65 Captivating Casual Attire Ideas for Men – A Fascinating Blend

Casual attire creates a balance between a constant 5-day look when working and the weekend when you are free. In addition, a casual style can be integrated into an official look and fit perfectly. Providing a blend often referred to as business casual.Needless to say, casual wear should be properly balanced to avoid fashion mistakes that might embarrass you for a long time. A casual look is not just the opposite of an official look, the style matters too. Here are some ideas that will help you pull off a stylish casual look.

# 1 Maroon Trench and Ripped Jeans

This look oozes class and calm. A maroon trench coat is perfect with a black pull neck and ripped jeans. Do not overdo the ripped jeans as that will bring off a totally different look.

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# 2 Casual Autumn Gear

The fall requires a decent look since everything is bright at that time. A blue jeans jacket over a light brown sweater and khaki pants best describe a casual autumn look. Add shoes that match the sweater for a complete look.

# 3 The Ranch Look

Whether you own a ranch or are visiting an animal park, this look will look good on you. Blue jeans, a checkered red and brown shirt and brown boots will have you looking dapper. A gray sweater balances the look.

# 4 Tee and Folded Official Pants

This style is a mixture of official and casual wear. A black t-shirt, sneakers, and official pants folded at the ankles make it cool and very simple. Ideal for a day out with the boys on the weekend.

# 5 Brown Jeans and a Shirt

Casual attire can be very simple yet very stylish at the same time. Fold your shirt to the elbows and button up all the way to your neck. Brown faded jeans complement this upper look.

# 6 Brown Pants and a Blue Shirt

This look is among the best mature casual looks. Light brown shoes, brown khaki pants, and a blue shirt above a brown t-shirt will have you looking like a calm celebrity. Perfect look for the summer or holidays.

# 7 The Hooded T-shirt Style

Most people mistakes hooded shirts for hoodies, they can serve the purpose but there is a difference. Wear a red hooded t-shirt with black pants and sneakers for a cool casual look. A baseball cap is a welcomed addition.

# 8 The Short and Blazer Look

Shorts are regarded sexy and are a way for your legs to get some vitamin D. for this look, wear a white short, white sneakers, a white t-shirt, and a simple light gray blazer. Perfect for social events.

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# 9 Woven Sweater and Jeans

Woven sweaters are perfect for spring due to all the heat they can generate. This casual look entails the woven sweater atop a white t-shirt, white sneakers, and jeans folded at the ankles. Cool, stylish, and simple in one package.

# 10 Plain College Jacket with Jeans

Most college jackets often have stripes on their collar. This plain maroon college jacket matches well with blue ripped jeans, white sneaker, and a white t-shirt. This casual look is simple and very stylish.

# 11 Fur Collar Jacket

The fur collar jacket can be used for casual occasions or to cover up an official look during the rains. Wear a black fur collar jacket with a white t-shirt, black and white sneakers, and fitting jeans on any cloudy day for this amazing casual look.

# 12 The Oversized Jeans Jacket Look

This look is all about style considering the fact that most jeans jacket are not oversized. Nonetheless, black rugged jeans, a white t-shirt, and white shoes complement the blue rugged jacket for a stylish casual look. Ideal for concerts and other related ceremonies.

# 13 Slim Fit Jacket and Sweater

The slim fit jacket is ideal for people with nicely toned upper bodies. A gray sweater, black rugged pants folded at the ankle and black sneakers are the best balance for a black slim fit jacket. Perfect for any social gathering.

# 14 Green Denim Jacket and Rugged Jeans

Denim jackets will always be a darling to most men. Another good casual look entails a green denim jacket with rugged blues jeans, white shoes, and a white t-shirt. This casual look is quite common with most men.

# 15 Black Autumn Coat and Matching Pants

This men’s casual style is as simple as they come. The simple collared black jacket matches pretty well with the black khaki pants, black rubbers, and a gray t-shirt. A simple look for any day out of the office.

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# 16 Long Sleeve Striped Jacquard Crew Neck Sweater

Jacquard sweaters are very popular especially with high school and college professors. The modern day jacquard sweater can be worn with a cream jacket, brown pants, and brown boots for a very classy casual look.

