45 Fashionable Soccer Haircuts – Upscale Cuts for World Class Superstars

A soccer haircut, whether it is complicated or simple is an interesting topic. And this is because there is always something new to talk about since players come up with new designs and variations almost each day. Most of their cuts are bold, inventive, stylish and even crazy and so you can be sure that there is always something about them that will interest you. The gallery below compiles haircuts from different players and you can use it to upgrade your cut and style.

# 1 Cheeky Side Sweep

This Christiano Ronaldo haircut involves leaving some delicate spiky strands at the top, forming a side part and tapering the strands below it to make them shorter than the sides. Ronaldo then finishes the design with a simple side sweep of the locks at the top.

# 2 Slick Back and Taper

Ronaldo can pull any hairdo that he likes effortlessly and flawlessly. In this style, he has a traditional long top and short sides, but he looks stunning because he styles it inventively. He gives the long locks at the top a sexy slick back to make them appear to be at almost the same level with the tapered sides.

# 3 Simple Undercut Spikes

First of all, Messi is one of the most exceptional soccer players of all time, but he is least known for his cuts. He prefers to keep things straightforward and neat like in this style where he has some short spikes at the top and a faded undercut on the sides.

# 4 Leo’s Neat Quiff

In this style, Messi also has a simple design that entails leaving a small quiff at the top and tapering the sides and back. The little quiff also has some subtle spikes and apart from its uncomplicated appearance it is also neat and befitting a player of his caliber.

# 5 Wavy Upsweep and Fade

Instead of just making the top long and the sides short Christiano gives his cut a distinct style. To do this, he uses some gel to make the long locks at the top spiky and upsweeps them slightly. He also gives the side a uniform fade with an intricate razor line to spice up the look.

# 6 Short Patch with Buzzed Sides

Frank Ribery prefers to keep his hair short and in this design he has a small number 7 in the middle of the head that is less than an inch long. He also buzzes the sides to make them shorter than the center hair.

# 7 Sleek Slick Back

In this design, Van Persie has a very sleek appearance that he creates by leaving some lustrous locks at the top and tapering the sides. He then uses some products to make the strands soft and brushes them back smoothly.

# 8 Face Framing Medium Size Spikes

A soccer haircut can’t get better than this, and it is more so given the fact that the strands are natural with a simple trim and styling. Francesco Totti only needs to use some hair products to give his locks a spiky and textured appearance and styles them with a center part and into a face framing design.

# 9 High and Messy Curls

Curly locks make fantastic haircut, and in this design, they are at the top section only. The sides are tapered short, and Torres styles his curls by giving them a lift and making them messy to create a trendy hairdo as a result.

# 10 Elegant Man Bun

Zlatan is the king not only in front of the goal but also when it comes to hairstyles. In this hairdo, he has one of his most famous looks, and it is a very straightforward design that he creates by pulling back his long mane and then tying it into a neat and tight man bun.

# 11 Easy and Wavy Side Sweep

A simple haircut and style are always enough for Bastian Schweinsteiger, and you will rarely see him with anything complicated or fancy. In this headdress, he has a couple of inches of hair at the top and some short tapered sides. Schweinsteiger styles his long locks in the upper part by making them wavy and with a side sweep.

# 12 Sweep Back and Wavy Front

A soccer haircut like this one shows that some players are quite conservative and do not always like to wear funky designs like most others. Schweinsteiger has an almost uniform size throughout the head, and he styles the strands with a sweep back and gives the front ones and inventive roll and side sweep.

# 13 Undercut Spiky Quiff

Sergio Aguero is another soccer superstar that people know for his distinct and creative haircuts. Aguero is always trying something new, but he seems to have a soft spot for this cut because he is always bringing it back. It entails leaving a short spiky quiff at the top, tapering the sides and back and forming undercuts above his ears.

# 14 The Bald Head

There is always something to talk about when it comes to James Collins or “Ginger Pele” as fans love to call him. However, in this picture, it is all about his haircut and what makes things interesting is that there is nothing on the head. He has a smooth shave, and this is to make sure that all the attention remains on his massive beard.

# 15 Spiraling Afro

This Luiz Adriano hairstyle would pass for a standard afro, but it has some spiraling locks that make it look distinct. Apart from this it also has a lovely dark tone and the best thing about it is that it is his natural hair and so he can transform it to many other styles quickly.

