25 Luscious Ways To Style Pink Shirt – Rock the Atittude

Pink shirt is not a controversial item anymore. The Pink Shirt Day is celebrated every year in many countries. This idea of celebrating this color originated in Canada when two high school students and their colleagues took to the streets to protest against the harassment of their friends who was bullied for wearing a pink colored shirt. They organized a street protest, called everyone to wear a pink and stand against  bullying. Since then, rocking in pink attire has not only become a way to encourage people to practice kindness but also a style that everyone wants to associate with. If you want to style a pink colored shirt for whatever reason, here are 25 ways you can try.

# 1 Button Down Shirt Collar Rule

Men, unlike females, have long been gravitated toward wearing button down casual shirts tucked. You can buy into this theory, and try with a pink colored shirt. But make sure you are wearing a classic belt to hold your pants in position.

# 2 With A Vested Suit

In this style, you wear a collar snapped down pink colored shirt with a blue, navy, black or white vested suit. The model in this photo has rocked a mandarin collar snapped down shirt with Chris Mateo men’s collection Black and white vest suit.

# 3 With Cut-Off Mens Denim Shorts

In this style, you wear a red three-quarter sleeve casual shirt with a Denim Short. You can turn your old denim jeans into new cut-off short or buy a brand new cut-off Men’s Denim Short.

# 4 With A Business Suit

A majority of professionals wear a business suit to work because it makes them more confidence, smarter and more business-like. If this is your goal, then wearing the suit with a pinkish shirt will kill the day.

# 5 A Two In One Look

A two in one shirt is one of the comfortable men’s styles in tune with the summer season and in sync with your life. In this image, the model has rocked a pink and white two in one shirt to pull out that majestic look.

# 6 Wide And Flowing Short Sleeve

There is nothing wrong if you decide to get your size wrong during summer. Just keep the sleeves short and wide, and let the shirt stay loose with a lot more outfits.

# 7 Front Tuck

You have probably seen many people with their shirts tucked a bit to the side or sometimes in the front. In this style, you tuck in the front part of your ultra-medium fitting shirt between two belt loops.

# 8 College Style

There is no need to wait until you see something new from your colleagues to know how to rock the college way. With a short sleeve pink striped casual shirt, you can effortlessly stand out from the crowd.

# 9 The Suit-Up Combination

If you want to push the envelope, you can consider incorporating a pink casual shirt into your formal attire. If this style worked for David Hasselhoff, it is definitely going to work for you. Just make sure it is a slim-fit shirt.

# 10 Belt-Less-Ness

When it comes to matching your trouser and belt, it is very simple. The recent trend is about men in suits of trousers going beltless. If you want to follow number one rule of this style, make sure your shirt and trouser are fitting.

# 11 Mix And Match With Pink

Instead of trying to wear outfits with matching colors together, you can simply style a pink colored shirt with a three-piece suit of a different color. Other multi-color additions you can add on top include a bow tie and pocket square of the same color or matching colors.

# 12 Go Woolish

In addition to wool jackets, blazers, and other clothing outfits, a man should also have a wool shirt in his wardrobe. You may choose to have then in any color but pink could be an amazing selection.

# 13 With A Three Piece Suit

Look sharp for your next business, casual or formal occasion with a stylish pink or maroon shirt, red bow tie, and a black three-piece suit. Effortlessly contemporary and stylish, this combination will also brighten up your winter.

# 14 Everything Light Colored

The trend of wearing light colors has gained momentum in the recent times. For example, in this image, the model has paired a light pink cotton shirt with light washed blue jeans. You choose to wear this combination with sneakers or a pair of loafers.

# 15 Checked Style

One of the season’s latest trends for men’s style of dressing is wearing a checked casual shirt and a chino trouser. This model has successfully pulled out this style with a pink checked casual shirt with a black chino.

# 16 Classic Combo

If you want to dress casually without looking like a slob, a casual shirt and a pair of medium tight jeans will do the trick. You can upgrade this style by untucking your shirt and rolling up the sleeves to pull out that relaxed look.

# 17 I’m The Boss Style

A lot of people want to associate themselves with power dressing of the 21st century. You will hear them saying, “I want to dress like a man.” If you have a pink shirt and a business suit, you will achieve this feeling.

# 18 Ivy Style

Ivy style is a classic way of dressing which will never be outdated. In this style, you style a pink casual shirt with a flannel blazer with a pocket square.

# 19 Untucking Style

The tradition of tucking a shirt is slow fading away and it has ushered this new men’s style of shirt untucking. If you want to try this style with your pink shirt, there are a few rules you need to keep in mind. For instance, the length of your shirt must be one that hits the middle of your trouser’s zipper or back pocket.

# 20 With A Bow Tie

The best type of shirt to style with a bow tie is one with a button-down or hidden button collar. When choosing a this type of shirt, make sure it is a light-colored one.

# 21 Rolling Cuffs

In this style, you wear pink shirt with a contrast or patterned inner cuff or inner collar. To reveal these parts, you roll the cuffs up slightly below the elbow and make sure the collar button is unbuttoned.

# 22 Blazer And Jeans Style

A denim jean paired with a fitting blazer or suit jacket, a casual shirt, and a matching neck tie pulls out a modern classic. From the gray jean to a print blazer, the list of color combination to achieve a smart-casual look is endless.

# 23 Roll Up Style

Sometimes, people contradict the real intention when they see their friends roll up their shirt sleeves. In most cases, it is not that they are up for a fight but to relax after a long tiresome day. Try this out with a pink and don’t forget to tuck in without a belt.

# 24 With A Blazer

From formal to casual, blazers of any kind can be the perfect addition to any outfit and an easy option to pull off. In this image, the model has styled a casual shirt and a navy blazer, but still a black one can do.

# 25 With Slim Fit Suits

This style is for skinny gentlemen who want to look official. You can do better with a pink cotton shirt with a black slim fit suit, pant or jacket. To rock this style, you need to look for a professionally made slim suit that fits the shoulders and torso.

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