25 Smooth Sergio Ramos Haircut Ideas – Remarkable and Charming Hairdos

The Sergio Ramos haircut is among the most recognizable ones in the football world. Sergio is famous for his luscious locks, and he is always wearing new haircuts. One of the things that make his hairdos unique is the fact that he wears anything from long locks to short faded designs. As a trendsetter and fashion icon, you can always be sure that Sergio will have a new style for his fans to copy. And if you are one of his many loyal followers below is a gallery of 25 of his most striking looks that you can replicate.

# 1 Neat Crop Cut

This haircut is for guys that like to keep their hairdos neat and straightforward. It is about leaving a short and neatly cropped hair at the top and giving the sides a smooth and clean fading.

# 2 Wavy and Forward Swept

Ramos maintains some thick and wavy strand on the crown and gives the rest of the head a smooth fade to create this look. He then styles the strands at the top with a forward sweep.

# 3 Side Parted and Swept

This look is what most people will associate with the soccer superstar as it is one of his most common ones. It is about taper fading the sides and back while leaving some long strands on the top. He then styles the hair with a side part and by applying some gel to the ones at the top and finishing them with a sweep to the side.

# 4 Side Slick with a Hard Part

Ramos does not seem to get enough of the side-swept look, but he also appears to have many ways of wearing it. In this style, he has a sharp razor line of the sides, and he styles the long hair on the crown with a smooth slick to the side.

# 5 Slightly Messy Side Sweep

Although this is one of his ordinary looks, he makes it look unique by giving the strands on the upper section an amazing texture and styling them with a messy side sweep.

# 6 Parted Comb Over

It is always about the styling on the strands at the top when it comes to the Sergio Ramos haircut. In this particular one, he gives them a soft side part and styles the strands with a slight lift and comb over.

# 7 Undercut Pompadour

Although this might not look like the traditional pompadour, it still qualifies as one. But, apart from the thick mane on the crown it also has a side part and an undercut below it.

# 8 Spiky Quiff Cut

The traditional quiff haircut also works for Ramos, and this hairdo is enough proof. However, the quiff has some rich and textured spikes that he styles with a sharp razor line on the side and with a smooth fade below it.

# 9 Sweet Classic Hairdo

Sergio Ramos keeps most of his haircuts straightforward, but they still give him an impressive look. This cut, for example, is just about maintaining some upswept strands at the top with a side part and smooth fade below it.

# 10 Chic and Effortless

There is nothing extravagant about this hairdo, but it still looks fantastic. It is about giving the sides a smooth and uniform shave and leaving some long and side swept wavy strands at the top.

# 11 Highlighted Spikes with Under Shave

This haircut showcases one of the few instances that Ramos colors his hair. However, he goes with subtle highlights that are hard to notice. He also has some spiky strands at the top that he styles by running his fingers through for a messy look and finishes with an under shave on the sides.

# 12 Clean Taper Cut

Here Ramos keeps some hair throughout the head, but he cuts the side and back so that the top is long. There is also nothing much that he does for the styling as he only needs to brush the long hair to the side.

# 13 Medium Side Swept Waves

A Sergio Ramos haircut like this one will make any man look fantastic. It is an average length design that involves sectioning and brushing the strands on the top to the side while keeping the sides short and faded.

# 14 Impeccable with a Side Part

The neatness of this haircut makes it perfect for men that prefer to wear formal looks without having to cut their strands too short. It is about leaving some long straight strands on the crown giving them a sharp side part and finishing with a sleek side sweep.

# 15 Thick Bangs with Slight Disheveling

This haircut showcases Sergio’s luscious locks. It is about leaving some thick stands on the crown that he styles with a soft part on the sides and a side sweep with slight disheveling while keeping the rest of the hair short and faded.

# 16 Sleek and Classy

A classic and chic look like this one is just fabulous. The attention-grabbing look is about keeping some long and smooth strands on the crown that Ramos styles with a side slick and razor line.

# 17 Chic Sweep with Diagonal Part

Unlike other modern cuts, this Sergio Ramos haircut has a diagonal hard part on the sides. This line gives the strands an excellent flow, and he only has to apply a generous amount of product on the long top strands and style them with a sweep to the side.

# 18 Skin Faded Comb Over

Ramos always seems to have a way of transforming regular haircuts into something unique and stunning. In this design, he modifies a comb over with a side part and a smooth skin fade on the sides.

# 19 Slick Back with a Skin Fade

The shine on the long strands at the top is a result of using a generous amount of a quality hair product. This style is about skin fading the sides and back and leaving some long strands that Ramos styles with a nice slick back.

# 20 Messy and Wavy Top

This haircut is an ordinary long top with short sides, but Ramos makes it look fantastic. He achieves this by giving the sides a smooth skin fade and making the wavy locks on the upper section messy.

# 21 High and Tight with Part

Thick and luscious strands make it possible to wear any style that you want. In this particular one, Ramos keeps the top high and tight with a subtle side part and zero skin fade on the rest of his head.

# 22 Cute Brush Back Design

The box shape of the strands at the top is one of the elements that are always present in most of the cuts that Ramos wears. In this design, he gives the hair a cute and neat brush back at the top while keeping the sides short with a fade.

# 23 Short Hair with Line-Up and Fade

This hair design is perfect for a formal look as it is neat and clean. Ramos keeps his hair length at less than an inch at the top and gives it a line up and a fade.

# 24 Pointed and Elongated Front

An inventive haircut like this one requires some skills to get it right. It is about leaving the long locks at the top and styling the front to make it look elongated. The design keeps the sides short for some extra cuteness.

# 25 V-Shape Mohawk

Sometimes Ramos will prefer to go for something trendy like the mohawk. But, he still manages to make it look unique by giving the hair in the middle a V-shape and finishing the look with a bald fade on the sides.

Regardless of whether you like the soccer superstar or not, a Sergio Ramos haircut will impress you. He has been playing football as a profession for more than a decade now, and he is always trying out new hairstyles. Any fan looking for a stylish haircut should try one of his cute looks.

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