40 Incredible Smoking Jacket – Ideas That Rock The Look

The smoking jacket has been a traditional coat that has for long been reserved for an evening home wear for gentlemen as they enjoy their favorite cigar brand or pipe up in style around the estate. Thanks to evolution in the style and fashion industry, however, this coat’s is increasingly becoming a favorite evening outfit for men away from home and in town, including black tie show ups. Most experts in the men’s fashion industry may argue that smoking jackets aren’t nowadays as popular as they used to be back in the days, they still are considered cool by a whole lot of gentlemen as elegant pieces of costume as well as the fact that they are still considered cool. The obvious thing is that these smoking coats come in a wide variety of designs, themes, colors, patterns, and material options. But what are some of the elegant options out there?

#1 The Robe De Chambre Style – Sash or Tie-Belt

Some people like to call this particular jacket, the Hugh Hefner silk robe or gown. It comes with a belt or sash around the waistline, making it similar to that of a robe. It gives an elegant, traditional, and timeless look and feel and may be a perfect choice for social events or home use when you’re looking for a more relaxed and comfortable outerwear.

#2 The Traditional Dinner Look

This long and dense jacket can make a perfect choice for outside events, parties, and dates, especially when looking for a traditional look. It’s also loose and comfortable to the wearer. Note the elegant color and design details at the collars and the pockets.

#3 The Designer Quilted Black-Grey Casual Jacket

With Quilts at the collars, sleeve edges, and outer pockets, this jacket gives an awesome look for a semi-casual appearance. Check out the decorations at the fastening points of the coat.

#4 The Black and Grey Elegant Blazer

This black and gray smoking blazer can be an awesome pick for evening events, both business and business casual. It comes out great when matched with a gray pair of pants.

#5 The Green and Grey Relaxed Look

For outside evening parties and cocktail events, this green coat with gray collars and sleeves can make a perfect pick.

#6 The Tuxedo Jacket Style

This can be a wonderful option if you’re looking for a business look, say for an evening dinner or corporate meeting. The black 2-buttoned smoking blazer jacket blends just fine when paired with a formal pair of gray pants and a gray necktie.

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#7 The Double Collared Formal Style

This red jacket with double collars and a single button is also perfect to clad into when going for formal parties, and evening events where you need a business or business-casual look on you. borrow a leaf on how the two jacket collars color matches and blends with the man’s trousers.

  • Smoking Jacket 26
  • Smoking Jacket 27
  • Smoking Jacket 28
  • Smoking Jacket 29
  • Smoking Jacket 30

#8 The Loose Formal Look

Most of the detail in this double-breasted jacket is centered on the patterns at the fastening or the frogging. Being a brightly colored smoking blazer, this conspicuous silk jacket can give a great look when worn together with a pair of dark-colored pants below.

#9 The Brilliant Navy Designer Look

This navy blue jacket with average-sized double collars can also be a perfect smoking jacket for a formal event or evening business party. It even brings more elegance when work with a bright-colored or white shirt underneath and a bow tie that matches the color of the pants and jacket collars.

#10 The Informal Housecoat Style

When at home or at a close friend’s place, this one can be a perfect cigar jacket for comfort and relaxation. Notice how it hangs loosely on the body, with a robe-style sash or belt around the waist area. The blue informal housecoat style also provides more liberty when it comes to choosing the rest of your outfits.

#11 The “Working-Late” Smoking Blazer

This green, stylish smoking blazer can be ideal for the indoor environment where maintaining an official look may be required. Check out the unique patterns around the button areas and the quilted collars with a different color that matches that of the bowtie. This vintage look can be perfect if you’re working late in the office and not so many people are around.

#12 The Semi-Casual Slim Fitting Style

This one can be a perfect pick when looking for a smart-casual appearance in for a semi-formal event or evening party. The coat also has a unique style when it comes to the buttons and the patterns of the jacket collars.

#13 The Green Dinner Date Coat

Check out the unique color matching and elegant patterns of this official dinner designer jacket. The collars, arm buttons, and the pants create a brilliant look and the gentleman without screaming too much about it.

#14 The Official Maroon and Grey Combi

The slim fit look created by maroon jacket works perfectly well with the slim fit gray trousers. This can be an ideal combination for an elegant party appearance in town.

  • Smoking Jacket 32
  • Smoking Jacket 33
  • Smoking Jacket 34
  • Smoking Jacket 35
  • Smoking Jacket 31

#15 The Semi-Casual Double-Breasted Maroon Coat

For something that doesn’t feel too uptight, this coat can be a perfect pick for creating a relaxed, classic look when appearing for a semi-casual outdoor event or environment.

#16 The Velvet Navy Look

This navy coat can be perfect when worn together with pants that match the breasts’ color. It creates an ideal look for a person who’ll be appearing in front of people, a stage, or guests in a function.

#17 The Cold Weather Look

This strapped or sash smoking jacket works well worn as outerwear above your official attire during a cold evening. See how the blue and navy color matches the rest of the outfit.

#18 The Green Frog Jacket with Checked Pants

You can also go a bit above and beyond and experiment with smoking jackets without going overboard. The green coat decorated at the closures with frog fastenings can give a great mother-nature look when matched with green checked pants like this gentleman does.

#19 The Checked Designer Jacket

As long as you pick a color that matches one in the jacket for your pants, the checked designer look is a brilliant one for both official and semi-casual looks.

#20 The True Blue Fancy Look

Notice how this true blue single-button jacket has provides closure from both sides. It is slim and tight enough, making it ideal for stage performances and official functions when worn with darker pants below.

#21 Long Navy Trench Jacket

This sash smoking jacket is precisely the same length as most trench coats. The jacket can be a great choice to wear for optional functions. It works great with slim fit pants below.

  • Smoking Jacket 36
  • Smoking Jacket 37
  • Smoking Jacket 38
  • Smoking Jacket 39
  • Smoking Jacket 40

#22 The Maroon and Grey Business Look

Notice how elegant this gentleman looks with a gray vest coat and a white shirt underneath a smoking single-button maroon jacket with gray decorated double breasts.

#23 The Burgundy Jacket with Multicolored Shirt

Who said you have to wear a plain shirt underneath your favorite double-breast smoking coat to look cool? The burgundy jacket works just fine with the blue and white multicolored shirt underneath.

#24 The Modern Celebrity Swagger Look

Even without any undergarment, this gentleman still looks cool with the maroon jacket and darker, fitting pants underneath. The combination creates a modern celebrity-like swagger.

#25 The Contemporary Velvet Look

This smoking jacket style can be a great option for optional, black tie events. See the elegance provided by the exterior pockets, the braided trim velvet collars, and the frog decorations at the coat’s closure. Notice how these gents match their ties with the collars’ color.

Even though it might seem to some as if it went out of fashion, the smoking jacket can be a perfect piece of clothing or costume for a wide variety of functions and uses, as is evident from these 40 ideas. Especially for the modern designs, the smoking coat can be ideal for both indoor and outdoor use, plus you don’t have to smoke to wear this jacket. It mostly depends on your choice of a jacket in terms of color, material, patterns, and design details and how they blend with the rest of the outfit you cloth in.

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40 Incredible Smoking Jacket – Ideas That Rock The Look

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