# 17 Black T-shirt and Jeans

I’m pretty sure every man is familiar with this look. It entails a simple fitting black t-shirt, blue jean, and a black pair of shoes. Ideal for family time and weekends.

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# 18 All Linen Casual Look

Linen has essential qualities that make clothes made from it ideal for the summer. A smart casual linen look comprises of brown linen pants and a blue line shirt. Add black moccasins and some glasses for a classy summer look.

# 19 The Blue and White Look

These two colors are commonly used when it comes to casual wear. This look comprises of black shoes, white khaki pants, and a blue linen shirt. It is perfect for both summer and the fall.

# 20 Puffer Jacket with a Scarf

Puffer jackets vary in puffiness, so to say, and this is the thin version of puffy jackets. Wear the black puffer jacket with a gray scarf, black shoes, a blue shirt, and black pants for a casual autumn look.

# 21 Beige Jacket with Jeans

This is yet another look that most men are very familiar with. A light brown jacket balances well with a blue denim shirt, white jeans, and brown shoes. Dark glasses supplement the look even further.

# 22 Chinese Collared Shirt

Chinese collared shirts have integrated themselves into fashion seamlessly. Wear a blue Chinese collared shirt with black fitting jeans and brown boots for a fully-fledged casual look.

# 23 Striped T-shirt with a Fall Jacket

Fall jackets live up to their name by providing much-needed warmth during mornings and evenings. This look comprises of brown fitting pants, white shoes, a white shirt with black stripes and a black fall jacket. Ideal for a casual weekend with your loved one.

# 24 Brown Bag with Matching Shoes

The highlight here is the whole style and not just the bag and shoes. The style involves blue fitting jeans pants, a blue Chinese collar shirt, red polka socks, a brown bag, and brown matching shoes. Ideal for the holidays and weekends.

# 25 White Jeans Jacket with Jeans

Most jeans jackets are either blue or black. However, a white jeans jacket gives you the perfect casual look when balanced by blue jeans, brown shoes, and a cedar brown shirt. Add dark shades for more style.

# 26 White Striped Sweater with White Pants

Shades of any color make a huge difference when it comes to fashion. This casual style required rice white pants folded at the ankles, black sneakers, a gray striped shirt, and of course the white striped sweater. Ideal for any public off-day occasion.

# 27 Chino Pants with a Designer Sweater

Chino pants are often confused for Khaki pants. Red chino pants match very well with a designer round neck sweater and a black t-shirt. An ideal casual look for the spring.

# 28 Jeans Pants and a Casual Shirt

Color, design, and texture separate casual shirts from official shirts. Wear a light blue shirt with matching sneakers, and black fitting pants, folded at the ankles for a cool casual look. This look is also very good for spring.

# 29 Designer T-shirt and Rugged Jeans

Most people fear designer clothes as they deem them expensive, well, not all are. A simple white designer t-shirt, black rubbers, a black rugged trouser, and a black fitting leather jacket will have you looking like a superstar on vacation. Perfect for the summer.

# 30 Folded T-shirt with Bag

Most men have not yet grown into carrying men’s handbags in public just yet. Nonetheless, for those who have, you can maximize that style by wearing black sneakers, rugged blue jeans, and a black t-shirt folded twice at the arms to match the bag. Ideal for weekends and holidays.

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# 31 All-Black with a Short

An all-black casual look has a simple yet stylish appeal attached to it. Especially if it is a black short with white sneakers, a black t-shirt, and a black baseball hat. Add some sunglasses for extra style.

# 32 Jean Jacket with Dashiki Collar

Dashiki has an ancient and deep cultural essence attached to it. A blue jeans jacket with a dashiki collar would go well with a black baseball cap, a white t-shirt, black rugged jeans, and brown shoes.

# 33 Vintage Leather Jacket

Vintage leather jackets are hard to find lately. Wear white sneakers, blue rugged jeans, a white t-shirt with black stripes and brown vintage leather jacket for a smart casual look.

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# 34 Cut Sleeve T-shirt

This t-shirt is easy to find and simple. Wear it with rugged blue jeans and a gray baseball hat for a casual summer look.

