35 Refined Blazer with Jeans Ideas – Contemporary Style for a Classy Gentleman

As a man, you should continuously strive to keep up with the times and if you are yet to try a blazer with jeans look you are behind the trend. This dress code has always been there, but about a decade ago it died down slightly. However, in the recent years, it has been coming back as more and more men embrace and modernize it. The blazer choices have also improved significantly over the years and with the endless jeans options available you can always be confident of a chic appearance. Look through the 35 pictures below for ideas on how you can pull this fabulous look.

# 1 Casual and Masculine Look

The leather bag might be functional, but it also acts as a fabulous accessory for this style. However, the combination of the light blue jeans and gray two-button jacket is the highlight of the design.

# 2 Distressed Denim and Blazer Combo

The notch lapel single breasted coat looks amazing, and it pairs well with the black t-shirt, distressed jeans, and the brown leather boots.

# 3 Skinny Jeans and Blazer

There is nothing that is very fancy about this blazer or the jeans but they combine very well to create a stylish appearance. And if you fold the skinny jeans to expose the lovely leather shoes you will look stunning.

# 4 A Touch of Casual

You might probably not want to go to the office looking like this, but for a casual look, this is perfect. It combines a single breast two button blazer with ripped trousers to create the perfect outdoor look.

# 5 Black and White Elegance

The black and white stripes give this coat a majestic look, and it pairs very well with the white t-shirt and the simple blue jeans to create a top notch appearance.

# 6 Casual Gentleman

If you have a pair of rugged jeans sitting idle in your closet here is an amazing look that you can try out. It involves combining the pair of jeans with a classic fitting two button blazer that also has some side vents and accessorizing with a dark tan tie and a classy hat.

# 7 Red DB and Black Jeans

This 6×2 button double breasted coat looks fantastic, and this is not only due to its red color but also as a result of its slim fit. The wearer combines it with a white t-shirt and black trouser to create a very refined appearance.

# 8 Stylish Sweater Look

Although there are many ways of pulling the blazer with jeans look, this particular one is unique. It entails pairing the two with a stylish sweater and some brown formal shoes.

# 9 Brown and Rugged Blue

This brown two button and the slim fitting coat is adorable, and it also has a cute square pocket for accessorizing. It pairs with a skinny and rugged jeans and a button down white shirt to create a fabulous appearance.

# 10 Checked on Faded Blue Jeans

Men with faded blue jeans and a checked coat lying around can pair them with a white shirt to create this charming and simple casual look.

# 11 V-Neck and Blazer

The transformation that a blazer brings to your overall appearance is very impressive. In this design, the blue blazer combines with some straightforward and tight blue pants and a V-neck t-shirt to create a chic look that you should spice up with a stylish scarf.

# 12 Sassy Pink Blazer

The fabric and color of this pink coat are top notch, and they help to make it look very trendy. However, the wearer also dresses it well by combining the blazer with dark green jeans and a dotted shirt.

# 13 Cool with Two Coats

This look is perfect for the winter cold, and it entails wearing two coats. The outer coat is a trench to keep the cold at bay while the inner one is a stylish brown check coat that pairs well with skinny jeans to create a trendy style.

# 14 Trendy Cream Blazer with Jeans

This cream jacket is very simple, but its color and fit make it a perfect choice for the modern man. For this look, you should pair it with fitting jeans and a casual white shirt.

# 15 Sweet and Stylish Casual

It is hard to go wrong when you wear a blazer with jeans, and the versatility of this look means that you can try different things. This style combines a brown coat with faded blue jeans, but the cheeky shirt and black tie are what makes this a distinct style.

# 16 The Broken Three Piece

For most people, this is not the look that comes to mind when they think of a three-piece suit. It is an inventive design that involves wearing a blue blazer, a checked half coat, and some simple blue jeans.

# 17 Simple and Elegant

Everything on this design looks simple but still manages to create a beautiful appearance. The style consists of a dark blue two button and single breast blazer, a white shirt and tight blue jeans.

# 18 Loose Blazer and fancy Jeans

When wearing blazers for a casual look, you do not have to be very strict with the fit because a loose one button coat like this one still creates an amazing appearance. It pairs with ripped jeans, a white t-shirt, and some black boots to give the wearer a breathtaking appearance.

