55 Refined Cristiano Ronaldo Haircut Designs – A Class Above the Rest!

Soccer stars are trendsetters when it comes to hairstyles, and so you can be confident that a Cristiano Ronaldo haircut will make you stand out. Ronaldo prefers to keep his strands short and stylish, but he styles them in endless ways as he is always trying something different. If you are looking for a cut that will give you a superstar appearance you should try one of his styles. Below is a gallery of 55 of his best hairdos.

# 1 Tapered Comb-Over

The uniform tapering on the sides of this haircut is fantastic, but the highlight of the design is the long strands on the crown that he styles with a side part and comb over.

# 2 The Gentleman Look

Few other soccer stars can pull as many looks as Ronaldo. In this particular one, he has a formal gentleman look that he creates with an almost uniform length throughout and by forming a side part and brushing back the strands at the top.

# 3 Simple Brush Back

Any man can replicate this hairdo as it is very straightforward. In this design, he maintains a decent length on the crown with tapered sides and finishes by brushing back the long hair.

# 4 Stunning Short Quiff

Quiffs make beautiful hairdos, and in this haircut, Cristiano maintains a small and neat one on the crown. He also has a smooth taper on the side and a line up on the hairline.

# 5 Neat and Lined-Up

Ronaldo can wear the same style numerous times, but it will always look distinct each time. In this design, he has a regular long top with tapered sides and he styles it with a slight lift and enhances the appearance with a razor line at the front and a line-up.

# 6 Pointy Top

Ronaldo maintains a small patch of hair at the top on this haircut and tapers the sides short. He also has a shaved line on the side, and he styles the top strands into some pointy and upswept spikes.

# 7 Uniform Crop Cut

Crop cuts are one of the most famous of Ronaldo’s haircuts because he likes wearing them. In this design, he maintains a uniform crop at the top with short and equal sides.

# 8 Spiky Faux Hawk with Razor Line

It is hard to think of any Cristiano Ronaldo haircut that does not look trendy and stylish. This faux hawk has all the elegance that you can ever wish for in a hairdo. It has some spiky strands in the middle and neat razor line on the faded sides.

# 9 Small Upswept Wave

The neatness on the sides of most of his haircuts is enough to make him look majestic. However, he always has a way of spicing up the small patch of hair at the top. In this design, he does this by making it wavy and giving it a slight upsweep.

# 10 Elegant Faux Hawk

Here is another version of his faux hawk and it looks magnificent. It still has some upswept spikes in the middle, but the neatness makes it a distinct headdress.

# 11 Wavy Sweep Back

Simplicity is the key to wearing a superstar haircut like this one. To replicate this look, you only need to trim the sides short and leave a few inches of hair at the top that you should style with a simple sweep back.

# 12 Sleek and Wavy Side Sweep

If you prefer to keep your hairdos straightforward and neat, then this hairstyle will work well for you. It involves leaving a smooth hair at the top with short and neat sides and styling it with a wavy side sweep.

# 13 Messy and Pointy Top

You will need to use a quality gel or any other suitable hold product to create this Cristiano Ronaldo haircut. It entails leaving some long strands on the crown and using the gel to form some upswept spikes.

# 14 impeccable Slick Back

Instead of just leaving a long top hair you should style it inventively like in this design. To do this, you need to apply some gel and then brush it back smoothly from a side part line.

# 15 Sexy and Wavy

This cute hairdo will make a man look very sexy. It requires leaving some fine strands at the top and styling them with some loose backswept waves.

# 16 Fancy Spiked Hawk

Whether it is a traditional Mohawk or a faux hawk, it will still look good on Ronaldo because he knows how to spice them up. In this design, he does this by forming some short spikes with the strands in the middle.

# 17 Comb-Over Quiff

Quiffs are easy to create, and they seem to work well for Cristiano’s face shape. In this design, he has close trimmed sides and a small patch of hair at the top that he styles with an inventive comb over to form a nice quiff.

