60 Awe-inspiring Tiger Tattoo Ideas – Take a Great Pride In

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The tiger tattoo and tattoo designs are popular and have been there since ages. The popularity of this tattoo in modern times is owed to the majestic look of the creature – beautiful, courageous and ferocious. And in case the symbol of a tiger is truly in your heart, then this tattoo makes a great choice. It provides a perfect display that you can take great pride in. The tattoo provides great inspiration, especially when you find a quality artwork for one.


The tiger is revered as special among the Asian countries. And considering the fact that there are less than 5,000 tigers in the wild in Asia, the animal has been categorized as an endangered species. This has driven most people to get the tattoo just to keep the image with them and showcase to others. The tattoo is among the coolest that I’ve personally seen and you can find a unique one and make it your emblem.



It’s believed that tiger tattoos have been in existence since ancient civilization. The tattoo was used for many different purposes that varied from culture to culture. It was associated with the indigenous tattoo culture of several countries that include Thailand, India, Myanmar, Cambodia, Japan, China, and Malaysia.

The symbol of a tiger holds a significant place in the cultural history of Japanese arts. And even though the animal is quite rare in the country, its tattoos were sported by the Japanese warrior tribes. Perhaps the tattoo was detailed from mental image got from keenly noticing the tiger’s skin. And it’s argued to be the cause of some distortions sported on some Japanese tattoos.

Besides Japan, the tattoo was an important part of Chinese art. The animal is quite common in China, and in that case, the Japanese used the Chinese art to perfect their tattoo designs. In China, the tattoo was often associated with the Chinese God of wealth, a belief that made it increasingly popular throughout the Chinese tribes. The tattoo was inspired by the wood cut blocks that portrayed tigers. It was used by several ancient tribes as the symbol of unity – a lifetime unity that had to be honored and defended.

Today, tiger type of tattoos are some of the most widespread and loved by men across the world. It has found significance in other tattoo cultures, especially the West. The tattoo has reached a symbolic importance to the extend that Hollywood celebrities are beginning to sport one. Nowadays, the trend is to combine the tiger image with a tribal pattern. Its unique natural stripes work well with geometric shapes without compromising the color. And you no longer need to have a special tribal affinity to get one. Just style your own tribal design to create something that is unique, intricate and visually appealing.

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There is no end to tattoo ideas and designs. Many people love them for their diversified nature. From flowers, animals to birds, tattoos find great significance that vary from one culture to another. Tiger type of tattoos are no exception and hold different meanings that have great tribal and cultural importance. Let’s take a look at some of the meanings of this tattoo before going to get one for yourself.

The tiger is quite common in the Asian continent and therefore holds lots of meanings to the natives. The power of the tiger is associated to the might of kings. And just as the Lion tattoo is a symbol of might and power in the Middle East and European countries, the tiger type of tattoo also symbolizes power and might in the Asian countries. But unlike the lion, it’s got a greater significance – not simply a predator. In Indian culture, for instance, the tiger is often associated with a savior – one who frees the good from evil. It’s often depicted with the Hindu Goddess riding on it to destroy the bad and terminate evil power.

The tiger is of great significance in the Korean culture. It’s revered to be the king of all animals, just as the lion is king to the Middle East and European countries. Korean tattoo culture and designs showcase the tiger in different positions. And it’s not just mature tigers, but tiger cubs as well. The tattoo is associated with destruction, violence, and strength. The tattoo is also symbolic to the continuity of life, where it creates a balance in the ecosystem.

In Chinese culture, the tiger is associated with a destructive power that puts an end to evil. It’s no wonder that the tiger image has been incorporated in charms to ward off evil from people, homes, and other places. The popularity of the tiger has seen its image being engraved on stones and put outside homes to provide protection from evil spirits and omens.

Way back in the Chou dynasty, the tiger was of great significance, especially during childbirth. Its images were hung in the delivery room to safeguard the unborn child from evil spirits. Moreover, it’s symbolic to wealth as it’s often associated with the Chinese’s God of wealth.

In Japan, the tattoo is attributed to strength and courage. It was often used by the warrior tribes, such as the Samurai to display their courage and strength. And like the Chinese, it’s depicted as a protector from bad luck and evil spirits. The tattoo has long been used to ward off evil spirits and diseases. It’s believed to have some influence on the winds and therefore symbolic to North and autumn. It’s said to control the winds and holds an important place among the four sacred animals in Japanese culture.

The tiger holds an important place in the Na-hsi tribe of Tibet. The tribe is believed to be descendants of tigers. It’s for that reason that every newborn child and married couple are gifted with the Na-hsi tigers.

From this, you can see that the tiger tattoo has a great significance in tattoo art and culture. It conveys specific meanings, personal beliefs, character traits, or aspirations. This makes it instantly recognizable and makes the wearer stand out from the crowd. It’s a tattoo that will help you send some message to those around.

Becoming a tattoo artist needs you to have great knowledge of the different styles and techniques. It’s just like any other form of art that requires you to learn the basics and slowly build up your abilities as well as confidence. Tiger tattoos sport some fascinating techniques that make it stand out. You can choose from those that add luminosity or those that provide some extra texture to make the tattoo look unique and very realistic. Let’s look as some of the techniques employed in the tiger type of tattoos.

Lining: Sometimes referred to as outlining, this technique involves creating a basic shape on the skin. It’s actually one of the first stages of the tattooing process. And in this case, you create the basic image of a tiger. The technique is done using needles and the line varies from thin to thick depending on your taste and preferences. Many tiger type of tattoos require a build up of lines to create multiple passes. Despite being a basic technique, lining plays a very important role in the tattooing process. It is essential to achieving great precision and adding a professional touch to your work.

Coloring: Creating the tattoo of a tiger without adding some bit of color might not look that captivating. That’s why it’s essential to fill in some areas of your design with color. You can choose to go for the natural color of the tiger or add your own colors to create a customized finish. Coloring is best done from darkest to lightest. This is to prevent accidental mixing of colors for that refined finish.

Shading: This is a tattooing technique designed to add depth and create a very interesting look. You can decide to go for a lighter or darker shadow. Shading is normally done in black but you can choose to go for a combination of white and black to created a classic, custom gray.

These are just but a few techniques used to make your tiger type of tattoo stand out. Feel free to research other techniques on the internet and put them into practice.

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Where to Put the Tattoo

You’ve decided to sport a tiger type of tattoo, but the big question is – where do you put it? It’s often recommended that you put the tattoo in less painful areas. For men, this would include the buttocks, arm or back. Try to avoid the chest, spine, and abdomen.

The tiger tattoo is probably one of the best known in the world. The tattoo holds great significance in many cultures and has different meanings that vary from place to place. The beautiful markings of this tattoo have made it increasingly popular reaching the far corners of the world. It’s a nice tattoo that you can incorporate into your lifestyle and create a great fashion statement. It surely won’t disappoint!



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