# 35 Seersucker T-shirt with Matching Sneakers

Seersucker t-shirts are not as common as seersucker suits. Nonetheless, a white seersucker t-shirt would be the perfect balance for a look entailing white sneakers, blue rugged jeans pants, and a jeans jacket. The ideal casual style for traveling.

# 36 Boots with Hooded Autumn Jacket

This look will have you looking like an army officer on leave. All you need are brown boots, a brown shirt, black fitting jeans pants and a hooded autumn jacket. An ideal look for the fall.

# 37 Puffy Fur Collar Jacket with Sweater

Puffy jackets can withstand the cold but wear a sweater if you don’t intend to zip up. Add a black fitting trouser, white sneakers, and a gray shirt to complete this casual look. Textbook look for the spring.

# 38 Casual Biker Style

The casual biker style is a reserved version of the biker style. The black leather biker jacket matches well with the black fitting jeans pants, and brown Chelsea boots to give you a sociable biker look. A superlative look for the fall.

# 39 Jeans Jacket with a Sweater

Normally, jeans jackets are not worn with sweaters. However, if the weather dictates, a blue jeans jacket would be excellent with a gray sweater, black fitting jeans pants folded at the ankles, and white sneakers. A good casual look for spring.

# 40 Checkered Shirt with Jeans

Checkered shirts are as off-the-cuff as casual looks go. A maroon and white checkered shirt go very well with a white vest, blue jeans pants, and black and white sneakers. Add clear glasses for a geeky casual look.

# 41 Brown College Jacket with Matching Shoes

College jackets are perfect for a man who works out. The plain brown college jacket exudes maturity while the matching shoes, black rugged jeans pants, and the black t-shirt add more flavor to the style. Ideal casual style for traveling.

# 42 Boots and Bomber Jackets

Bomber jackets are very close considering the design, to college jackets. Wear blue rugged jeans pants, brown Chelsea boots, a gray t-shirt, and a green bomber jacket for a stylish casual look. A good look for the summer.

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# 43 Rugged Jeans Jacket with Checkered Pants

Rugged jeans jackets give a very fashionable casual look. Wear a blue rugged jeans jacket with a white t-shirt, checkered fitting pants, white sneakers, and a wide brimmed hat. An ideal look for dinner with friends.

# 44 Jeans Jacket with a Short

This casual look is best describes how to dress when going for lunch with friends. A black short, white sneakers, a white t-shirt, and blue jeans are what make this casual look. Add a baseball hat and sunglasses for extra elegance.

# 45 Military Casual Style

You do not need to be afraid of being arrested. The military casual style gets its name from the green military shirt which is coupled with blue rugged jeans pants and white sneakers to give the look. Ideal for any casual occasion.

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# 46 Folded Khaki Pants with a Black Shirt

Folding pants at the ankle has become a trendy casual look lately. Pull this look off effortlessly by wearing white sneakers, brown fitting khaki pants, and a black shirt folded to the elbows. Sunglasses add class to the style.

# 47 Regular Fit Shirt with White Pants

Regular fit shirts look really good on a toned chest. You can pull a simple yet stunning casual look by wearing a blue regular fit shirt with white pants and black shoes. Sunglasses are a welcomed addition.

# 48 Pepe Jeans Jacket

These jackets are designer made and very fashion friendly. Wear the white pepe jeans jacket with black jeans trousers folded at the ankles, white sneakers, and a white t-shirt. Sunglasses make this casual style ideal for the fall.

# 49 Rugged Jeans with a Custom T-shirt

This look would win a most popular casual look contest. It comprises of blue rugged jeans, white sneakers, and a simple white custom-made t-shirt. Ideal for any social occasion and hanging out with friends.

# 50 Moccasins with Rugged Jeans

Considered to cut across both the formal and informal styles of fashion, moccasins are the perfect shoe for this look. Wear brown moccasins with a matching linen shirt and black rugged pants for a breathtaking casual style. This casual style for men is ideal for both the summer and the fall.

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65 Captivating Casual Attire Ideas for Men – A Fascinating Blend

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