# 18 Messy and Highlighted

Ronaldo maintains his traditional long top with short sides in this design. But, he gives the long strands on the crown subtle highlights and makes them messy to form a distinct hairdo.

# 19 Side Sweep and Razor Lines

This cute haircut is not just about the wavy and side-swept strands at the top because the faded sides also have some intricate razor lines that also enhance the overall appearance.

# 20 Textured Side Sweep

In this design, Ronaldo trims the sides and back close but in a uniform length. He also maintains some textured strands on the crown that he styles with a side sweep.

# 21 The Taper Elegance

To create a glamorous cut like this one you should taper the sides and back and style them with a brush back. You also need to maintain some textured strands at the top and style them with a lift and side sweep.

# 22 Legendary Taper Cut

The taper cut at the back and sides of this Cristiano Ronaldo haircut makes all the difference, and he only has to use some gel on the longer strands at the top and brush them back to finish the beautiful headdress.

# 23 Sweet Slick Back

Elegant hairdos do not have to be complicated because even keeping things straightforward like in this design can still give you a polished appearance. In this style, Ronaldo trims the sides close and maintains a soft and smooth hair at the top that he styles with a slick-back.

# 24 Lined-Up and Combed Over

The line-up on the hairline and the sideburns is precise and very refined, but there is still more to the cut than this. Cristiano has a small spiky patch of hair at the top that he styles with a side part and by sweeping it to the side.

# 25 Gelled and Rugged Top

There is nothing fancy about this hairdo, but it still gives Ronaldo a glamorous look. It involves trimming the sides close and leaving a long hair on the crown that he only has to give some gel and run his fingers through for a slight mess.

# 26 Soft and Easy Trim

Your Cristiano Ronaldo haircut does not have to be complex because the superstar prefers to keep things simple like in this design. Here he has a simple trim that is almost uniform in length but the top is slightly longer, and he styles it with a subtle side sweep.

# 27 Spiky Quiff

A quality hold product and a close trim on the sides are all you need to wear this design. However, you also need some skill to create the spiky quiff at the top and style it with a slight sweep to the side.

# 28 Back Swept and Tapered

This Ronaldo haircut involves tapering the sides and back while leaving some length at the top. You should then complete the design by brushing back the top strands smoothly.

# 29 Slicked and Elegant

Some moderate trims at the top and making the sides shorter than the top are what Cristiano needs for this headdress. After the cut, he only needs to slick back the strands for an elegant finish.

# 30 The Classic Man

A chic and subtle haircut is what defines a classic gentleman, and this is what Ronaldo has in this design. It is a simple but beautiful taper cut with short sides and back and a clean brush back at the top.

# 31 Sassy and Precise Cut

In this sassy hairdo, Ronaldo has a very precise and uniform cut, but he still maintains his regular long top and close-trimmed sides. However, her strands appear very voluminous due to the lift and brush back at the top.

# 32 Textured and Faded

You can almost count the number locks in the upper part of this Cristiano Ronaldo haircut due to their excellent texture. He styles by sweeping them sideways, and he also has a smooth fade on the sides that gives him some extra elegance.

# 33 Sweet and Pointy

The small patch of hair at the top of this design gives Ronaldo a sweet and masculine look. He styles it by making the strands spiky and up sweeping them. The style also has some short and faded sides.

# 34 Skillful Fading

The uniform fading on the sides of this haircut is splendid and although it makes the sides shorter than in most other Ronaldo hairstyles it still gives him a classy look. He also maintains some short and textured locks that he styles with a layered side sweep.

# 35 Gentle and Neat Taper

Although this haircut looks very straightforward, only a skilled barber can be able to create it as it requires a lot of precision. It maintains long strands on the crown, but the sides and back have a skillful tapering that blends them with the top flawlessly.

# 36 Upscale Spikes

Cristiano never seems to grow tired of spikes, but this is rightfully so because they always make him look stunning. The ones in this design are only at the top, and they have a slight lift and side sweep with the sides and back having a close trim.

