25 Beautiful Ways to Style a Gold Vest – The Essential Staple Piece

Gold vests are a great way to pump up an outfit. Whether your style is moderate and sleek, or bold and bright, you’re sure to love what a nice gold vest has to offer. They can be paired with dark or light colors and be worn with jackets or stand alone. Warm up your look with a thick wool vest or slim it down with a light knit. Which style do you prefer? Check out the styles below to see all the different ways you can style this essential staple piece.

# 1 Simple City Style

This monochromatic style has a vintage vibe with a pocket chain, black shirt and pocket square, and vintage paisley tie. This style is perfect for blending in with the city crowd.

# 2 Casual Elegance

Pairing a brown jacket with a gold vest and black pants is a great way to stay casual while still remaining stylish enough to fit in anywhere. Comfort is one of the best attributes of this fashionable outfit.

# 3 Winter Wear

Using a sweater vest is a perfect way to stay warm and stylish. Wearing a gold sweater vest with a red tie and matching pocket square is a great way to stay in style. Pair it with a white button down and a dark denim jacket.

# 4 Perfect Balance

Wearing a matching gold suit with a black undershirt, pocket square and black shoes perfectly balances out your outfit’s aesthetic.

# 5 Nautical Wear

Stand out from the crowd in this nautical inspired ensemble. A lighter blue denim jacket and matching tie paired with a gold vest give a nice contrast. Pair with white pants and brown shoes for a finished look.

# 6 Perfect Contrast

Pick your favorite shade of blue to wear underneath a gold vest. Pair with a brown tie and brown pants for a nice contrast.

# 7 Plaid Pants

For a bold look, pair your gold vest with a nice pair of patterned pants. Add a white undershirt, black jacket, and brown shoes to tone down the look.

# 8 Country Style

Fit in with the beautiful countryside with a gold vest and similar jacket. Pair with matching shoes for a nice line. Complete the look with a white undershirt and white pants to give it a crisp, clean finish.

# 9 Mood Outfit

Boost your mood with a rich navy tie and sweater vest underneath a gold suit. Include a white undershirt and black shoes to complete the look.

# 10 Mystery Man

Make a mysterious statement in a gold suit with dark contrasts. By adding black gloves, a black button up undershirt and a black overcoat, you will increase your mystifying look. Add a tie with both colors to bring it all together.

# 11 Plaid Everywhere

Stand out in the crowd with this all plaid suit composed of gold and brown hues. Add a contrasting polka dot tie and pocket chains for even more interest.

# 12 Contrasting Plaid

Go for a slightly more subtle look with the bright plaid gold vest. Pair it with monochromatic plaid jacket and pants. Top it off with a solid gold tie and white button-down shirt.

# 13 Dashing Blues

Pairing a knit gold sweater vest with a light blue shirt and dark blue pants is a classic look that any gentleman can enjoy. Add brown shoes, a brown tie, and a gray jacket to finish the outfit.

# 14 Patterned Style

Start with a classic gold vest, white undershirt, and white pants. Include a patterned jacket, striped scarf, and bold tie to add some interest to the outfit.

# 15 Subtle Patterns

By pairing a gold vest with monochromatic blue tones, your outfit will stand out from the crowd. Add in some patterns to each piece to give some interest to your look.

# 16 Every Pattern Included

Putting together an outfit with a plaid vest, blue and white striped shirt and brown polka dot tie will create a look that is all your own. Skip the accessories so as not to overdo the style.

# 17 Distressed Denim

You can never go wrong with a casual gold vest and structured denim jacket. Add a striped shirt and bold tie for an intriguing statement and distressed jeans to stay comfortable.

# 18 Classic Style

This classic light gold vest and jacket combo is suitable for any day. A blue shirt and white pants compliment this look nicely.

# 19 Bright and Bold

For a pop of color on a summer day, go with a bright gold vest. Pair it with a neutral jacket, gray slacks and a paisley tie for an easygoing outfit.

# 20 Vintage Perfection

Going with a distressed gold suit paired with blue accents with give you a look that anyone would envy.

# 21 Plaid Pinstripe

A dark plaid pinstripe suit is always a handsome look. However, paired with a gold knit vest and a brown tie, it puts this outfit over the top.

# 22 Slate Gray

Slate gray has been a popular color for decades. Pairing this gray jacket and slacks with a gold vest makes this look extraordinary.

# 23 City Comfort

Blend into the hustle and bustle of the city while staying comfortable. Pair a knit gold vest with a matching jacket and dark plaid pants.

# 24 Business Casual

This bright blue shirt and plaid gold vest will have you ready for the work day. Pair with a dark pair of pants for a look that will turn everyone’s heads at the office.

# 25 Plaid Jacket

Make your vest the most subtle part of your look by adding a plaid jacket. A striped shirt, emerald green tie, and white pants compliment this style perfectly.

Gold vests are the perfect addition to any classic look. Give any of these 25 looks a try to switch up your wardrobe. If you found this information helpful, share it with your friends so that they can also look their best.

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