30 Amazing Adam Levine Haircut Ideas – Making Simple Extra Stylish

Adam Levine haircut ideas are as consistent as the rockstar’s music. Although the length changes every once in a while, he likes to rock the top longer than the sides and usually goes for a temple fade to give it a stylish finish. Almost always, the singer sports light to medium stubble that befits his angular, boyish face. The Adam Levine haircut is the epitome of casual style that has the modern appeal most men look for. Here are 30 of Adam Levine’s finest haircuts you can try to keep you looking trendy and youthful.

# 1 Buzzed Blonde Locks

Adam has shown us time and again that he knows how to work that blonde hair tint. Here sports tastefully cropped blonde hair that is short enough to look boyish and very masculine. His characteristic stubble is lighter in this instance although it is just as stylish.

# 2 Red Carpet

A thicker mop of his jet black hair at the top undoubtedly makes him look more corporate and dashing in this red carpet photograph. He adds a few interesting textures and sweeps it slightly to the side while leaving his cheeks and jaw line slightly darkened by his ever-present stubble.

# 3 Textured

The textured finish of his blonde locks in this example is what makes them look more captivating. He wears the locks a bit longer and tastefully wilders, which pairs surprisingly well with his trademark light stubble on his chiseled face.

# 4 Pompadour

Adam rarely sports a full beard, which is why this is one of a unique Adam Levine haircut ideas. His hair is also thicker, fuller and lusher and he uses its jet black sheen wisely by styling it into a glossy pompadour hairstyle that befits his nicely trimmed full beard.

# 5 Classic Adam

This is a look we are more used to seeing the rock star pull off as he does so effortlessly. The hair is thick enough for a lush pompadour hairstyle with slightly faded sides and a gloriously styled top. He finishes off the look perfectly with his usual stubbly beard.

# 6 Formal

In this look, Adam goes for a more formal finish and sweeps his hair stylishly towards one side. This is a very sophisticated hairstyle that has touches of modern trendiness in the way the sides have been tapered using temple fades.

# 7 Casual Adam

On a regular day, this is the haircut that we see the rockstar with. Heavy into the temple fade, the star makes no mistake with his distinctly personal style that never lacks his immensely stylish short stubble darkening his chiseled jaw line and cheeks.

# 8 Long Top

Here we see an uncharacteristically textured haircut that features some playfully wild textures at the top. The sides are, as usual, shortened using subtle temple fades and his chin is dotted with sexy light stubble that never fails to impress.

# 9 Thick Gatsby Hairstyle

When Adam decides to wear the top longer, he does so effortlessly. Here, he opts for a classic Gatsby that makes full use of his lush thick top which has been styled wonderfully. Shortened sides and a light stubble finish off the look by giving it his usual Adam appeal.

# 10 Square Lined

Shorter sides and a longer top are all you need to recreate this fashionable look for young men. Adam also goes for a thicker beard, which is the right way to complement hair of that length as it matches the ruggedness.

# 11 Official

Fades have been incorporated into most corporate haircuts. There is a lot that can be achieved simply by taking off a bit on the sides since this helps to give the haircut a more symmetrical appearance and a very attractive square-lined finish.

# 12 Sporty

For men who like to stay in that sweet spot between casual and formal, here is an Adam Levine haircut you should try. The shortened but not faded sides make it look more mature while the dark stubble gives it all the youthfulness it needs.

# 13 Sophisticated

The rockstar’s versatile sense of style allows even the most rigid of men to find a look that suits their tastes. Here is a sophisticated hairstyle that features just the right amount of thickness all round and a superbly maintained beard that highlights his strong jaw line and high cheeks.

# 14 Playful

Away from his usually heavily slicked down hair, Adam likes to keep it laid back by giving his hair a bit of feathery textures at the top, which fully suits his casual demeanor. The simple addition of his trademark facial hair is what gives this look its distinctive personal touch.

# 15 Patchy Beard

Very few men can rock a patchy beard with as much confidence and swagger as Adam does this example. He pairs it with a simple temple faded haircut that suits his youthful tastes and shows off his angular face superbly.

# 16 Neat

Adam goes neatly in this picture with a haircut that has been shortened to make him look younger and more boyish. His characteristic beard is still present although it is much shorter than usual in this picture.

# 17 Buzz Cut

A simple buzz cut can look extra stylish on a man who knows how to pair it with a nice beard. The shorter hair on top looks even better when the sides are equally shortened to match it. The beard is definitely a bonus but the look can still work with or without it.

# 18 Professional

Simple haircuts look a lot more distinguished especially if you make use of even lengths and straight lineups. This Adam Levine haircut is easy to replicate and looks fantastic when paired with formal outfits.

# 19 Full Blonde

Only Adam can rock blond hair this well. His tasteful stubble has been left dark to give him a very interesting look that befits his celebrity status. Leaving the roots dark is a great way to give his hair a much more interesting tone.

# 20 Ice Blonde

This shade of platinum is a bit hard to replicate for most men, but it can be done spectacularly as Adam shows in this example. Ideally, a dark undershave or beard will help tone it down in order to result in a look that is more masculine and composed.

# 21 Faded

This low fade haircut works great with dark hair since it brings on a tasteful natural gradient to the look. He pairs it with an uncharacteristically thicker beard which looks tastefully rugged and more masculine than his usual boyish stubble.

# 22 Spiky

Although he wears his hairs longer in this picture, he rocks it with his usual bad boy ease by giving it a wild and spiky texture that lets him keep his boyish appeal. His ever-present stubble is what makes the look extra special.

# 23 Clean Shaven

For those with 9 to 5 jobs, here is an office appropriate look you can go for to express your stylish side. In addition to the clean shaven face, Adam has opted for a timelessly classy slicked back hairstyle that befits any suit-and-tie attire that is worn for official purposes.

# 24 Carefree

The mark of a true style guru is the ability to look exceptionally good even when not trying that hard. If you don’t want to put too much effort into styling your hair, here is a simple yet sexy casual look that involves a nicely styled pompadour haircut that has been paired with a long, thick and wild beard.

# 25 Youthful Locks

Adam makes full use of his ravishingly black hair by giving it some fantastic spiky textures at the top to make it look more fun. He shortens the side a little but just enough so that there is a distinctly visible fade on the temples which stylishly merges with the stubbly beard via the sideburns.

# 26 Bedhead

Adam Levine’s bedhead is a thing of beauty. It is simple, boyishly tousled and a very interesting casual look for young people. His beard adds some dark detail under his jaw line and cheeks, which is a great way to enforce the ruggedness of the hairstyle.

# 27 Long Locks

This Adam Levine haircut is a bit longer at the top. He, however, maintains his usual style by chopping the sides short to keep it nicely shaped. The look can be casual or formal depending on how you style the hair on top.

# 28 Grizzly Beard

On the rare occasions when Adam sports a thick full beard, he often follows it up with thick dark locks which help balance the look. There are a lot of ways you can style the hair on top to suit your personal style preferences.

# 29 Short

Definitely one of the simpler Adam Levine haircut ideas, this buzz cut is a trendy look for people who are waiting for their hair to grow. He uses bald fades at the temple to shorten the sides for a more defined outline.

# 30 Sunny

Adam is the epitome of laid back when he rocks his blonde locks. He goes for a brighter shade of blonde in this example and shows off his sculpted face by letting dark stubble run along the jaw line and cheeks.

It is easy to emulate the star’s personal sense of style. However, you should strive to pick all the positives and come up with a look that is undeniably personal, unique and expressive of your specific tastes.

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