# 37 Classy Upswept Cut

A haircut like this one is the real demonstration of how a classy man should look. It has short and uniform sides and a small patch of textured and upswept strands on the crown.

# 38 Wavy and Tapered Faux

The faux hawk is a perfect alternative to the mohawk because you do not have to chop your strands very short. In this style, Ronaldo maintains some smooth and wavy strands in the middle and trims the side to a uniform length to form an upscale faux hawk design.

# 39 Messy and Funky Top

If you want to replicate this Ronaldo haircut, you will have to give your strands a close trim on the sides and taper fade them while leaving some textured strands at the top that you should style with a messy and spiky upsweep.

# 40 Cute Windswept Bangs

The spiky windswept bangs on the crown of this hairdo are very adorable, and they will look good on any man. This design also has some equal length sides and back that you should trim short.

# 41 Natural Slick Back

You do not even need to cut your strands to create this look because brushing them back is all the styling you need. However, Ronaldo prefers to keep the sides and back short, and so he gives them a slight scissor trim.

# 42 Highlighted Wavy Bangs

This Cristiano Ronaldo haircut has his long characteristic top with short sides look, but it looks distinct. The unique look comes from the fact that the locks at the top have some beautiful natural waves and highlights.

# 43 Adorable Quiff

If you are not sure what to do with your small patch hair on the crown, you can always style it into a cute quiff like this one with a slight lift at the front. However, the fade and smooth sides also enhance the appearance of this headdress.

# 44 Gorgeous Wavy Top

Ronaldo does little with his hair, but he still makes it look adorable. In this design, for example, he only has to chop the sides short and upsweep the patch of hair at the top.

# 45 Streaked Fancy Waves

You can always be sure of a refined look with a taper cut. Apart from the tapering on the sides, this headdress also has some thick and wavy locks on the crown that you can spice up with some highlights.

# 46 Super Undercut Bangs

Undercuts haircuts can also work for Cristiano, and in this design, he only has to trim the sides short to for them. He leaves some textured bangs on the crown that he then styles by sweeping them to the back and sides over the undercut.

# 47 Subtle Waves

It is not always about your hair type but how you cut and style it. In this design, Ronaldo has some short tapered sides and some natural strands at the top that he styles into some subtle upswept waves.

# 48 Fancy Headdress

This clean cut is all about creating a neat look, and it involves chopping the sides into a uniform fade. You should maintain a little quiff on the crown and style it with a wavy upsweep and a razor line on the side.

# 49 Smart and Masculine

Men that prefer to wear formal looks should try this cut as it will make them look refined. It is an ordinary long top with tapered sides but Cristiano makes it extra-neat and smart.

# 50 Adorable Sideway Sweep

The sharp razor line on this haircut is fantastic, and it is what makes the styling possible. Apart from the line the hair also has some tapered sides and some smooth and textured strands at the top that Ronaldo styles with a sweep to the side.

# 51 Textured Elegance

It is important to give your strands an excellent texture, and in some cases, it is all that you need to create a polished look like this one. The locks at the top have a fantastic texture that makes them spiky and pushing them sideways is enough to form an elegant appearance.

# 52 The Slight Mess

The outline on the sideburns and at the front hairline is fantastic. However, the style also has a chic taper fade on the sides and the short spikes with a slight mess at the top are the center of attraction in the design.

# 53 Undercut Brush Back

To create this beautiful haircut, Cristiano only has to shave and fade the sides to form some undercuts and leave a long mane at the top that he finishes by brushing back.

# 54 Easy Fringe

The small fringe at the upper part of this design is clean and neat, but it is not the only thing that makes this a distinct hairdo because the sides also have a beautiful fade.

# 55 Retro and Spiky

Retro haircuts like this one can still make a stylish design for a modern man. This fancy cut has some short sides and long spiky locks on the crown.

Any man that wants to look classy and stylish can benefit from a Cristiano Ronaldo haircut. Ronaldo is a trendsetter that is always coming up with new haircuts, and so if the 55 glamorous designs do not conform to your preferences by any chance, he still has many others that you can wear.

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