# 19 Cool and Clean Look

The fabric, color, and pattern of this single breast coat are all amazing, and it will make any man look fantastic. Pairing it with a simple t-shirt and rugged jeans creates a very refined and classy appearance.

# 20 Super Cute Casual Look

It does no matter the blazer color that you go for provided you know how to pair it with other clothes. This brown coat pairs well with a black t-shirt, rugged pants, and some cute brown boots.

# 21 Elegance in Simplicity

You do not have to complicate anything to create a refined appearance. Keeping things simple with a dark blue jacket, a V-neck and blue jeans will still make you look very elegant.

# 22 Lovely Double Breasted and Jeans Style

The double breasted jacket in this design looks amazing, and it also has a perfect fit. It combines with the striped shirt, blue jeans and low cut boots to give the wearer a very contemporary appearance.

# 23 Easy Casual Look

Any man can pull this look effortlessly. It entails wearing a loose black blazer that you should pair with some rugged skinny jeans, white t-shirts and white sneakers.

# 24 Classy Outdoor Look

The rip on the knees of these blue jeans is very fashionable, and it also helps to enhance the casual look. Apart from this the man also has a slim fit black blazer and a cute black and white t-shirt.

# 25 Straightforward and Adorable

You can create this look with any blazer that you have regardless of the color as it is a very simple design. Apart from the blazer with jeans you also need a white button down casual shirt and some cute white sneakers.

# 26 The Casual Perfection

This blazer with jeans demonstrates how a perfect casual or outdoor outfit should look. The colors blend in well, and the T-shirt also has a cute pattern, and you should finish the look with some brown formal shoes.

# 27 Business Casual

It is still possible to attend a business meeting in this attire as you will not look out of place. The style involves combining a slim fit blazer with dark blue denim and a pin collar shirt that you should spice up with a bright striped tie.

# 28 Classy Match

The blue shirt, jeans, and the square pocket provide an exciting match. But, the introduction of the pink blazer provides a perfect break to the monotony of the blue colors to give the man a very classy appearance.

# 29 Sexy in Black and Blue

The black t-shirt in this design has a very lovely pattern, and it makes the black coat look very detailed. Apart from this, the man pairs them with some casual blue jeans to create an overall sexy appearance.

# 30 Check DB and Denim

Contrary to the popular misconceptions double breasted blazer also combine well with jeans. The brown checked DB in this design pairs very well with the denim and brown loafers to create a polished casual design.

# 31 Casual Look with Chelsea Boots

It is always more about how you dress than the types of clothes that you choose to wear. This design has a simple two button blazer with a loose fit, but it combines it with a neat white shirt and skinny jeans before finishing with some cute black Chelsea boots to create a very stylish look.

# 32 All-Grey Look

Sometimes concentrating more on the colors than the design of what you wear can also give you a fantastic blazer with jeans design. In this particular look, the appearance involves wearing a gray sweater, a gray jacket, black denim and finishing off with some gray suede boots. In the end, you have an all-grey overall appearance, and this is what will make you look adorable.

# 33 Relaxed and Easy

The days that men had to spend a lot of money and time to get a sophisticated appearance so as to stand out are long gone. In this modern era keeping things straightforward and relaxed is what is in trend. This style does this with a cream blazer that it combines with a white t-shirt and rugged blue jeans to create a stylish appearance.

# 34 Fashionable and Classy Look

The faded blue denim in this style looks amazing, and it is perfect for pairing with a white shirt. You should then wear a dark two-button blazer to add some contrast to your attire.

# 35 Army Green Blazer and Sneakers

The army green blazer and sneakers are the center of attraction in this design as they are a perfect match. However, the blue jeans and light blue shirt also look fantastic, and they add some extra detail to the casual look.

It is hard if not impossible to go wrong if you wear a blazer with jeans. There are endless ways of pulling this look, and you only need to choose a stylish blazer and pair it with your favorite jeans. The 35 styles above are just a few of the many looks that you can pull. Use them for inspiration to you create your unique and stylish look.

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