30 Awesome Lumberjack Shirt Ideas – Pull an Impressive Look

The lumberjack shirt is a timeless and fashionable outfit that you can wear in many ways and pair with different types of trousers. It is a stylish shirt that comes in many designs, but its key features are the flannel or brushed cotton material and the check patterns. Most men also prefer to have it in bright colors with red and blue being the most popular ones. Here are a few remarkable ideas that you can use to pull an impressive look with this trendy shirt design.

# 1 Lumberjack and Blue Jeans Combo

This outfit demonstrates a typical lumberjack look, and it entails pairing the shirt with light blue jeans and a pair of black boots.

# 2 Blue Shirt With a Zipper

The extra length of this shirt, the beautiful color and the zipper on the sides are the three things that make it look adorable, and you can pair it with anything from jeans to khaki pants.

# 3 Skinny Jeans and Lumberjack

Skinny jeans are comfy and very stylish and if you pair black ones like these with a shirt that has some nice check pattern and color you will look adorable.

# 4 The Dark Blue Theme

This look is about wearing multiple colors, and it combines a gray t-shirt on the inside with a black and dark blue check shirt and a slim fitting college jacket.

# 5 Zipped Shirt with Extended Collar

A colorful shirt like this one is perfect for men that want to wear a distinguished outfit. Apart from the color, it also has a unique design that features a zipper instead of buttons and an extra long collar.

# 6 Multicolored Check Design

The bright and multiple colors on this shirt are the ones that make it look unique. It is a beautiful shirt that is ideal for pulling a casual button down look with a white v-neck t-shirt below it.

# 7 Traditional Wood Cutter Look

This traditional lumberjack look pairs the flannel shirt with a pair of denim jeans and suspenders to create an innovative look that you should finish with brown boots.

# 8 Slim Fitting Black and Red Shirt

Black and red always make a perfect combination, and they are what make this check shirt beautiful. The shirt pairs with a black t-shirt and jeans, and you should keep the buttons undone for a casual feel.

# 9 Chic Shirt and Rugged Jeans

Ripped jeans are very stylish, and the best thing about them is that you can make them with your old pair of trousers at home. The ones in this design combine with a chic and thick lumberjack shirt to create an attractive outdoor look.

# 10 Blue Check Cotton Shirt

This shirt is both functional and stylish. It has a thick cotton fabric that keeps a man warm, and the check pattern is very elegant. If you pair it with black jeans and boots like in this style, you will look glamorous.

# 11 Simple Lumberjack Look

You do not have to be a logger to wear a look like this one because it will still work for any man that wants to look fashionable. It is a simple look that entails pairing a black and red check shirt with a beautiful black t-shirt.

# 12 Red Shirt with Dark Jeans

This red shirt has some nice patterns, and it will brighten the appearance of any man. In this design, it pairs with the dark jeans to create a simple but adorable casual look.

# 13 Cool Vest and Shirt

A cute vest is always and an excellent addition to any attire. In this design, it helps to spice up the red check shirt and blue ripped jeans combination.

# 14 Simple and Classy Casual Look

Simplicity is what makes this a refined look for modern men. The outfit is about pairing a red and black check shirt with blue jeans and some cute casual shoes.

# 15 Brown Check Flannel Shirt

Brown is the most dominant shade in this lumberjack shirt, but it also has some nice checks, and it pairs well with the navy blue jacket.

# 16 Colorful Check Short and Blue Pants Combo

This fabulous looking shirt has some bright colors and some nice check patterns, and it matches perfectly with the blue pants and the puffy vest coat.

# 17 The Button Down Look

How you wear your shirt is as important as its design and color. Although this one has some beautiful black and red check patterns the button down style with a white t-shirt inside that pairs with the blue trousers are what makes this an impressive appearance.

# 18 Easy and Elegant Lumberjack Look

Everything from the fit of this shirt to the beautiful check pattern and colors is flawless. It also pairs with the black jeans and blue jacket to create a charming outdoor look.

# 19 Sexy Green Plaid Shirt

A green plaid shirt like this one will give any man a clean and sexy look. And if you combine it with a ripped pair of jeans you can be sure of stylish casual attire.

# 20 Patched Shirt and Yellow Vest

The patchwork design on this shirt is very inventive, and it gives it multiple colors which increase your options when it comes to pairing it with the trouser. However, a yellow vest coat is all you need for this particular look.

# 21 Elegant Flannel Shirt

Many things make this outfit impressive as it combines a dark-toned flannel shirt with some dark jeans and suspenders.

# 22 Spiced Up Black and White Look

The red shades on this shirt play and important role in this look as they help to break the boredom and spice up the black and white theme of the outfit.

# 23 Neat Brown Plaid with Double Pockets

This simple brown check shirt looks impeccable, and it has some double pockets that make it look classy. You can pair it with any trouser, but blue jeans like these are the best choice.

# 24 Adorable Blue/Green Flannel

A beautiful shirt like this one guarantees you a pleasant appearance regardless of how you dress it. In this design, it pairs with a simple t-shirt to create a perfect casual look.

# 25 Cute and Flawless Combo

Nothing pairs better with your lumberjack shirt than a puffy vest coat like this one. And if you add it some dark jeans to the look and a pair of boots you will look fabulous.

# 26 Nice Fit Shirt with Dress Pants

This short-sleeved shirt has an excellent fit, and it pairs with the black dress trousers to create a simple but cute appearance.

# 27 Ripped Jeans and a Cute Shirt

A look like this one should not be difficult to pull as you only need a slim-fitting plaid shirt and some ripped skinny jeans.

# 28 Relaxed Lumberjack Look

As simple as this outfit might look it still gives the wearer a great look. The look is about pairing the bright check shirt with light blue jeans and tucking it in for a relaxed semi-formal appearance.

# 29 Black Slim Fitting Flannel

This black flannel shirt has a nice slim fit and some distinctive patterns, and the wearer pairs it with tight black pants and leather dress shoes.

# 30 Light Colored Shirt

Here is a beautiful shirt that will help a man brighten his appearance and give him a refined look. Apart from the bright blue check design the shirt also has an excellent fit, and it is perfect for pairing with black jeans.

The lumberjack shirt is a perfect addition to your closet as it will always give you more options when it comes to wearing casual looks. It is also stylish, and this makes it perfect for all seasons. The 30 picture gallery above will give you some ideas and inspiration when wearing this beautiful shirt.

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