25 Distinctive Black Air Max Ideas – Refined and Comfortable Weekend Wear

A good pair of black Air Max kicks should always be a part of a man’s shoe collection as it is not only fashionable but also very versatile. You can wear this shoe with almost any outfit and color that you want, and it is perfect for a relaxed weekend look. The shoes are also very high-quality, and if you buy some real pairs, you can be confident that you will have their services for many years. There are also different types and design variations which mean that you have a variety of style options available. If you want to update your shoe collection here are some air max ideas that you should keep in mind.

# 1 Clean All Black Kicks

These Nike kicks are just fantastic, and you will hardly find any other sneakers that look better than this. They maintain an all black look, but the stitching detail and the perfect fit are what makes it look outstanding.

# 2 Polished White on Black

It is impracticable not to fall in love with some polished shoes like these as they are just as flawless as any shoe can get. The base color is black, but the laces, the Nike symbol and some parts of the sole are in a white shade which makes the kicks look fantastic.

# 3 Sweet and Simple Sneakers

If you are one of the many guys that prefer to keep things neat and simple these are the shoes for you. They have a uniform color throughout, and they do not have too much detail in their stitching.

# 4 Black and White Fabric Kicks

A white sole and a fabric upper part combine to give these shoes their unique and impressive look. Although most people prefer to go with the leather sneakers, this shoe proves that other soft fabrics are also an excellent choice.

# 5 Patterned Air Max

This shoe is also a blend of black and white, but it has a unique material and some elaborate color patterns that make it look distinct. It is also a comfortable shoe that is excellent for the outdoors.

# 6 Nice and Pretty Sneakers

Here is another black air max shoe that keeps everything simple. It has an all black shade and a simple stitching on the fabric that gives it a sweet and cute appearance.

# 7 Cool and Trendy

This sneaker is an Air Max from 2016, and it is also of a durable and a comfortable fabric material. It is all black except the Nike sign and the label on the sole, and it also maintains the traditional air max outsole design.

# 8 Glossy Loyal Blue Kicks

Although black still forms the base color for these kicks, the blue shade on the collar and outsole are what gives it a distinctive look, and it is perfect for pairing with bright clothes.

# 9 Dark and Sexy Ultra Essential 90

These Kicks are from the Ultra Essential edition, and they maintain a dark shade throughout which gives them a sexy appearance and the also look very comfortable.

# 10 Custom Nike

Custom kicks like these are for guys who prefer to maintain distinctive appearances. It is a thick sole sneaker that has a black leather upper part and white shoelace holes and outer sole.

# 11 Metallic Gold and Black Combo

Your shoe color is vital when it comes to the Air Max, and so you should always strive to choose something unique. This shoe demonstrates a unique shade that will make any man look fantastic, and it combines black and metallic gold to give the kicks an adorable shade.

# 12 Multicolored Sneakers

This black Air Max shoe has a mesh on the upper part to encourage air flow and breathability, but the bright colors on the collar and shoelace holes also help to give it a striking appearance.

# 13 Nike Ultra Flyknit

The original patterns on the upper part of these shoes are what give them their impressive look. It also has a black section below the design and white sole that completes the charming look.

# 14 Red Patched Kicks

The red patches on the lace holes, outsole and back help to spice up the appearance of this show and break the monotony of this black shoe. But, the kicks also have an attractive traditional Air Max design that makes them look adorable.

# 15 Thick Soled Black Fade and White Sneakers

Although the sole on this shoe has the usual Air Max look it is thicker on the heel, and this makes it look unique. It also has a beautiful black fade shade at the top, and the sole is white which creates a cute black and white look.

# 16 Nike Air with Persian Violets

One of the things that make Nike sneakers a favorite of most men is that they come in some unique shades. This shoe maintains a dominant black shade, but the touch of Persian violet on the collar, sole, and Nike symbol is what makes this a unique sneaker.

# 17 The Air Max 90 Premium

The Air Max 90 Premium features a thick white sole and black upper top. But, the detailed stitching on the top section is one of its most outstanding design features.

# 18 Modern Essentials with White Sole

The Essential edition of the black Air Max is one of the most comfortable shoes that a man can wear. It features a simple design with a black upper section and a white sole and it is ideal for both sports and fashion wear.

# 19 Modern Kicks with Sleek no Sew Upper

Nike Air Max is always reinventing itself, and this is why it has remained a favorite shoe for many years. This edition, for example, features a sleek upper without any sewing and a dotted sole that gives the shoe a contemporary appearance.

# 20 Black/Midnight Gray Sneakers

These black/midnight gray sneakers also have a current no-sew upper part which ensures that the shoe does not have too much detail.

# 21 Classy Air Max Gold

Air Max shoes always look fabulous, but few are as attention-grabbing as the metallic gold edition. The shoe has an overall shiny appearance and air pockets on the sole also have a touch of the golden shade.

# 22 Air Max 90 Ultra

The Air Max 90 Ultra features an upper part with a simple stitching, and it has patches of black and midnight gray. This shoe also keeps the sole in the original Air Max design and a white shade.

# 23 The Black Scales Sneaker

The shiny black scales patterns on this shoes are what gives it the unique appearance. It also has some intricate stitching in the upper section and a thick black outer sole.

# 24 Max Bronze Kicks

An overall dark tone does not always restrict the Air Max to one shade. These sneakers prove that it is possible to have several shades on your black shoe as it features sections with suede and others with a smooth midnight gray shade.

# 25 Retro Tavas

The retro profile of this shoe is the original look of the Air Max, and all the other modern designs get inspiration from it. It does not have any visible stitching at the top, and it also combines a variety of colors to create a sleek look.

The black Air Max combines comfort with a classy look to create a fantastic casual shoe that is both functional and very fashionable. This shoe always seems to work for most men, and it is the perfect wear for the weekend. And, with the numerous designs available there is always something new to try out.

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