# 16 Smooth and Dazzling Fine Locks

The dazzle on these short strands shows that Lorenzo Insigne’s hair is very healthy. He also has a simple but stylish cut that involves shaving the sides short and leaving some silky strands at the top that he finishes with a diagonal sweep back.

# 17 Pogba’s Blondie Strands

There is nothing too fancy about this soccer haircut because all that Paul Pogba does it to chop his strands short and then dye them blonde with some red waves on the side. However, he also has a skin fade at the back, but it is hard to notice because the blonde shade will take most of the attention.

# 18 Short Blonde Sponges

Here is another version of Pogba’s small blonde sponges but he gives it a slight twist by using a black dye to create a wave that runs from the front all the way to the back. It is a very simple style that you can replicate by chopping your strands short and bleaching them blonde.

# 19 Leaf on a Bald Head

You will hardly see any other soccer haircuts that look like this and this because Ricardo Quaresma uses a unique concept in creating it. Instead of just having a bald head he shaves the strands on one side of his head into an intricate leaf design. As a result, that looks amazing.

# 20 Bald Sides and Spiky Top

Ricardo Quaresma is as talented with his haircuts as he is when on the field but in this cut he keeps things straightforward. In this fancy cut, he maintains some short blonde spikes that create a beautiful contrast with his natural black hair and he also shaves the sides and back to a bald level.

# 21 Sexy Side-Swept Locks

This cute haircut entails maintaining some textured locks on the crown and buzzing the sides. Although it is a conventional design and an everyday look for men, it still makes Sergio Ramos look very charming, and he styles the long locks with a slight lift and by sweeping them to the side.

# 22 Cute Side Part and Sweep

The soft side part on this Sergio Ramos haircut makes a significant difference in the style, and it is one of the things that make it possible to form such a beautiful headdress. Apart from the side part the style also has some soft side-swept strands at the top and tapered sides that also help to create a top notch appearance.

# 23 Comb Over with Side Part

Comb-overs make stylish haircuts, but Ramos makes this one very inventive. Instead of just leaving a thick mane at the top and sweeping it sideways he also gives it a side part and brushes the strands in opposite directions, and he gives the sides and a back a beautiful skin fade.

# 24 Sassy Mohawk

One can never have enough of Sergio Ramos haircuts or limit his cuts to a few simple styles because he is always trying new things. In this headdress, he has a simple mohawk design but with the long hair side swept and the short section on the sides buzzed with some razor lines.

# 25 Thick Natural Afro

This afro design is one of the things that most fans will use to identify Marcelo because he has been wearing it for many years now. It is a very simple design that requires almost no effort at all to create. All he needs to do is to grow out his natural mane and then fluff it out into a simple but elegant afro design. But, the texture and volume of the hair also help to make it look this adorable.

# 26 Medium Side Swept Bangs

Luka Modric has some beautiful natural locks that also have an excellent texture, and he prefers to keep them medium in length. Although he styles them in different ways most of the times, he prefers to keep things simple like in this design where he only sweeps them to one side from a side-part line.

# 27 High Spiky Mohawk

Apart from being the Napoli captain, Marek Hamsik is also a leader when it comes to haircuts, and this style proves this. In this style, he has a very trendy mohawk design that he creates by shaving the sides to a bald level and leaving some high and spiky strands in the middle of the head.

# 28 Shoulder-Grazing Bangs

Modric has some beautiful tresses with some excellent texture and volume, and he likes to keep them medium length like these shoulder-grazing ones. To style them he only has to hand comb them to the back to maintain a natural look. He also has a soft center part at the top that he uses to create a face frame with the shorter bangs at the front.

# 29 High and Natural

The texture and volume of Samuel Umtiti’s hair give him a big advantage when it comes to haircuts. In this style, for example, he maintains his natural hair on the crown, and he only needs to give it some height. He then shaves the sides and gives them a smooth skin fade to create an adorable and comfortable design.

# 30 Christiano’s Cute Comb Over

Soccer haircuts like this one will draw attention everywhere you go, and it shows why millions of fans across the world have an obsession with Ronaldo’s hairstyles. He has some textured strands at the top and faded sides. He styles the long locks with a comb over and shaves the initials “CR 7” on the faded section.

# 31 Dreads with Bald Sides

Michy Batshuayi has some natural dreadlocks but contrary to what some people think the dreads still give him many styling options. In this particular style, the locks are short with some brown ends, and he maintains them on the crown and shaves the side to a bald level.

# 32 Regular Long Top and Short Sides

In this style, Jimmy Durmaz has a massive full facial hair that took a lot of time to grow out and so he prefers to have a simple haircut so as not to draw attention away from the beard. The hair has a regular long top with short tapered sides. He finishes the style by making the top messy and giving it a slight sweep back.

# 33 Blondie Neymar

Neymar is one of those players that like experimenting with different haircuts. In this design, he has an almost uniform length throughout, but the sides are tapered to appear shorter than the top, Apart from the cut he only has to bleach or dye his strands blonde to create a beautiful headdress.

# 34 Taper Faded Mohawk

Mohawks will never go out of trend, and this explains why they make attractive soccer haircuts. Neymar gives this one a simple taper fade on the sides and maintains a patch of his natural hair in the middle that he only needs to give a slight mess to finish the look.

# 35 Cute Front Swept Bangs

The texture and color of these locks are enough to give Neymar a stylish haircut, but he still takes their appearance a notch higher with the styling. He has some short tapered sides and back but the front swept style of the textured bangs is the outstanding thing in this design.

# 36 Small and Perfect Pomp

Some soccer haircuts like this one take inspiration from the classic pompadour, but it has different modifications that make Marco Reus look extra cute. Instead of chopping the sides short he sweeps them sideways and to the back and styles the locks at the top into a pomp-like design.

# 37 Massive Modern Pompadour

David Beckham is always setting trends when it comes to haircuts, and he is very lucky because he almost never goes wrong with any style. As a result, in this hairdo, he has a massive and extra-high pompadour with short tapered sides and back that give him a breathtaking appearance.

# 38 Rugged and Messy Spikes

This haircut is another proof that David Beckham is a trendsetter because it not only looks stylish but it is also unique. He keeps a uniform length throughout the head, but he makes the strands spiky and messy to create a distinct appearance.

# 39 Curly Mohawk with Razor Lines

Kingsley Coman prefers to keep his haircut as natural as possible but still stylish. In this design, for example, he maintains some thick curly locks at the center of the head and fades the sides. He also shaves some intricate razor lines on the faded sides and around the thick curls at the back.

# 40 Neat and Uniform Wavy Bangs

Thomas Muller is rather conservative when it comes to haircuts, and you will rarely see him with something funky. A simple cut like this one that entails leaving some neat and uniform short bangs throughout the head is just enough for him.

# 41 Pompadour with Class

Pompadours are the styles for gentlemen, and this is because they will always make a man look refined and classy. In this design, Lewandoski makes his short, and also gives it a side part and a taper fade on the sides for a classy and elegant appearance.

# 42 Sassy and Spiky Mohawk

Arturo Vidal not only knows how to spice up a football match but also his haircuts. Mohawks are his favorite style, and he makes them in varying ways. In this hairstyle, he has a small spiky one on the crown, some razor patterns and the word “Champion” at the back shaved in his native tongue.

# 43 Bale’s Thick Mane

First of all, with a thick natural mane like Gareth Bale, you can always be confident of an elegant look even if you do not do much to your hair. In this style, he keeps it at a medium length, and he only needs to use some quality product on it and finger comb it back for a refined look.

# 44 Smooth and Easy Trim

The color of this Lucas Vazquez haircut is amazing because black always makes a gorgeous hair shade and the interesting fact is that it is all natural. And so to create a cute cut he only needs to trim it into a uniform length throughout.

# 45 Messi Goes Blonde

You can never tell what to expect from soccer stars when it comes to hairdos. Messi is among the modest players that prefer to keep their styles simple but in the beginning if the 2016/2017 season he came out with a sharp blonde cut with some side swept bangs. He still looks good in blonde, but it is very different from his usual brown locks.

In conclusion, whether you prefer simple or funky soccer haircuts, you can always trust the football players to come up with one that will impress you. Length does not matter  because there is always something to replicate from soccer superstar regardless of the size of your mane. Look through the gallery above for some ideas.

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